Epcot’s Heritage Inspires New Merchandise for 22nd International Food & Wine Festival

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

Expanding for a longer-than-ever 75-day run, the 22nd Epcot International Food & Wine Festival returns to Walt Disney World Resort from August 31 to November 13, 2017. The Disney Parks Merchandise team has developed more than 75 items celebrating the many ways guests can sip and taste their way throughout Epcot. I recently spoke with the Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media Creative Group about designing this year’s merchandise artwork.

22nd International Food & Wine Festival Merchandise

“Each year we look forward to designing artwork for [Epcot International Food & Wine Festival],” explained Creative Manager Doug Strayer. “The art includes nods to Epcot’s 35th Anniversary on October 1, and beloved characters like Figment and Remy. As cast members, we love this event as much as our guests. It’s fun for us to see guests at Epcot wearing the artwork we created.”

22nd International Food & Wine Festival Merchandise

Disney Creative Group artists Richard Terpstra, Susan Foy, Dave Holbrook, and Brian Blackmore contributed to this year’s assortment. Their artwork was compiled into a style guide which merchandise product developers referenced when creating apparel, pins, home décor, accessories and more.

Fans of Figment will be delighted to find several new items featuring the lovable purple dragon. Doug said the 1980s-looking Figment artwork was inspired by a classic Epcot attraction.

“During the design phase, we kept referencing the Kitchen Kabaret attraction once located in The Land Pavilion. That food-themed show included the song ‘Veggie Veggie Fruit Fruit,’ which we couldn’t get out of our heads [laughs]. We liked the show’s art style, so we combined it with a stylized Chef Figment. It’s a fun way to salute the heritage of Epcot.”

Another nod to Epcot’s heritage is found within the Passport collection. Look carefully to see stamps containing World Showcase marketing artwork from 1982.

22nd International Food & Wine Festival Merchandise

The Brews Around the World collection returns this year with new designs by Susan Foy. Look for the artwork on apparel and drinkware, including a new stainless steel growler and baseball cap with a bottle opener.

For the first time, we are introducing an “Eat to the Beat” concert T-shirt with a World Showcase-inspired guitar graphic.

22nd International Food & Wine Festival Merchandise 22nd International Food & Wine Festival Merchandise

Dooney & Bourke handbags with Figment and World Showcase graphics will also be released during the event.

Annual Passholders will also find a specially designed Dooney & Bourke handbag along with several other Passholder Exclusive products such as pins, salt and pepper shakers, and accessories.

Remy’s Ratatouille Hide & Squeak Scavenger Hunt

Finally, guests can help Remy as he ventures around Epcot to collect the ingredients for his signature dish with Remy’s Ratatouille Hide & Squeak scavenger hunt. This year, guests will have 15 spots to look for Remy in World Showcase and Future World.

Look for these items at the Festival Center located adjacent to Mission: SPACE, and at select merchandise locations throughout Epcot. Select items will also be offered on Shop Disney Parks app and the online store.


  • I was wondering is there a brew around the world sweatshirt .
    Thank you

  • I showed my husband the picture of the figment items; before he realized they were Epcot merchandise items, he excitedly thought they were for a new adult in-room celebration with cooking gadgets instead of children’s toys.

    You have no idea how sad he looked when he realized he wouldn’t be surprised with these items in the room. (He loves the look of all of them and will likely get surprised by a few of them anyhow hahaha).

  • Any plan to put the annual passholder Dooney on the app?

  • Hi Steven,

    Do you know if there is going to be a 2017 Epcot International Food and Wine Festival Pandora charm offered again at this festival?
    thanks Eric and J

  • This looks adorable! I’m coming to Orlando in October but I don’t think I’ll make it to EPCOT. Will any of the Figment kitchen merchandise be available at Disney Springs?

    • @Samantha – I hope you have a wonderful visit. I would look for select items on Shop Disney Parks app or Disney online store. I’m not aware of any plans to carry the Epcot International Food & Wine Products at Disney Springs. Those items were created especially for the event.

  • Not so keen on the figment items this year, but the passport stuff looks nice. As an aside, would it be possible for the pictures to be bigger, I would love to be able to look at the patterns and details on some items, maybe nothing you can fix now, but for future merchandise updates maybe.

  • Hopefully many of the items will be available online, especially the Figment ears and Funko Pop!

  • Love it! Very creative this year…..

  • Oh and I almost forgot…Cha-Cha-Cha!

  • I’m very excited to see so many Figment items! I see a D&B with my name on it besides a few other items. For someone who has been going to Epcot since it’s inception, seeing many of these items is especially exciting. Then I read the reference to Kitchen Kaberet and I literally screamed. Gaaaah! What a wonderful attraction and now that you referenced it here, it will be rolling around in my head for days. Dreamfinder and Figment were a big part of Epcot back then and truth be told they are missed by many of us die-hard Epcot fans.

  • Will there be a free wine/drink glass for annual pass holders who visit Epcot three times? I’ve been able to get them the last two years and the glasses are beautiful. Thank you.

  • Hi,

    All the merchandise looks awesome! Any chance the Figment Funko Pop will debut during the Food & Wine Festival aswell?

    Thank you!!

  • Is the find remy the same as in previous years?

    • @Alicia – The concept is similar but there are more Remy’s to find (15 locations versus 12 locations), and a new special surprise once guests complete the quest.

  • OMG!!! the Figment stuff is amazing I want it all. Great job this year I can’t wait

  • Isn’t it the America Gardens Theatre? I had always thought it was spelled that way and looking through old photos of the sign online, it IS spelled “Theatre.” The “Eat to the Beat” shirt has “Theater.” Excited about all the Figment merchandise this year! 🙂

  • Can you tell me how much the Passholder canvas tote is? And the blue five pin set? Thanks!

    • @Rachel – The tote is $19.99 while the limited edition five-pin set is $39.99. The five-pin set will have an edition size of 1,000.

  • Steve,
    How much are the Dooneys? Are there any other styles not shown available?

    • @Deric – All of the Dooney & Bourke handbags are shown in the article. Please note that all retails are subject to change without notice.

      Wallet – $158
      Crossbody – $178
      Chef Figment Tote – $308
      Blue Tote – $308
      Annual Passholder Satchel – $308

  • I am so excited to see the Figment merchandise! Do you have any prices on the Dooney & Bourke bags? Will they be available on the app as I won’t be there until Thanksgiving?

    • @Shannon – Please see other replies for retails. The Dooney & Bourke handbags will be released on the app but I don’t have a confirmed release date at this time.

  • Hi Steven! Thanks for the pictures of all the awesome new Figment items! Is there any word on pricing yet? Is there any chance the Dooney & Bourke bags will be available on the Shop Disney Parks App? Thanks for the info:)

    • @Steve – Pricing will vary. With so many items featured, it’s a challenge to list every retail. Items will be released on Shop Disney Parks app. I invite you to check the app once the items are released. The Dooney & Bourke handbags will be available but I don’t have a confirmed release date. They may not be released on the app until some point in September.

  • This is so exciting! Steven, can you share the pricing for the Dooney and Bourke purses please?

    • @Shanna – Here are retails for the Dooney & Bourke handbags. Please note that all retails are subject to change without notice.

      Wallet – $158
      Crossbody – $178
      Chef Figment Tote – $308
      Blue Tote – $308
      Annual Passholder Satchel – $308

  • Oh my goodness!!! I love Figment!! I won’t be back out East until next April. I hope some of the Figment merchandise is on the app! If so, I will be buying ALL of it! Thank you for the sneak peak 🙂

    • @Liza – Select products will be released on Shop Disney Parks App.

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