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Disney Parks DIY: Fall Scarves

Simone Miranda

by , Creative Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

My sister, Geri, lives in New Jersey. Though she was once a Florida girl, like me, she’s grown accustomed to the cold winters. She often tells me how “warm” it gets once it hits the 40˚F. That is so cold!

Brittany Ungvarsky took pity on those of us with “thin” skin and created a Fall DIY that is sure to warm us right up. She masterfully shows stamp and stencil techniques to add a bit of Disney magic to your very own scarf. Download the stamps and stencils template and the DIY instructions and get your craft on with this fun project!


  • Wow, super cute idea! Thanks for sharing!

  • These are adorable! Will definitely have to try this DIY out. Thanks Disney!

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