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Dogs Welcome at Select Walt Disney World Hotels

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

We have exciting news for Disney Parks fans who are also dog lovers. Beginning this Sunday, Oct. 15, for the first time ever, the Walt Disney World Resort will welcome guests – and their dogs – to four of its resort properties!

As part of this new dog-friendly pilot program, four out of the 26 Walt Disney World resort hotels have been designated dog friendly. Each property’s per night/per room pet-cleaning rate is:

A maximum of two dogs per guest room can be accommodated. Each guest room will have easy access to outdoor pet walkways for exercise and green spaces with pet relief areas.

We will also designate certain floors or sections of a hotel as dog-friendly, while the majority of areas will remain canine-free to accommodate Guests with allergies or other concerns.

Dog lovers will find plenty of Disney amenities and special touches for their four-legged friends.

  • At check-in, guests receive Pluto’s Welcome Kit which includes a collection of dog-friendly items.
  • Disney enjoys a partnership with Best Friends Pet Care, an on-property full-service facility that can provide assistance with pet daycare and other pet services (fees apply).
  • Pet merchandise is coming soon to participating resorts.
  • While there are no in-room services available at this time, Best Friends Pet Care does provide services like doggie day care at its nearby facility on Disney property.

Dogs that are allowed to stay in guest rooms will be expected to be well behaved, leashed in public resort areas and properly vaccinated. For more information about the new dog-friendly trial program, including other restrictions and policies, guests may contact 407-W-DISNEY. DVC Members should contact Member Services at 800-800-9800.


  • Great job Disney! We have stayed at Fort Wilderness campground just so we could take our due babies. We are also DVC and AP holders. I am sad for those who are afraid the dogs will effect them. I think things will be just fine. I work in a hospital with a pet visitation policy which allows owners to have their animals brought in so I realize the value of this initiative. I think everything will be just fine once people see this was organized in true Disney fashion with no implications for others. I’ve been at the water parks with snakes and on Splash Mtn with baby alligators. This will be just fine. Thanks for offering!

  • I will ABSOLUTELY be planning a trip to Disney because of this! Our dog is like our child and this is the perfect opportunity to vacation and not worry about having to leave him behind. I cannot express how thrilled I am to hear this news!!

  • Have no problem with this at all. Love it

  • People with allergies should not have to worry about going to a hotel with pets and their noise , smells and messes. You go to Disney to be in the parks. So you are leaving your petss in your room all day. Why not leave your pets in kennels where people can care for them all day long.

  • We are sorry to hear about the WDW Dogs at Resorts Trial. My wife and I have held annual passes and DVC membership for many years. My wife is dog phobic plus neither of us will dine in any restaurant where there are dogs. We are very sad that we will not be able to book these four resorts until the trial is over or especially if it becomes permanent. We currently have over $60k invested in DVC and one of our home resorts is the Beach Club so this trial is near.

  • As far as only certain floors/areas being dog-friendly, will it be a situation where you request a room that is NOT dog-friendly only to be told “we’ll note it on the reservation, but no request is guaranteed”. Also, instead of offering daycare for the dogs, it should be REQUIRED for each day of their resort stay. Charge the fee whether or not the owners use it. If the owners have to pay for it, they’ll be more likely to use it. If this policy ever extends to DVC, it will be time to sell.

  • I have so many questions. What does it mean to be “well-behaved”? If a dog licks me without my consent will it be removed from the resort? If a dog barks at me will it be removed from the resort? If a dog chases me will it be removed from the resort? If a dog bites me will it be removed from the resort? I’m pretty sure if I did any of those things to another guest I would be asked to leave. Shouldn’t dogs be held to the same standard?

  • Terrible idea!

  • No way

  • We have always traveled with our pets and have been good owners taking care of them as though those around us would expect. I could never understand why Disney didn’t have certain resorts that are pet friendly as they are everywhere now. So happy to hear this.

  • To the folks freaking out about their trip in the next few weeks… Think about it.. people have booked their trips months in advance, most people fly in. They’re not going to change their plans last minute and incur MORE fees “on average for a pet on a plane $150+” plus the extra cost for pet in a the room fees. You’re probably looking at people starting to bring their pets next year (spring/summer time frame.. when people drive in) If I were flying out in two weeks, I wouldn’t suddenly change my plans to bring my dog. I might next time (well over a year from now) but not something coming up soon. You’re probably safe there. 😉

  • Yacht Club was always our favorite but I’m afraid the entire area including Beach Club and Boardwalk are no longer on our go to list. There is just no way you can control and monitor the criteria you set forth. I can just imagine dogs walking on the Boardwalk….pretty sure if Fido has to go he’ll be going on the walkway since there is no grass to be found. If Disney thinks this won’t negatively affect the Yacht Club occupancy I beg to differ. After reading other posts I’m not alone. What a shame such a gorgeous hotel and now it’s gone to the dogs.

