Disney Parks Sweet Treats: September 2017

Alex Dunlap

by , Food & Beverage Communications Coordinator

With the official last day of summer approaching, The Ganachery at Disney Springs is preparing for the fall season with some chocolate treats that will tempt your taste buds!

The Ganachery PB & J Smore

First off is a sandwich-inspired PB&J S’more! This back-to-school treat features house-made graham crackers smothered in peanut butter ganache, topped with raspberry jelly, and finished off with a vanilla bean marshmallow that is roasted to order.

The Ganachery Chocolate covered Marshmallows

For those who want to skip the graham crackers and get straight to the fluff, try a Madagascan vanilla bean marshmallow. This bite-sized sweet is dipped in creamy milk chocolate and garnished with a dash of crispies to add that extra ‘crunch.’

The Ganachery Hot Cocoa Drink

If you’re anything like me, though, you’re getting excited for all of those classic fall flavors. This year, the chocolatiers at The Ganachery have created several new fall-inspired recipes, starting with a tasty take on a traditional drink–hot cocoa. This classic sipping chocolate is topped with vanilla bean whipped cream and dark chocolate crispy pearls. For the adults, this drink is also offered with a dash of Bailey’s liqueur to add that extra warmth!

The Ganachery pumpskin spice latte-flavored and maple pecan-flavored chocolate ganache squares

In addition, you’ll also find pumpkin spice latte-flavored and maple pecan-flavored chocolate ganache squares. These squares are decorated with fall and Halloween-themed designs that add a spooky flair to your tasty experience.

The Ganachery Skull Shaped Dark Chocolate for Halloween Season

Lastly, these spine-chilling skeleton skulls are just the thing to get you in the Halloween spirit! These decadent dark chocolate skulls come in two sizes. The smaller bite-sized chocolate skull is filled with salted caramel ganache, while the larger skull is served hollow. Both skulls are made with 65% dark chocolate and brushed with bronze deco powder.

The Ganachery Skull Shaped Dark Chocolate for Halloween Season in Glass Case

Be on the lookout for all of these delicious chocolate treats starting September 29 and throughout October at The Ganachery located at Disney Springs!


  • The Ganachery has the most fabulous chocolates!

  • Oh, please tell me a Genachery is what will take the place of RideMakerz/Chapel/Build-A-Bear in Downtown Disney! These look INCREDIBLE!!!

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