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Dogs Welcome at Select Walt Disney World Hotels

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

We have exciting news for Disney Parks fans who are also dog lovers. Beginning this Sunday, Oct. 15, for the first time ever, the Walt Disney World Resort will welcome guests – and their dogs – to four of its resort properties!

As part of this new dog-friendly pilot program, four out of the 26 Walt Disney World resort hotels have been designated dog friendly. Each property’s per night/per room pet-cleaning rate is:

A maximum of two dogs per guest room can be accommodated. Each guest room will have easy access to outdoor pet walkways for exercise and green spaces with pet relief areas.

We will also designate certain floors or sections of a hotel as dog-friendly, while the majority of areas will remain canine-free to accommodate Guests with allergies or other concerns.

Dog lovers will find plenty of Disney amenities and special touches for their four-legged friends.

  • At check-in, guests receive Pluto’s Welcome Kit which includes a collection of dog-friendly items.
  • Disney enjoys a partnership with Best Friends Pet Care, an on-property full-service facility that can provide assistance with pet daycare and other pet services (fees apply).
  • Pet merchandise is coming soon to participating resorts.
  • While there are no in-room services available at this time, Best Friends Pet Care does provide services like doggie day care at its nearby facility on Disney property.

Dogs that are allowed to stay in guest rooms will be expected to be well behaved, leashed in public resort areas and properly vaccinated. For more information about the new dog-friendly trial program, including other restrictions and policies, guests may contact 407-W-DISNEY. DVC Members should contact Member Services at 800-800-9800.


  • I have a severe allergy to dogs and I have already booked one of the resorts which will allow dogs.
    We are going to Port Orleans Riverside, can you tell me what buildings will be pet free and if I decide to cancel will I get my deposit returned

  • We’ve been coming to Disney World since it opened and the Yacht Club has always been our favorite. I was devastated to hear of the new pet policy announced today. The possibility of barking, fleas, odor, excrement on the gorgeous grounds all are causing me to reconsider our much anticipated Christmas vacation here.

  • This is not going over well with a lot of people based on posts in numerous groups on Facebook and other Disney related websites. Concerns about fleas, allergies, barking dogs who are left alone all day, dogs relieving themselves in rooms and a host of other concerns.

  • I wish we had known this earlier. We wanted to go to Florida with our dog the end of this month…but now we are flying. So hopefully next time

  • What about Cats? When we have to leave our cat for more than 2 days we have someone go check on them.

  • Horrible news. As a person who is highly allergic, I would not risk staying at any of these resorts. Please do not introduce this to DVC resorts. Designating rooms as pet friendly means fewer rooms for those with allergies.

  • Terrible idea, this brings to many problems for so many people. Also this should have been communicated way earlier, so people would have had the chance to book a different resort instead. What happened? This is so unlike the Disney we all know and love. Are you going to give people who have already booked at these resorts the option to change to a different Disney Resort with no change fees?

  • Horrible idea – these resorts are off my list

  • This is an awesome idea! Whether we can bring our dog is a big factor in our family’s vacation planning, as it does not feel like as much of a vacation when I know the entire family does not get to partake.

    I also appreciate that Disney is only designating one of their many hotels in each resort type for this while leaving plenty of places for people who have allergies to have a place not to worry about having an issue. They also are placing the stipulation that the dogs need to be quiet while owners are gone or they can stay in a daycare, so there should be no issue with “barking dogs.” Screaming and crying kids, who legally cannot be banned from a hotel, will persist :).

  • My youngest daughter has animal phobia, anxiety and sensory processing disorder. She is terrified of dogs. Disney was a place where we COULD go and she didn’t have to worry about dealing with them. If a dog gets anywhere near her she will be afraid. My oldest daughter and myself have severe pet allergies. We are not happy about the new pet friendly policy at all! And as others have mentioned how are owners going to ensure their dogs are well behaved in a room when they are at the parks all day?

  • This is great news! Camp Wilderness is our go-to resort because we always bring our two Pharoh Hounds. We always take them to Best Friends Pet Care and sleep with them at night. It will be nice to have the option to take them to another resort and the pet goodies are fun to add to our Disney Collections. Except in the Dog park, I can’t say I’ve ever seen poo in Camp Wilderness and we walk our dogs throughout the pet loops.

  • Disney, thank you for catching up with the rest of the hospitality industry and finally offering this option for guests. As responsible dog owners, we will almost certainly take advantage of this opportunity at some point. We would prefer to leave the dogs in the care of their very capable sitter when we travel, but she’s not always available and no one else is really up to our high standards! Before this, we would have had to rent a house or stay at a pet-friendly hotel off site or at the rival resort across town. Now we can still have the convenience of staying on-site while still having peace of mind that the dogs are in our own good hands. ?