  • I too am very concerned about my upcoming trip in February due to this decision to allow dogs. My family has allergies as well and cannot stay in a room that a dog has been staying in. There clearly are a lot of people just like me unhappy with this decision, and for very good reasons. Yes, the article does state that designated areas will be allowed canine friendly and that most areas won’t be but, I called Disney regarding this matter and was told that there would be areas such as the dining areas, pools, etc. that dogs would not be allowed. However; I was told that this does not mean designated rooms. This meaning that ALL rooms will be allowed up to two dogs. I was told that the solution to dealing with the people with allergies was that the rooms afterwards would be “cleaned with a VIP cleaning, which involves switching out all fabric items such as curtains, and sheets with ones that have been cleaned in special chemicals, and that the carpets would be cleaned.” Now this may seem to them like a good solution but it’s not. When you are dealing with allergies, you have to be sure that the person cleaning did a good enough job and it’s not easy to clean carpets. Not to mention, you can’t remove and switch out everything. Sofas and matresses harbor allergens and those will still be the same. I and many others can’t take a chance on this being good enough. Unfortunetly; there aren’t any other value resorts available for my time frame so my only option is to change dates. I don’t think this is fair. If they wanted to do this trial run, they should have announced it a year prior to being able to book a resort so that people could avoid it.

  • We have stayed at Fort Wilderness where they have always had a “pet loop”. Although we requested not to be in that loop, we did see a doggy playground and rules for animal owners. I didn’t see any problems with any pets being left unattended around the resort. I think that the cabins would be a great place to stay with a pet.

  • How many times have people said, “Oh, my dog doesn’t bite.”?
    …….(For verification, just ask any mailman)…….

  • One thing I forgot to say. I would rather pay the boarding fee at Disney’s Best Friends than the extra room charge. Probably better for the dog in the long run. Just visit them.

  • To the person asking about enforcing vaccines. It’s very simple. Our dogs don’t step one foot on properties with a vaccines requirement without a certificate from the vet stating which vaccines they have had, they dates and when they are due for boosters. Our previous kennel would still call and go over (check up op on) them.
    Our dogs get physically ill when separated from me. They aren’t hyper dogs so it was surprising. They just stop eating and they pass blood in their stool. After the 2nd time I had given on being able to go on vacation. If we took advantage of this and left them in the room we make use of a two way nanny-cam. I like the Yacht Club and can happily spend all day at Epcot.

  • Just curious how the Magical Express will operate with dogs? There will be Guests that bring their pets on flights and thus need to take part in the Magical Express ride to the resort.
    Also can someone provide an answer if the all dogs must be muzzled in ALL open areas (elevator, walkways, restrooms, lobby)?
    It would have been better if the announcement came with a warning/buffer zone for people to book their plans properly and with a LOT of more information on or a faq pdf that GUESTS could read and have answers to their concerns?
    It just seems like that you did not provide enough time to roll this out and not enough information, unusual for Disney to be so short on details.
    Any details about if a dog gets loose how it will be corralled and by whom, or dogs acting aggressively towards one another walking by people?

  • Love it!!!!

  • Wonderful idea, Disney! I have two small non-shedding dogs and someone in my family always has to stay home to care for them. So we alternate who gets to go/who stays at home. I doubt Disney will be over-run with dogs because some people like to vacation without their pets. And many people will not like the extra nightly charge. We take our dogs to HHI and stay in a pet-friendly villa. We have never had to pay for damages or gotten calls that they were disturbing other guests. Hopefully dog owners will be considerate and only take the pets they feel will be able to be good “pet guests”.
    Thank you, DISNEY!!!

  • In the evenings, I’d encourage anyone hearing any barking at all to call the front desk until the barking stops.

    I know I absolutely will.

  • Very happy to hear the news! Many major hotel chains have been allowing dogs for some time now; glad to hear that Disney is keeping with the trend. As a DVC member, I am curious if there the Vacation Club properties are considering this option?

  • There have been a number of…(remember, this is Disney)…people who have been flippantly commenting that there are plenty of other resorts to stay at. The Yacht Club is our favorite resort. We tried out the Wilderness Lodge one year but found we missed the Yacht Club.

  • Having dealt with a barking dog in an adjacent hotel room twice in the past, I have no desire to stay in a hotel that allows pets. Very disappointing as Port Orleans Riverside is my favorite resort at Disney World.

