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The Bucket List Family Embarks on ‘30 Stays in 30 Days’ Challenge

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

If you could stay at Walt Disney World Resort for an entire month, which resort hotel would you choose to stay at? Would you choose your personal favorite, mix it up among a few different resort properties – or better yet, try each and every one of them?

The Gee family (aka “The Bucket List Family”) is about to do just that by embarking on a “30 Stays in 30 Days” challenge. Starting today, the Gees will stay at a different Walt Disney World resort hotel each night for the next 30 days. You can follow their adventures on the website

Got suggestions for what the Gee family must do or see while they’re here? Leave your vacation tips in the comments section below.


  • Is this possible for a family of 2 to do? We are annual pass holders and my adopted mother turned 50 this year and would love to do something like this.. how can I make this possible?

  • Surry bikes on the Boardwalk! We still haven’t tried that yet! Looks fun!

  • Behind-the-scenes tours at the parks.

  • YASSSS I want this to happen to me!!!! Fav resort the Art of animation❤️ I would loove Disney for an entire month!

  • Tea Time at the Grand Floridian? I think so!!!

  • Dinner at Sanaa? Try the Braised Beef and Butter Chicken, while you watch the Giraffe’s walk by…

  • My family has treasured our time spent in Saratoga Springs resort which has allowed us to share the trip with both sets of grandparents in a nice three-bedroom villa more than once. We always add an extra day to enjoy pools and other amenities at the resort. The full kitchen allowed everyone to snack and have meals on their schedule.

  • Hi, just wanted to let someone know the link to Latest Stories is broken and displays an error message when clicked. Thanks!

  • This sounds like fun. I am so excited to see how it goes. I would do this in a heartbeat.

  • My wife and I have done that! We became DVC members the year we got married and spent a week on the Disney Wonder (new at the time), then 3 weeks at the parks. The following year, 4 weeks at the park while staying at Old Key West and I’ll tell ya, it was hard to leave! All that time allowed us to truly relax. We did the first week like anyone else vacationing would do… hit this park, do that show… rush rush… then found ourselves just getting into this stroll and take it all in mode. It was fantastic. We did all the mini golf, visited just about every resort… hung out at the AKL during a heavy rain storm and loved it… Sooo many good memories.
    From that point on, we did 2.5-3 weeks at WDW annually from last week in Aug, to 2nd week in Sept. Perfect time for catching all the summer shows, then the reduced crowds after labor day.

  • the All Star Movies Resort: at Rialto
    There are two adult milkshakes available
    down the red carpet for the Green Room Shake (with Kahlua and mint chocolate chip ice cream).

    Next door at Kidani: Sanaa
    The bread …Get The Bread! pleases all ages…”all nine sauce’s please!

  • How excited!! I have only stayed about 9 different Disney World Resorts and have loved them all for different reasons! What a great adventure! Can’t wait to follow along. I would want to try them all – why not! Have a magical 30 days!

    • 🙂

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