  • I appreciate Disney’s attempt to cater to pet-owning guests, but it’s hard to imagine that this new policy will not be rife with problems. I have two dogs but would not expect other guests to be pleased with their presence during their vacations. I certainly could not guarantee my normally well-behaved dogs wouldn’t bark or whine while in a strange place alone for hours at a time. If issues like this arise, they may be difficult to address. Also, I’m assuming that pet-friendly rooms will never being used for guests without pets due to allergies and inevitable odors. I’m hoping that won’t mean too many rooms then become unavailable to other guests at these designated resorts, especially at holiday and other very busy times. Maybe Disney is counting on the steep daily fees to keep many guests from bringing pets, but I doubt that will be the case. I hope there is a very limited number of designated pet friendly rooms for that reason. I’ll definitely be watching to see how Disney works this out. I’m hopeful, but concerned.

  • I’m shocked this was approved. I can’t imagine putting an animal in a closed room for the day while the family is out touring.

  • I’m very disappointed. I do not want to stay in a room where there have been pets before me. I am highly allergic to pet dander and am very upset that a dog may have been in the bed or on the furniture. What about carpeting? We come to Riverside every year and already have a reservation for December. I’m concerned that our trip may not be as “magical” as usual.

  • Wow — fellow pet owner (2 cats, 1 dog) who really does not like this idea. Lots of thoughts — but will limit my question to just one bullet point — “leashed in public resort areas and properly vaccinated.” Does that mean pets allowed ONLY in the names resort areas or any resort area? Is it only the Yacht Club resort area or does that extend to the Boardwalk too? Who is enforcing that? And properly vaccinated — how will you know that? Not a fan of this idea.

  • I understand a lot of people’s concerns about allergies and pets being left alone. I encourage you all to read the entire statement of how this will be handled.

    They specify that only specific floors or parts of the hotels will be used for dogs. By default that means, you do not need to worry about staying in a room that a dog has been in if you don’t want to for allergies or any other reason. You can, I’m sure, request not to be on the same floor or part of the hotel as the dogs if you are concerned about barking or are afraid of dogs.

    To dogs being left in the rooms all day, they will offer, for additional fee, pet daycare. I’m sure the daycare will be fantastic. Of course, a dog could be left in the room all day, it could bark, it could pee or poop in the room, not everyone is a responsible dog owner. But for those who would like to take their pets, have them cared for during the day and be with them at night, I think this is a great idea.

    It’s also being called a trial. If it’s unmanageable, causes genuine problems to other guest, or abused by too many irresponsible pet owners, it probably won’t be made permanent. I hope everyone keeps an open mind, and again, check your concerns against the information they provide here. Offer feedback, as a pet owner or not, as to the quality of your stay with regard to the dog policy.

  • Nope. I don’t like this news at all. I was very upset to see the resort hotel I just booked (Yacht Club) this week on the list of pet friendly hotels. My reasons are the same that others have already mentioned – dog allergies, cleanliness, smell, and noise – and at the price of a deluxe resort! No thank you Disney!

  • This is disheartening.. I have a genuine fear of dogs and now the upcoming excitement for my stay at the Yacht Club has been replaced with nerves and anxiety. I have other members in my party who are allergic too. Terrible idea, Disney! Not all owners are responsible and considerate of others.

  • While I am a dog lover, I feel Disney should have left their dog policy as it was. I do not think that they or their staff will be able to handle the issues that will inevitably become a huge problem. Dog mess on beautiful lawns that children frolic on after a day at the park. Odors from urine or dog mess on the carpets of the lobbies or guest rooms that can not be masked with large amounts of odor spray. Are the dogs also allowed on the Magical Express to get to their owner’s room? Now I am not talking about service dogs – not even a question that they should have a place at Disney. I am talking about the average pet owner’s dog left in rooms while they are at the park all day. The guests room walls are not thick enough to stop the barking from being heard through the walls of the next guest room. Fleas and ticks that can be carried by the animal and left in the room for the next guest. I don’t think Disney can predict that all pet owner’s will act responsibly and with the cost of visiting Disney World, I should feel comfortable when I visit and sleep. Just all around a bad idea!

  • We are less than a month away from a holiday at Yatch Club and find that we could be subjected to dog noise and smell. As this was booked almost a year ago as a special holiday for my wife and I to celebrate our wedding anniversary I now feel let down by Disney and it is not the first time this year. I hope a proper solution is found to accomodate guest like myself who do not want to be anywhere near dogs. My wife is very upset at the thought of being near dogs. Wish we could change resort or dates but can’t as we come from the UK.