  • I am an animal lover but not happy about this new policy. I have faith in Disney and do believe they will do this fairly, but can not imagine the rooms would be sanitized enough for my kids or others with allergies to dog saliva.
    I only hope there are designated rooms for reservations with dogs. Even if the rooms are ground floor level, and sometimes dogs behave better than some kids ?this will be a game changer for many. Other than service dogs, Best Friends is the best option for proper care. Most dogs do not want to be left alone for up to 7 hours.
    I have stated in hotels in California and Europe that allowed dogs… not good

  • I am thrilled for dog owners and have no problems with the dogs at resorts. What I do have an issue with is that we are less than six weeks from a vacation we booked 18 months ago at a pet free hotel. I have only heard about this because someone told me about it. Disney haven’t notified me, it is too late to change resorts and there is no availability and Disney won’t guarantee I can be in a pet free building. I feel very let down … Not because I disagree with dogs being allowed … I don’t …. But because they are now being given preferential treatment. I just want a guarantee that I can be in a building without dogs at POR which is what I believed in good faith when I booked 18 months ago. Changing the goal posts at such short notice with no options and no guarantee my needs can be met is simply unfair.

  • Not a fan of the idea, too short of a notice for people that have already booked their stays, rather disrespectful I feel towards paying guests with reservations.
    Slippery slope for other animals.
    When someone highly allergic is in an elevator and breaks out in hives because of a dog, that will certainly be a family memory not so magical.
    What about people with profound fear of dogs? Kind of unfair to place them in a resort without prior knowledge.
    Just doesn’t really seem to be a well-though out, properly vetted scenario.
    Expect much better from Disney.

  • I am so disappointed with this announcement. While inquiring about specifics of this new trial responses by Disney cast members have been inconsistent at the very least. Some say dogs will be put in specific areas and rooms in the resort while others say they will be assigned to rooms throughout the resort. I do not own pets for a reason. Due to allergies, I cannot and do not want to be in an area where dogs have been staying. I feel badly for those who have planned their vacation for a year only to have this thrust upon them last minute by DIsney. Change resorts you say? Not so easy when the resorts are booked up and nothing is available.

  • As a pass holder, DVC owner, and FL resident who stays on property at least six times per year, I don’t care for this new policy at all. It’s not that I don’t want pet owners to be able to enjoy vacations with their pets, however, I feel this policy as-written is not good enough. I would like to see a guarantee for those who would prefer non-pet-friendly rooms (due to allergies, dog phobias, etc.). Also, I think a pet owner should not be allowed to leave their poor dog in the room for “up to seven hours.” And expecting that an owner will be able to return to the room within 30 minutes to address an issue might be optimistic. I truly hope this policy does not extend to any other resorts.

  • Whilst I understand Disney’s desire to be fair to all guests and not disadvantage people who own dogs from staying at their property, this needs to work both ways. Having booked a family vacation in Ferbruary of this year to stay at The Yacht Club next month, I suddenly discover that other guests will now be allowed to bring their canine friends with them. Had I been aware of this facility in February, there is no way that we would have booked this hotel. A pilot scheme is fine but should be based with a future start date to allow both dog owners and non-dog owners the freedom of choice. Also as it’s a pilot scheme, is it absolutely necessary to implement it at four different hotels. I called Disney to see if there were options to change the Yacht Club to another Deluxe hotel and all they can offer me is to change to another hotel at an additional cost £1,700 pounds although they would kindly wave the amendment fee. Please reconsider your position and adopt a different approach to this scheme.

  • What will be done for those families who for medical, religious or personal reasons cannot stay around dogs? And why are we only being given 48 hours notice?

  • Can’t imagine what an unattended dog in an unfamiliar environment could be capable of in the span of 7+ hours. Gross.

  • I am thrilled with this news and hopeful that it will extend to DVC. Many hotel chains have allowed this for years. Service dogs have already been staying at Disney hotels. My plan is to leave our pup at Best Friends while we are away from the room but thrilled that I can bring her back to the room to sleep with us!! Thanks Disney for this great news.

  • I’m disappointed to read about this. We’ve stayed at the Yacht Club twice in the past, but won’t stay there again now that dogs are allowed in the room. It is just too much money to spend to listen to someone else’s dog bark while we’re trying to relax.

  • My husband, daughter and grandson are highly allergic to dogs. This is a deal breaker for us. If this is eventually rolled out to all resorts we will no longer stay onsite and will explore other vacation destinations.

  • This is so upsetting for us as we have a family with both allergy and phobias to worry about. It also seems like the decision to utilize these 4 resorts limits larger families significantly. As a family of 5 we already only had 2 mod level resorts as an option and 1 value level resort. The Yacht and Beach Club have always seemed to be the most affordable deluxe for a family of five as well. If we book at any of these four resorts can we be guaranteed we won’t be placed near dogs or in a room where dogs have been staying? Judging from the dog walking maps it would seem they are not isolated to a small portion of these resorts, but are instead rather spread out. Is this the case?

