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Dogs Welcome at Select Walt Disney World Hotels

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Experiences

We have exciting news for Disney Parks fans who are also dog lovers. Beginning this Sunday, Oct. 15, for the first time ever, the Walt Disney World Resort will welcome guests – and their dogs – to four of its resort properties!

As part of this new dog-friendly pilot program, four out of the 26 Walt Disney World resort hotels have been designated dog friendly. Each property’s per night/per room pet-cleaning rate is:

A maximum of two dogs per guest room can be accommodated. Each guest room will have easy access to outdoor pet walkways for exercise and green spaces with pet relief areas.

We will also designate certain floors or sections of a hotel as dog-friendly, while the majority of areas will remain canine-free to accommodate Guests with allergies or other concerns.

Dog lovers will find plenty of Disney amenities and special touches for their four-legged friends.

  • At check-in, guests receive Pluto’s Welcome Kit which includes a collection of dog-friendly items.
  • Disney enjoys a partnership with Best Friends Pet Care, an on-property full-service facility that can provide assistance with pet daycare and other pet services (fees apply).
  • Pet merchandise is coming soon to participating resorts.
  • While there are no in-room services available at this time, Best Friends Pet Care does provide services like doggie day care at its nearby facility on Disney property.

Dogs that are allowed to stay in guest rooms will be expected to be well behaved, leashed in public resort areas and properly vaccinated. For more information about the new dog-friendly trial program, including other restrictions and policies, guests may contact 407-W-DISNEY. DVC Members should contact Member Services at 800-800-9800.


  • Ugh..I was looking forward to our next stay at AoA but now I think we will look elsewhere. We have stayed at other resorts (including deluxe resorts, so this is not a price issue) but AoA was our favorite because of theming and the big pool. I’m really disappointed in this decision. I don’t dislike dogs (we have 2) but I don’t want to be around strangers’ dogs when I’m on vacation. Leave your pets home!!

    We try go to WDW every 1 1/2 years and we used to always have to rent a motor home and stay in the Fort Wilderness Campground so that we could bring our very well behaved small dog. Between the price of the motor home and the price of the campground it always cost us way more than Disney’s moderate priced hotels. And to those complaining about this, stay at another Disney hotel if you do not like this idea, there are plenty of other WDW hotels you can choose from. We pay the same amount to stay in the parks as non pet owners, its about time WDW took that in consideration. We have been woken up MANY times by children running across the floors of their rooms above us, doors slamming constantly, and children crying in the pet hotels I have gone to before. Many dogs are extremely well behaved and I am sure that when a dog is outside it will be on a leash. And I would never leave my dog more than 4 hours alone so that he can eat and go to the bathroom. I consider my pet part of my family. I cannot THANK WDW enough!! I am so pleased with this and I will go more often now. Universal Studios has been doing this for a long time and we love it that WDW is now more understanding of pet families who love their pets and do not just want to stick them in a kennel.

  • I am a huge dog lover. That being said I can see a whole lot of things going wrong with this. Dogs being left for way to long. Going to the bathroom in the rooms.Chewing things up. Barking, being scared of so many people around them. Children being scared. We all know Disney says well behaved dogs but I am sure that dogs with bad behavior will be brought also. Not everyone likes dogs and some people are even terrified of dogs. To the people who say those who don’t like dogs can just stay in another resort, people should not have to limit their resort choices so you can bring your dog and leave them in a hotel room all day and night while you are in the parks having a great time. They can’t go anywhere but the resort so how is that fair to a dog?

  • Is there any weight, size or breed of dog restrictions?

  • I just want to give a BIG Thank You to Disney for it’s decision to become more pet friendly by allowing dogs to stay in four designated resorts. I’m sure you will do a great job with establishing rooms and outdoor areas for the dogs that will keep them separated from the guest with pet allergies and guest who prefer to not be around dogs. I pray the number of guest who wish to stay at these resorts with their dogs will more than compensate for those who may refuse to stay because of you new pet policy. Thanks again for making this pet friendly decision! We are looking forward to spending a family vacation at Art of Animation with our children, grandchildren, and our dog. We are so HAPPY with this decision! Thank you!!!!!

  • This would only be a great idea if there a hotel fully designated and designed for like minded people who want to bring their pets with them on vacation, with doggy day care, dog parks and doggie bags supplied, so the dogs can have as much fun as the rest of us. Yes the dogs are part of your family, but I wouldn’t consider bringing my kids to a Disney resort and leave them in the room all day while I was out enjoying myself at the parks.

  • Remember that SERVICE DOGS are allowed anywhere, anytime. Any hotel room may have had a service dog in it as recently as the night before you use it…because that’s the LAW. Same for airlines.