  • I am so disappointed with Disney. I certainly understand that you want to have a pet friendly hotel. However, I made my reservations back in March. At that time no one informed me that dogs would be permitted at the Yacht Club. Now two months before my scheduled arrival, I received an email that dogs will be at the hotel. For medical reasons, I cannot be around dogs at all. I see in the answer to some of these comments that Disney will work with individual’s needs. I called and they have no rooms for me. Isn’t that strange, they will take somebody’s pet, but will not accommodate people. I just do not understand that lack of sensitivity for the needs of a handicapped individual. I truly wish Disney had given this more thought and more time. I would have booked a different hotel.

  • I am staying at Art of Animation March 2018 with my son. The thoughts of a dog having been in a room where we will be sleeping for two weeks is horrendous. I hope there are designated rooms for the families with their dogs as this is putting me off my holiday which when travelling from the United Kingdom is very expensive.

  • Will dogs be allowed on the club level floor at the Yacht Club?

  • I also am allergic and couldn’t stay in a room that had a dog in it. As a DVC owner I hope this doesn’t come to any of the villas.

    Also, are dogs (no service dogs) going to be allowed in restaurants???

    This is a terrible idea!

  • How will you deal with barking? For example I can be on a dog free floor (family with severe asthmatic reaction to pets) but could still hear barking on a floor above or below. How are public areas such as pools handled?

  • You know what puppy pads means…dogs peeing in rooms. On rugs…and on furniture. There are good dog owners but you know there are owners who will leave their dogs all day without paying for dog care. We are at Disney at least twice a year. We love the Cabins but the idea of having a barking neighbor ruins it for us. Will there be a Bark Squad?

  • I Love it. My yellow Labrador is beautiful, well behaved, sweet & toilet trained. I cannot wait to have him with us in the room. During the day he can go to Best Friends Pet Care while we are at the parks. And afterwards we just pick him up. Only a few rooms will be pet friendly. Great Job Walt Disney World.

  • How will rooms be cleaned to ensure there is no flea infestation?

  • Absolutely awful idea. Had a dream holiday booked for October 2018, trying to change our hotel but looks like we are going to incur a crazy charge, when it’s not our fault Disney have brought in such a silly idea. Our only other option is cancelling our dream holiday, not a happy Disney fan at all especially after booking this holiday early 2017.

  • Horrible idea. My family and I will be staying at the Yacht Club next month. There is no availability at other deluxe resorts during my stay. Disney should have given guests more time to make other accommodations. I am paying top dollar for my vacation and the only dog I wish to share it with is Pluto!

  • Time will tell, but I’m not a fan of the idea. I was hoping to try a FW Cabin someday, but may now have to pass (though with cabins not having hallways if some are truly dog free, I guess that might still work). Luckily I have tried the other 3 resorts listed, though I liked them enough I might have returned if not for this (probably won’t now – I liked Riverside and Yacht Club).
    Even with “designated” areas, somewhere is the dividing line between “dog” and “no dog”. I am not a dog person and don’t want to be anywhere near the dog area. Many of my trips are not planned too far in advance, so I am sure special requests would not be easy to come by, I could easily see myself landing in a “no dog” but actually “near dog” room.

  • Is it possible to inform us of the buildings/rooms which will be used for dogs.
    Some members of our family have a fear of dogs and we do not wish to stay in rooms previously used for them.
    We chose to stay at Riverside as it’s a quiet and beautiful resort. We arrive at the beginning of November and are travelling from the UK. Changing our resort would not be something we really want to do at such short notice.
    We have been so excited for our holiday and are feeling a little apprehensive of the situation.

  • Thrilled about this!!! Not being able to bring my dog has always created problems for me not being able to go to Disney and now my sweet Chase can come with me and take part in all the magic that is Disney!!

  • When will the WDW web site start to indicate dog vs. no dog for these resorts?
    Will this be added as a different “room type” for each resort? (i.e., now pool view with/without dog, garden view with/without dog, etc.)
    I just did a trial for a Yacht club reservation(used next April dates), and saw no option to select a preference in regards to pet.

  • I don’t have a problem with this as far as good ‘pet parents’ are concerned. My own dog is a ‘yapper’ when left alone and we’d have to take him to ‘doggy daycare’ to avoid disturbing others when we’re at the parks. For the cost of daycare AND the pet cleaning fee we could book him into a private room with a 24 hr online ‘doggy cam’ and personal play sessions at a luxury kennel near our home. I think a lot of pet owners will realize this same thing.

