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QUIZ: How Well Do You Know ‘Rivers of Light’?

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

“Rivers of Light” debuted at Disney’s Animal Kingdom earlier this year and has been delighting guests in it’s emotional look at the relationship between animals and nature.

How well do you know “Rivers of Light?” Put your knowledge to the test below.

QUIZ: How Well Do You Know ‘Rivers of Light’?

What are the names of the mystical storytellers in the show?
Rivers of Light
The costumes featured in the show feature how many different fabrics to create?
How many Animal Spirit Guides appear in the show?
Rivers of Light
Which is NOT an Animal Spirit Guide in the show?
Each Animal Spirit Guide represents a different element. Which element does the Asian Tiger represent?
Animal Spirit Guides lead us through a visual celebration of earthly and ethereal animal realms, ending at what visual?
Paintings of lotus flowers inside Discovery River Amphitheater, where “Rivers of Light” is performed, symbolize what?
River of Light
What roles to Ambu and Ketu play in the show?
How many floating lanterns appear on the water during the show?
Rivers of Light
The show also features never-before-seen footage from:


  • If they remove the question, they’re pretty much admitting to the fact that they haven’t actually witnessed the show in person.

  • Shouldn’t zero be an option for the question of how many floating lanterns appear on the water?

  • Hi! When I saw the show recently, there wasn’t any floating lanterns besides the Animal Spirit Guides. Is that a new element being added to the show?

  • You’re going to have to remove the lanterns question. The floating lanterns were cut from the show during development.

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