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Tips to Unleash the Brains and Brawn in Your Style at Marvel Day at Sea

Whether you’re secretly a master spy or a misunderstood power house, excitement awaits you on Marvel Day at Sea. To help you unleash your inner Super Hero, we teamed up with Disney fashion expert Leslie Kay – creator of the DisneyBound blog – to offer inspiration, tips and intelligence.

Your past may be your own, but you can embody the greatest spy the world has ever known. You’re exceptional, brilliant and determined – just like Black Widow. And you know how to slay this look!

Styling tips from Leslie: Super simple… super black. To keep from having the look be head-to-toe leather, use patent leather accents instead. She has some red detail on her belt so you can add some red jewelry to mimic that.

There’s more where that came from… to create smashing fashion. Gamma radiation and multiple personalities are just a part of the fabric to show your smarts and your styling super strength. Don’t stress, your look will be incredible, just like the Hulk!

Styling tips from Leslie: Create Hulk out of pure color blocking. Not many accessories are needed. The green and purple combo is pretty impactful on its own. Go green on top, the bottom can be traditional purple or denim.

For more ideas to express your Super Hero “character”istics and to get a glimpse at what you can expect during this epic event, keep following along on the Disney Parks Blog as we reveal more Marvel Day at Sea fun in store.