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All in the Details: First Look at Woody’s Lunch Box in Toy Story Land

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Today we’re happy to share a look at a new area planned for Toy Story Land we haven’t unveiled until now – Woody’s Lunch Box.

When Toy Story Land opens in Summer 2018 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, guests will shrink to the size of a toy and explore all of the fun (and toys!) Andy has constructed in his backyard. This story continues at Woody’s Lunch Box, where Andy has used his lunch box and thermos to create a walk-up quick-service window that will serve up tasty meals and old-fashioned soda floats. In the rendering above, you can see that Woody’s Lunch Box – like the rest of Toy Story Land – has been adorably strewn about with some of Andy’s favorite toys and items from his lunch. You can even spot a green army man on a nearby lookout tower, keeping watch for Andy’s return.

The Walt Disney World Resort will partner with Mini Babybel to bring this location to life. Keep your eye on the Disney Parks Blog for more information on Woody’s Lunch Box – and the menu of delicious items it will serve up – in the coming months.

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  • Is this open now ?

  • It would be called Woody’s Lunchbox because although it’s Andy’s lunchbox, his lunch box is a “Woody” themed lunchbox. Woody was his favorite toy so he had a “Woody” lunchbox. (Like a Superman lunchbox). Get it?

  • Well this certainly looks like a fun place to have a lunch! We do miss Pizza Planet but this seems to be taking the place of that.
    Will it have some sit down seats inside similar to the other quick bite lunch places?
    I think we arrive too soon to partake in 2018, so I guess we’ll have to book again for 2019!!

  • A friend brought this to my attention – Why is it called Woody’s Lunchbox, when it was technically Andy who had the lunchbox, and Woody was just a toy? Shouldn’t it be called Andy’s Lunchbox?

    I can’t wait to see this on my next trip regardless what it’s called. We were just curious, lol.

  • My two-year-old is named Woody. He’s going to love this! Looks like I know where we’ll be eating lunch at Hollywood Studios in the future!

    • That’s amazing! I hope he loves it!

  • When during the summer will this open?

    • No firm opening date has been announced yet – only “summer 2018”

  • this is too cute! details like this are what disney does best. it should have been “andy’s lunchbox” though since it belongs to him!

  • I love Andy’s creativity, I’ve seen Toy Story Land in Hong Kong Disneyland, and it’s pretty cool. But I wish Andy’s Imagineering friends would create some indoor, air-conditioned spaces. In the heat and humidity of the day, plus an added down pour here and there, this place looks like it’s going to be really hot.

  • Yay! We’re so excited for more details! Any chance Jessie will be back for Toy Story Land? My daughter asks for her all the time!

    • No update on that yet. Stay tuned!

  • Love seeing new details emerge about Toy Story Land – my family and I are super excited for this land to open! But will there be a meet and greet there? We miss seeing Jessie in Frontierland so much, and really hope we’ll be able to find her in Toy Story Land!

    • We should have Entertainment/Character info much closer to opening time (in summer). Stay tuned.

  • Oh my gosh – Cootie bugs! Looks fantastic! I can’t wait.

    • Me, too! This will be an adorable area, especially for photos. 🙂

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