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Fetch Dog-Themed Products from Disney Parks for National Dog Day

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

National Dog Day is celebrated on August 26. Being a dog owner, I can’t wait to spend the day pampering my long-haired Chihuahua Yodie. At Disney Parks, we offer a variety of dog-themed products perfect for dog lovers and their four-legged friends. Here is a brief look at some of my favorite items from Disney Parks Merchandise.

Fetch Dog-Themed Products from Disney Parks for National Dog Day

Disney Tails, a line of pet products with a splash of Disney character, was expanded earlier this year to include items for smaller pets. Today, guests will find leads, headbands, collars, comfort harnesses, and pet bowls. Many of these items have nods to Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse.

“These items are a fun way guests can share their love of Disney with their furry family members,” explained Kevin-Michael Lezotte, merchandise product developer for the Disney Tails line. “I loved developing these products as they are things I would use with my dog Haji.”

Fetch Dog-Themed Products from Disney Parks for National Dog Day

Mickey’s faithful dog Pluto is featured on a variety of products including hats, home décor, accessories, ornaments, toys, plush and more. Pluto even gets his own individual open edition pin in this year’s Halloween collection.

Fetch Dog-Themed Products from Disney Parks for National Dog Day

Finally, I have a special treat on this day that celebrates dogs. The accessories team at Disney Parks Merchandise gave me a sneak preview of a new Dooney & Bourke pattern featuring Disney Dogs (you may recall we released a similar Disney Cats collection last year. Look for this pattern on a new handbag collection arriving in late November.

Guests will find these items in select locations at Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts. You may also find select items on as well as the Shop Disney Parks app.


  • I have a purse in my cart and it is listed as out of stock. I can’t buy anything else until this item is resolved. I’m not willing to take a chance on loosing the item in my cart since it isn’t an item in the selections available. I don’t understand what is happening.

  • Does anyone know how to find out if they will restock?

  • Any news if the Dooney & Bourke Dog bags will be re-released? I had ordered one of the totes but my order was canceled. Thanks!!

  • I’m so sad! Anybody get an answer on if this will be restocked?

  • I would like to know if there is a way to find out how many bags were offered for sale. I was on Shop Disney Parks when all 3 bag styles were added. Although I just wanted the tote, I was able to put each in my cart just in case one sold out before I got through the review and purchase transaction. But sadly, I was never able to purchase. Wondering if my phone app wasn’t working, I went on my computer to make sure. Online was giving the same “item unavailable” error. I’m thinking how can that be right, it was just listed. I tried all night from 2am til somewhere around 9 or 10am when I finally got an item sold out message.
    My heart is broken that I can’t give my daughter the perfect Christmas gift. As we have been Disney fans and she is a vet who specializes in dog disease, I wanted her to have a Magical Xmas. Magic is gone.

  • I saw the purse released but it sold out before I could purchase one. Do these come back into stock? Or are they one time and gone?

  • Is the Dooney purse going to be sold in Downtown Disney or the Disneyland parks?

  • Any release date yet???? It’s late November 🙂

  • Will we be able to buy this purse in Disneyland or only online and WDW?

  • Do we have any update on when this will be released and where to find this?!

  • Please let us know when the purses have a launch date and where to buy them!

    MY WIFE HAS TO HAVE ONE !!!!!!!!!!

  • Will this style be available on Disney Parks App??? I will be in WDW for the week before christmas, but I am afraid it’ll be sold out and i HAVE TO get this style in some bag, so will it for sure be put on the disney parks app, or even disneystore?

  • I’m loving the dog D&B bag!! Looking forward to that being released. I also really wanted to get the Mickey harness for my husky but unfortunately since they only go to size medium, it wasn’t going it fit him 🙁 He’s an XL. I would love for the pet items to fit larger dogs 🙂

  • Oh NOOOO! LOL I have just added to my phone calendar to be on the lookout for this newest D&B Disney purse!
    I’m going to need a closet just for my purses…oh wait…. 🙂
    I must have one of these bags no matter the shape and I will monitor the app and the online store for them to become available!
    I’d say I think this it turning into a problem for me, but I think I have past that threshold LOL

    Thanks Steven for these much anticipated items that you show off so well, your posts are always highly anticipated and appreciated.

  • What styles will the dooney and Bourke purse be available in? Also, will they be available on the app or in the parks only? Thanks!

    • @Nikki – I invite you to keep watching as I don’t have final confirmed details at this point.

  • Hi Steven – do you know what styles the Dooney bag will come in?? Also, can you share with the Disney Pets team that we need items for larger dogs – i.e. Mastiffs and alike. The colors and bowls are too small for my dog and I’m sad I can’t use them… thank you!!

    • @Catherine – Since the image above is only a sneak preview, I don’t have all of the final details for this Dooney & Bourke collection. Look for additional information in a few months. I’ve also shared your feedback with the accessories team who develops the Disney Tails line.

  • Do you know what silhouettes will be available for the bags? 🙂

    • @Rachel – The image above is only a sneak preview. I don’t have confirmed release details at this time, but please keep watching

  • I’m so excited for that Dooney and Bourke style! I have a Dodger of my own named after New York’s coolest quadruped so any merchandise with him on it needs to be mine! And Toby from the Great Mouse Detective is another of my favorite Disney dogs so I’m happy to see him get some love! ??

  • I buy my wife allot of DB bags, and sometimes I wish y’all made Camp Shirts for men in these cool patterns. The dog pattern would be amazing.

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