    I applaud Disney for creating a system to accommodate the minority of guests with dog allergies. If they want to avoid dogs, they can stay in one of the many other resort hotels that are not on the “Dog” list.

    If you’re like me, dogs are business partners as well as members of the pack. Disney is adapting to allowing me and my partners to have equal access. And check out the boarding/daycare facility at Disney World – it’s really NICE!

  • I am extremely worried about my upcoming vacation. I spent a pretty penny so that our christmas and new years would be Disney quality and to hear dogs will be at my resort is soooo disheartening!! I love animals but I am extremely allergic to them. All of them, especially dogs. If I have an allergy attack, it puts me out of commission for hours until my meds kick in, which then will put me in a slightly induced drowsy comma. This would ruin my vacation! And not just mine my poor family who has to deal with my sneezing, tissues, closed eyes and drowsy antics. I pre planned this visit almost a year in advance and even though we are now not staying in rooms “near” the dog rooms, does that mean I will not encounter them at check in? How about in common areas? Will I have to avoid certain locations? How will this impede my resort experience? All valid questions that I think Disney needs to put out. I LOVE Disney but I am certainly very disappointed and worried about my upcoming trip.

  • If I bring my dog does my room still get serviced?

  • Wow, who ever doesn’t have a problem with this didn’t book their vacation a year in advance without a dog policy at their resort.
    Can’t change your reservations if the rooms or rates are higher a year later after booking so those smart comments really don’t help the paying guest now do they!

  • Wow, Whoever has a huge deal with this new rule should stay at another of the MANY and WONDERFUL resort hotels. We are bringing our friendly 11 year old lab for her Bucket List, and driving all the way from Maryland. If anyone at Disney has a copy of the map where we are able to take her on walks for potty breaks, I would love a copy or link! We are staying at the Art of Animation.

  • The PET FEE is PER DOG / PER NIGHT (maximum 2) or same for one or two dogs?

  • Let’s be really clear here, dogs are NOT humans, and to equate them to the level of humans is disturbing.
    They are not your babies, they are dogs you did not give birth to them.
    This is a horrible way to roll out something so disruptive to people with reservations made a year in advance, to those reveling in them wait until you go to a resort pet friendly and then takes it away then you’ll understand the impact
    have some empathy!

  • I am terribly disappointed in this news. Staying at a Disney resort has always been great for me due to my allergies to pets. I have to deal with this every day of my life and when I go to Disney World I am free from my constant worry of my allergies. My wife and I have enjoyed staying at Port Orleans Riverside the best so far and we were talking yesterday about booking Art of Animation for a 2018 trip. Saying that we shouldn’t stay at one of these resorts is only one of the inconveniences for me because of this change. More people will be on the flights to and from Orlando with dogs as well as a list of other items that they have not addressed but things that I now need to be concerned with. How will dogs be transported on the Magical Express? Will they be allowed on the ground transport? Because of this change, I will have to have my guard up and worry while I’m supposed to be in the happiest place on earth.

  • Folks, please see the statement that only certain floors or areas will permit dogs, not every room. Therefore you won’t be staying in a dog room unless you request it. You can certainly add to your reservation that you don’t want to stay in a room that accepts dogs. But when you travel and stay at a Hilton, Holiday Inn, etc., many of those accept dogs and you just don’t know it.

    “We will also designate certain floors or sections of a hotel as dog-friendly, while the majority of areas will remain canine-free to accommodate Guests with allergies or other concerns.”

  • information released says (A maximum of two dogs) &: each property’s per night/per room pet-cleaning rate is:
    •Disney’s Art of Animation Resort $50/night

    is it 50.00 per dog a night or if I have two dogs is 100. per night, I need clarification
    its not clear

  • I love that i can finally take my baby with me to Disney!!…and to those complaining about not wanting to stay in a room that a dog has been in, people really need to learn how to read..”We will also designate certain floors or sections of a hotel as dog-friendly, while the majority of areas will remain canine-free to accommodate Guests with allergies or other concerns.”

  • I am confident that Disney will do a good job of cleaning. But still, I know as a fact, that people with dog allergies will quickly react if a dog has previously stayed in a room. A&A was a top pic for our family for the suite room. We need to have a garanty that a room is a no pet friendly room.


    I’d like to ditto the request for DVC accommodations, as well….

  • I love dogs. But the thought of staying in a room that has had dogs in it night after night kind of grosses me out. I know Disney does a good job of cleaning, but pet messes are a whole other ball game. I am bummed because to of our favorite resorts are on this pets can stay list.

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