How to Make the Day of the Dead Rice Crispy Treat from Disneyland Resort

Alex Dunlap

by , Food & Beverage Communications Coordinator

In celebration of the Day of the Dead, we caught up with Master Candy Maker Rob Mc Hargue to make some adorable Halloween-themed rice crispy treats! Rob has been a candy maker at Disneyland Resort for more than 43 years and calls the Candy Palace on Main Street, U.S.A., his home. Today, using colored sugar, icing and a little bit of Disney Magic, he shows us how to design and create these fun Mickey-shaped treats! You can find these special rice crispy treats and many other sweet creations at any candy location throughout Disneyland Resort.


  • Any word on Festival of Holidays? It’s kind of my second favorite time of year at DCA (the first being, of course, the Food and Wine Festival)!

  • Shannon is correct, the Day of the Dead celebrates and has people honor their friends and relatives that are no longer with them.
    Halloween celebrates the end of a season.
    However it is also the Eve of All Saints Day in Christianity, and that too honors past Saints in Heaven.
    Although different meanings, it is interesting that throughout different regions of the world, similar days have similar ideas and concepts.
    The treats are very creative and fun looking.
    And besides, who doesn’t like a festive looking skull!
    But when we muddle holidays together it takes from one and so it should have been by the proper name – “Dia de los Muertos” and not add in Halloween.

    sorry, I was a teacher in my “past life” 😉

  • Day of the Dead and Halloween aren’t the same thing. I don’t think these qualify as “Halloween-themed rice crispy treats”

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