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14 ‘Must Do’ Coasters At Disney Parks Around the World

Charles Stovall

by , Public Relations Manager

Happy National Roller Coaster Day!

Now, those who know me, know that National Roller Coaster Day is probably not very high on my list of holidays to celebrate. (I prefer attractions on the mild side). But when it comes to immersive, high-energy thrill rides – Disney Parks do it better than anyone. Millions of our guests “get their coaster on” at Disney Parks around the world every day.

We at Disney Parks Blog put together a list of some of our favorites. We tried to keep it to a “Top 10” but just couldn’t. Let us know your favorites too!

  1. Space Mountain – A classic. From Disneyland Resort in Anaheim to Hong Kong Disneyland and everywhere in between, this indoor coaster has dipped and tripped guests on a one-of-a-kind outer space adventure. At Disneyland Paris, you can find the Star Wars version of the attraction, Hyperspace Mountain; and a ghoulish version shows up at the Disneyland Resort during Halloween called Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy.
  1. TRON Lightcycle Power Run – An ode to the hit Disney films, “TRON” and “TRON: Legacy,” guests of Shanghai Disney Resort hop on the iconic lightcyles and Experience high-speed thrills and chills as the Grid comes alive in a heart-pounding race for survival. And we just announced its inclusion in Magic Kingdom Park here at Walt Disney World – VERY exciting!
  1. Barnstormer, Featuring the Great Goofini – Much more my speed. Located in Storybook Circus at Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort, The Great Goofini is known for his aerial expertise and high-flying stunts. Perfect for smaller visitors, Barnstormer has guests rolling through some of his most iconic swoops and swirls – at a graceful pace.
  1. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train – a HUGE hit at Magic Kingdom Park and now the toast of Shanghai Disney Resort. Guests “rock” and “roll” through scenes from Dwarfs’ mine – showcasing characters and songs from the iconic film “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” You haven’t lived until you’ve heard “Heigh Ho” sung in Mandarin!
  1. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad – Amid rugged bedrock and desert cactus, venture inside a nearly 200-foot mountain to the Big Thunder Mining Company, established in the early days of America’s Gold Rush. Traipse down into an abandoned mine shaft and discover a mysterious 5-car locomotive waiting to take you on a journey inside an abandoned shaft. Guests around the world love this attraction with versions at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disneyland and Hong Kong Disneyland.

  1. Expedition Everest – A trek through the Himalayas and “The Forbidden Mountain,” no coaster tour of Walt Disney World Resort would be complete without a ride on Expedition Everest. Walt Disney Imagineers spent years researching legends and myths of Southeast Asia to be able to accurately immerse guests into this world. The views from the climb to the top are some of the most exquisite on Walt Disney World Resort property. It makes you anticipate and appreciate the inevitable thrills and chills as you fall even more.
  1. California Screamin’ – One of the icons of Disney California Adventure park, this ode to the classic wooden roller coaster can be seen for miles around. With Mickey Mouse’s cute face watching, guests almost forget going through the 120-foot plunge to 360-degree loop. Almost.

  1. Indiana Jones et le Temple du Peril – Guests of Disneyland Paris can re-create their favorite mine car scene “Temple of Doom”-style as they twist and turn through dark, cursed ruins.
  1. Crush’s Coaster – Guests of Walt Disney Studios Paris join Crush and friends in Toon Studio®, where they board turtle shells and prepare for a ride through memorable moments from the the Disney•Pixar film, “Finding Nemo.” This is a REALLY cool ride for younger and young-at-heart guests alike.
  1. Raging Spirits – A hallmark attraction of Tokyo DisneySea, this is a high-speed rollercoaster attraction racing through the excavated ruins of an ancient ceremonial site. This thrilling ride will turn your world upside down – literally.
  1. Matterhorn Bobsleds – Another Disneyland classic – taking guests twisting and turning through the Swiss Alps. As guests swoop in and out of shadowy caves and along jagged rocky ledges; throttle through icy chutes and around frozen precipices, the “real” danger is not in the landscape. I won’t spoil it for newbies who haven’t ridden yet. Opening in 1959, the Matterhorn Bobsleds was the very first tubular steel roller coaster in the world.
  1. Water Coasters – Those looking for a wetter coaster experience look no further than Disney Parks. Crush ‘n’ Gusher at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon water park pushes and splashes guests through 400-foot-long tubes with uphill climbs and a plunge into Hideaway Bay at the end. And we can’t forget the water coasters aboard our Disney Cruise Line ships – the AquaDuck aboard the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy and the AquaDunk aboard the Disney Magic give Disney Cruise Line guests a ride they will never forget.
  1. Gadget’s Go Coaster – Another attraction for the entire family, this engaging “coaster” is based on the work of the character Gadget Hackwrench from the Disney animated series Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers. Guests of both Disneyland Resort in California and Tokyo Disney Resort can enjoy its family-friendly twists, turns, humps and bumps.
  1. Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, Starring Aerosmith – A game changer in indoor rollercoasters, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster features one of the fastest rides at Disney Parks paired with a one-of-a-kind soundtrack. Guests of both Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Paris know to “hang on” when the 0-to-60-MPH launch starts.


  • This is a great list. Let’s not forget Goofy’s Sky School at DCA. Great fun, tight curves, some awesome drops, and lots of fun! Not really for the “little ones.”

  • I was like every coaster is on here that Disney ever made! And then I remembered about Primeval Whirl. And goofy Sky school.

  • @ROBIN: JttCotE isn’t really a “coaster” in the design sense, as the vehicles are electrically powered and gravity/momentum is never in control. Like the end of Test Track/Radiator Springs Racers, it’s just a fast ride.

  • “Must-do” coasters? This looks more like a list of *every* coaster. Aside from Goofy’s Sky School, what didn’t make the list?
    Also, Gadget’s and the Barnstormer are really “can’t-do” coasters for anyone over six feet tall.

  • I can’t believe this list wouldn’t include Tokyo’s “Journey to the Center of the Earth”! It’s one of the best coasters in the world and the center of Tokyo DisneySea. It has a story and thrill all in one. Not to mention some of the best snack options ever outside of it.

  • I’ve been on all of these not including the water coasters. This includes all of the different versions at the different parks worldwide. Some of the variations are VERY different rides sharing only a little more than the name and general theming.

    Indiana Jones et le Temple du Peril and Raging Spirits are basically the same ride with different theming. With the exception of Disneyland and Tokyo Disneyland versions (which share the same track layout), the Space Mountains are all different. Seven Dwarfs are the same with the exception of the end scene being different between the two versions. BTMR are all unique.

    Very surprised that HKDL’s Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars was left off the list because it is one of the better Disney coaster experiences at any of the Disney Parks. Flounder’s Flying Fish Coaster at Tokyo DisneySEA is also a very good kid’s coaster and deserves recognition too.

  • Let’s not forget: the Matterhorn was the first roller coaster EVER to utilize tubular steel tracks, paving the way for every coaster (Disney and non) which followed! I adore the Matterhorn and love thinking about it as I scream through it’s most-excellent great grandson, Expedition Everest. Coasters at other parks are fun and impressive, but Disney coasters are the only ones which hold a place in my heart and not merely on my vocal chords. 😉

  • I’ve ridden 8 out of your list of 14 and I can’t choose a favourite. It’s between Expedition Everest and Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at Magic Kingdom Park or Crush’s Coaster at Walt Disney Studios Paris, but I don’t think I’m set on anyone one of them. Looks like I have some riding to do to make up my mind!

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