  • I’m really surprised to see how aggressive people are being about this. Service dogs are at Disney all the time, so people who are being so frantic about allergies and smells have most likely already encountered rooms and resorts that welcomed several dogs. Simply because people have allergies does not mean that pet owners shouldn’t be allowed to have their pets with them. I am THRILLED to be able to bring me animals with me!!!! WONDERFUL WONDERFUL WONDERFUL WONDERFUL CHOICE DISNEY!!!!!!

  • Thank you, Disney! Our dog is part of our family. We are so thankful to be able to bring her with us.

  • This is a great idea!!! My dog is more well behaved then some children and to be able to bring my four legged family member is wonderful. Thank you Disney for allowing all members of my family to enjoy the magic of Disney

  • We are coming to Disney for the first time for my family in just a week. Planned out everything and even getting a split stay, unfortunately we’ll be at AOA and POR, both of which will now allow dogs. I’m hoping that since this is so new it won’t be an issue, however I’m curious to see how barking dogs left in their unfamiliar surroundings alone will be handled. With young kiddos we planned to come back to the resort for down time (naps) during the day. Would we just call the front desk to complain? Move rooms? Cry due to lack of sleep? After spending over a year planning this dream vacation, I’m a bit surprised only 2 days notice was given.

  • That’s sounds great now we can bring our American bulldogs with us love the idea

  • A welcome idea. This gives the option to vacation at all in Florida. No family to watch our well behaved dog. It makes me a bit sad to see everyone in the comments acting so harsh, and silly. If you are truly that bothered, there are many other Disney resorts for you. I love Disney World and my dog, this is awesome.

  • I am so disappointed in this new policy. Dogs are starting to show up in the parks, (not service animals) and now they are allowed to be walked on a leash through the hotel lobby and grounds. If yacht club allow dogs on their public grounds, what will stop dogs from the beach club and boardwalk.? When I questioned what will happen when we see dogs where they are not supposed to be, I was told to tell a cast member. Well I did that as a lady took her poodle in a bag in the plaza restaurant and the cast member told me they really don’t challenge anyone about it. This new policy is just the start of a really awful direction. I understand people love their pets, but not everyone else wants to spend their vacation with your dog,

  • I have to say how upsetting this news was sprung 2 weeks before our stay. We booked our vacation 8 months ago and now have 2 weeks to scramble to find an alternative for our family, glad we made sure to show our daughter lots of photos and videos of the little mermaid room so she would be super excited about it. I have chronic asthma and severe pet allergies. I was already planning to bring all my medication and nebulizer, but this is just another complication I wasn’t expecting or planning for. Also, being offered a room at an all star hotel isn’t comparable in my opinion, so now we get to figure out how to pay more to go to a different resort. Thanks for the 2 week notice.

  • HI there,
    just wondering how check in will work, will the foyer be filled with dogs as people check in?
    What about people with allergies and dog fears. I can see this whole thing descending into chaos. All it needs is two dogs to start going at each other while owners are busy checking in. This really is a bad bad idea, and I really hope you dont implement this in any DVC resorts.
    And the one thing I dont want to do while at wdw is spend all my time looking at the ground because I may step in dog poo or trip over a lead.
    This is really really really a bad idea.

  • This is a great idea and long over due. Some pets become stressed when separated from family and as the policy changes and becomes more in tune to what outside resorts do it will become fine for all people. like the above article states it’s only certain rooms and they will be cleaned as needed appropriately. Thank You Disney.

  • This is a terrible idea. I will have to make choices of what resort to stay at based on whether or not pets are allowed. If that means staying off property, that’s where we’ll have to stay. I am so sorry for the families whose vacations are being ruined by this nonsense. My wife and I love our dog dearly but we would never think of imposing on others by bringing him to Disney. We care enough about our pet to make sure he is safe and sound at home with a sitter or at a family member’s home while we are out of town. Our dog enjoys a week with his “grandma” and “grandpa” much more than he’d enjoy sitting alone in a room all day while we go off and have fun.

    Most pets find being away from home, out of their routine, and surrounded by strangers to be stressful and uncomfortable. This means that even those pets who are well behaved at home may act very differently when they are at a hotel. So, not only is this a bad idea for paying guests, it’s a bad idea for the pets as well.

  • Even though I have an American Bulldog and would love to bring her. I would not out of respect for others.

  • I love dogs but I don’t think this is a good idea at all for a number of reasons.

  • I’m concerned too, two in my party including myself, are allergic to dogs and athsmatic. We will be staying in Port Orleans Riverside starting October 30th! How can Disney ensure we will be safe?

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