  • I am so upset about this. My son has severe dog allergies in this will cause great anxiety. Just being in a room where there has been dog dander gives him major breathing problems. We loved staying at Port Orleans Riverside but we will not be going back. Let’s hope this new rule just stays with the four Resorts listed. If it extends to all the resorts we will not be able to stay on property anymore.

  • We are currently booked (and have been for over one year) at one of the dog friendly resorts. My daughter has a severe allergy to dogs. Hives, asthma attack, and possible trip to the emergency room. I would gladly rebook at a resort that has no animals, however everything is booked and I don’t have that option! I am very concerned to say the least. I understand people that like to take their animals on vacation, but this last minute notice with no other options for those with medical conditions is very unsettling. I have called to request a non-dog room and been told they cannot do that, while others have called and its been added to their room request. Others have been told there are certain areas/floors only, while more people have been told dogs will be on all floors, etc. There are too many conflicting answers from different CMs for me to believe that we will be able to sleep in a room where no dogs have stayed. I wish Disney had announced this change with plenty of time for people to change resorts.

  • I think this is a bad idea and hope Disney listens to the feedback. Please don’t expand it to DVC properties. One problem I fear is some people will not follow the rules and it puts cast members and guests in an uncomfortable position of having to police people and enforce the rules.

    I was able to change one existing reservation from a dog friendly resort (with help from Guest Services – thanks), but not another. I am going to cancel it if I cannot find another, dog free location. I will not book in dog friendly resorts going forward.

  • My problem is how Disney brought about this trial. Very little warning to families already booked there. It’s great that in the future guests can choose between pet friendly or not but to families already booked there (like us) we were not given a choice. I have nothing against dogs but I am not a dog owner so I don’t want to vacation with them. For us it is too late to switch resorts so we will go and I’m sure have a good time but we will be sad because POR is out favorite resort and if this policy continues it will be our last time staying there.

  • I’m very excited to bring my dog with us for our December trip!
    I changed from Caribbean Beach over to Port Orleans just so we could have a pet friendly room.
    Thank you Disney for the chance to bring our dog.

  • Now I have even more reasons to come to Disney world ! I only wish more hotels allowed pets .
    Disney is now really becoming a family destination, for all all members of the family !

  • glad we visited port Orleans in may this year just spotted this post in time before rebooking for next year . I do not wish to sleep on a bed where people have had dogs in the room . this is a terrible idea . why would you take animals to Disneyland !!!

  • What I’m disheartened by is the extreme lack of notice on this massive change. We make our resort reservations almost a year out, are encouraged to make dining reservations six months out, must make FastPass reservations two months out, and find out Friday that our resort will start welcoming non-service dogs two days before our trip begins.

    I adore my dog. However, I can’t imagine she would enjoy a Disney trip. Alone for any amount if time in a new environment, with constant comings and goings inside and outside, fireworks. We’ll keep doing what we’re doing and boarding her in an in-home environment where she can relax and have other dogs to play with.

  • Could I ask, how are dogs going to be escorted on the Magical Express bus?
    Elevators with people fearful of dogs?
    Elevators with people allergic to dogs?
    Dog fights in elevators?
    These are just a few of my questions that don’t really seem to be spelled out anywhere.
    Pet Hotels are one thing,
    PET RESORTS a whole new breed of places to avoid.

  • Will there be dog friendly rooms on the club level floor at the Yacht Club?

  • I have nothing against dogs and people’s pets but I prefer not to stay in a room that was occupied by dogs. The Yacht Club is my first deluxe stay coming up next month. If I could switch resorts I would. I’m not self entitled, just prefer not to deal with pet odors.

  • I’m a bit confused as you’re saying the animals will be in a separate building or floor yet the cast member I spoke to about my booking at POR couldn’t guarantee me that I would be away from dogs yet I had a serious allergy. All she could do was put in a request, not what I expect when I’m paying thousands of pounds for a holiday.

  • When dealing with change I understand the impulse to let imaginations run freely and the inclination to picture worst case scenarios (and certainly a little hyperbole never hurts when arguing for or against a policy). Fortunately, things don’t usually turn out anywhere near as bad as we imagine. I have no position yet on the dog policy, I’m thinking I’ll wait and see the actual impact of having dogs at Disney before I work myself up over a bunch of possibilities that may never happen.

  • THANK YOU, WDW, for allowing dog parents the opportunity to prove that we can travel with our pets in a responsible fashion! My hope is that the type of people who would utilize this and pay the extra money know their dogs well enough to determine if they would be a good fit to stay at one of the resorts. I for one realize that of my 2 dogs, only 1 would be joining us, and sadly his brother will have to watch Disney movies back home with his doggy sitter! 🙂 PLEASE do not get discouraged by all of the negative comments; people have the tendency to react strongly before even giving things a chance. Thank you, again!

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