Top 10 Things Guests Love About Epcot

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

In honor of Epcot’s 35th anniversary this weekend, we asked guests to tell us what they love to do and see most at this beloved Walt Disney World theme park. Their answers ranged from specific attractions, to festivals, to favorite foodie stops and more.

Any idea what their number one pick was? Check out the video below!

What’s your favorite guest experience at Epcot? Tell us in the comments section below.


  • Voices of Liberty are our reason for renewing our annual passes. We travel from Pa to be with them and often spend the whole day at the American Adventure.

  • We just love the beautiful fountains, the floating flowers, all the incredible landscaping and floral arrangements…and of course Spaceship Earth!
    It is an impeccably maintained park, the buildings are aesthetically interesting and pleasing. It shows the attention to detail that you envision when you think about Walt Disney World.
    We try to open all our vacations visiting EPCOT on the first full day and we end the evening on a classic and timeless ride – Spaceship Earth!

  • Top 3 Things I Love About Epcot: #3 Meeting Characters at the Pavilions, #2 The Land, #1 IllumiNations!

    • Those are great choices!

  • My #1 Must Do in EPCOT is some snacking in Norway.Troika in the shop for later, and a pastry from the bakery to enjoy in the shade along the lake. Then burn off the calories with everything else.

    • Yum! My favorite is the cannoli that’s sold outside at the Italy pavilion.

  • Soarin’ is definitely my number 1 pic. I wept after my first ride with the new version that takes us around the world. Only Disney could take me to see places in this world that I will probably NEVER experience! ❤️ Disney World!

    • Soarin’ is WONDERFUL!

  • I got to say that when I was in my teens I absolutely HATED Epcot! Even in to my 20’s. After I met my wife we started to go back to Epcot and I had try to tell her how much I didn’t want to. She’d never been and was amazed at the beauty of the park and I started to soften a bit. We walked “around the world” and we descoveted the French movie (we spent our honeymoon in Paris) and she was balling by the end which touched me more. As we discovered the rest of the hidden gems in this park (including Soarin) it is now LITERALLY my favorite park out of all four! I sit and dream about going immediately after we’ve left. When we arrive on Disney property we can’t check in quick enough and can’t get to Epcot fast enough! Thank You for so many great memories and once again I cannot WAIT to head back!!

    • I’m happy your love for Epcot was able to grow. The movie in France is terrific, as is Soarin. It’s great to hear you’ve since fallen in love with the park.

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