View ‘The Dream Called EPCOT’ Rare 1980 Promo Video

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Today we have an exciting find from our video vault to share with you just in time for Epcot’s anniversary celebration – the original “The Dream Called EPCOT” film.

This film, which offers a look inside WED Enterprises during the “Imagineering” of EPCOT Center in the 1970s, originally ran on a loop in the EPCOT Preview Center at Magic Kingdom Park. The purpose of the film was to introduce a new kind of Disney theme park to guests, showcasing exciting experiences they could have in the park’s Future World and World Showcase areas. The film offered sneak peaks at attraction models, renderings and animation for The Living Seas, Horizons, World of Motion, CommuniCore and Spaceship Earth, as well as early construction footage. It also offered a first-listen to some of the fun music composed for this new park, including songs like “It’s Fun to Be Free,” “Universe of Energy” and “Listen to the Land.”

Today we’re happy to share that video in its entirety with you.


  • I’d really like to know who is singing the main song from the beginning and end of the film? It sounds a bit like Barry Manilow to me.

  • this is my whole life. i have chills. i willl never be the same after watching this. disney, you’ve out done yourself. wow.

  • I really hope the executives are reading these comments. This really is the Epcot that your core audience wants. Thank you for sharing this video, Jennifer!

    • I’m happy you liked it, Jeremy.

  • Will there be a Live Stream of the Special Illuminations Fireworks tonight? Would love to be able to see them. Thx 8(:-)

  • Loved it! This video is an incredible piece of Disney history! Oh, and please bring back the old Imagination with Figment and Dreamfinder! 🙂

    • I’m happy you enjoyed the video, Pamela.

  • Keep up the good work making WDW history better known!

  • OH MY GOD! I WANT THIS EPCOT!!! Can we have this?

  • Thank you very much for sharing this video! This is the EPCOT that I remember, including all of the Attraction songs that I still know and love today!

  • Nothing beats an 80s Disney them park tenor power-ballad. Nothing.

    • 🙂

  • I enjoyed watching this video. It’s amazing to see the concept grow into a reality and all behind-the-scenes. I hope to see some new additions as there is still room to expand.

    • It’s amazing they had the foresight to film so much back then. What a treasure they left us with!

  • Will you keep this video up permanently? I see you’ve taken down all your full length videos. I wanted to go back and watch the Pixar Concert.

    • This is up permanently.

  • @Rochelle,
    I’m glad I wasn’t the only one this brought tears too! It is amazing how deeply memories of Walt and WDW impact people. I was surprised by my tears, but makes sense!

  • Let the memories begin… just that

  • Is it okay that I cried a few times watching this video? I’m always grateful for the films of the past.

    • 🙂

  • Yay! I’ve seen this before on the interwebs but to see it now, officially released and in great quality is amazing! Please release more of these vintage specials

    • Thanks, Darian. We were happy to be able to share it!

  • That was so cool thanks for sharing.
    My very first trip to Disney was in summer 1983 and I have such great memories of Epcot so excited for the anniversary this weekend ?

    • I think my first trip was that year as well. I hope you have a great time at Epcot!

  • This is wonderful. Thank you! Please, please continue to share these wonderful archive films that we simply cannot view easily anywhere else.

    • Thanks, Mark!

  • This is incredible! Should be mandatory viewing for all Imagineers and future Imagineers!
    Makes you truly appreciate Walt’s creative, innovative genius…he truly was a great VISIONARY!
    I know my family and I always make a point of appreciating his genius every time we get the privilege of visiting WDW!
    Thank-you for sharing this, it brings back home the purpose of his creations.
    Never forget WED!

    • Thank you! Amazing that they recorded so much valuable footage during the park’s creation. 🙂

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