Disney PhotoPass Tells Your Super Hero Origin Story During Summer of Heroes at Disney California Adventure Park

Emily Southard

by , Communications Specialist

This summer the best place on Terra to enjoy heroic encounters is at Disney California Adventure park.

During the Summer of Heroes, you’re placed in the center of the action in Hollywood Land, where some of the greatest heroes from across the cosmos have gathered.

You’ll not only have the opportunity to meet your favorite heroes during this epic event – you can also unleash YOUR inner hero.

Every Super Hero has an origin story, so Disney PhotoPass Service is here to tell yours! Whether you’re breaking out of a fortress, winning a dance off, or joining the Avengers, PhotoPass photographers will be there to capture the adventures that tell a story about the emergence of a new Super Hero: you!

Check out all of the locations where you’ll find PhotoPass ready to capture your Super Hero origin story:

Summer of Heroes - Disney PhotoPass

Attraction photo capture at Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT!
PhotoPass will capture how courageous you are during a thrilling mission to rescue the Guardians of the Galaxy. If When mayhem ensues, will you stay calm?

Summer of Heroes - Disney PhotoPass

Photo prop
If you’re able to break out of The Collector’s Fortress, celebrate your escape with this rebellious photo opportunity. Just be sure to avoid bounty hunters!

Summer of Heroes - Disney PhotoPass

Baby Groot Magic Shot
Baby Groot can join your story! PhotoPass photographers in Hollywood Land can set up this Magic Shot for you.

Summer of Heroes - Disney PhotoPass Summer of Heroes - Disney PhotoPass Summer of Heroes - Disney PhotoPass

Heroic encounters
Looking to form a team to save the galaxy? Whether you choose to hang out with Spider-Man, salute Captain America, or regenerate with Groot, a PhotoPass photographer will capture your experience.

Summer of Heroes - Disney PhotoPass

Avengers Training Initiative
Aspiring super heroes ages 6 to 12 who participate in the Avengers Training Initiative with Black Widow and Hawkeye will have their photo taken at the end of their training by a PhotoPass photographer.*

So what will be the theme of your origin story? One of bravery? Teamwork? Goofiness? Unleash your inner hero at Disney California Adventure park and let PhotoPass capture the story of your transformation.

Entertainment, attractions and offerings are subject to change or cancellation without notice.

*Available during the Summer of Heroes through September 10, 2017. Please see a Cast Member to register for participation that day. Space is limited. Please check show guides for times.


  • Now that I look at it, I actually recognize someone there who works for Disneyland Concierge Operations in that shot. And yes, @Robert, there are less photographers in parks lately. The app does tell you exactly where they are (which is awesome!) but there are many times that they are curiously absent. Outside the Royal Hall should have one for the meet-and-greet there as well as a few on Main Street for Mickey and friends that hang around. Beyond that, having someone at the end of some of the dark rides in Fantasyland would be amazing. Taking a quick picture and the very end of Snow White, Pinocchio, Mr. Toad and Peter Pan would be absolutely perfect. The photographers they employ are actually fantastic and getting pictures is our favorite part of coming to the parks with our 9-month old. All our family photos have come the parks so I hope there will be more opportunities like this in the future. ?

  • My guess is that the Mission:Breakout picture was from a Cast Preview, and those people in suits were from the offices at the Disney resort. Which is why they can post it here legally.

    My problem is that finding a Photopass cast member has gotten much harder. There seems to be less of them around, and some places that use to always have one never do anymore. People queue up to take pictures with characters or key photo spots, only to need to ask another guest in line to take the picture with their phone (at the non-structured meet-and-greets).

  • @John: Disney Executives ?

  • We love Photopass, but were bummed when they couldn’t figure out the Baby Groot magic shot when we were there. It was new when we were there. 🙁 But we did take a pic with Groot Bread in front our our kids’ faces. That was pretty hilarious! Not to mention, the jalapeno “I Am Bread” was delicious!

  • Haha! I like the staged photo of Mission: Breakout. Who wears long sleeves and ties to theme parks… 😉

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