Parking and Transportation Improvements Coming to the Disneyland Resort

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

As part of the multi-year expansion of the Disneyland Resort, we are upgrading, improving and adding new parking and transportation enhancements that have been long envisioned for the resort. The centerpiece of this plan is an all-new parking structure to be built on the current Pinocchio surface parking lot next to Mickey & Friends.

This new 6,500-space structure is designed to dramatically improve parking and traffic flow throughout the resort. It is expected to significantly speed up guest arrival by providing a 60 percent increase in the number of access lanes and adding additional parking capacity on the west side of the resort.

The additional parking capacity and access lanes will streamline vehicle arrivals on the west side of the resort and eliminate backups onto city streets. In addition, the tram boarding area will be reconfigured to enhance the transportation experience for guests parking at both the new structure and Mickey & Friends.

Construction is scheduled to begin in February 2018, with the structure set to open the following year.


  • Please consider more EV charging stations, sooner than later please. It is a drag to drive to a charging station after a long day at the Magic Kingdom.

  • I second the request for more EV parking. I sincerely hope the recent move and reduction in EV spaces is only temporary and due to construction. More and more people are switching to electric vehicles (hooray!). And if Disneyland makes it difficult to charge our EVs, we are less likely to visit.

  • Another comment, I hope the westside of the resort will have bigger pathways. I find the western access not as pedestrian friendly for guest that don’t stay on Disney Property or wish to get out of the property for some Disney break.

  • This is great addition to Disneyland Resort. I am quite happy the Eastern Gateway is on halt. I just hope Disney and the Community of the Anaheim Resort can truly make negotiations to a better eastern access.

  • Please significantly increase the number of electric vehicle chargers. The increase from 20 to 70 was nice but even now, if I arrive midday on a Saturday it’s unlikely. More and more EVs on the road.

    Also, consider a charging attendant. Too many people park their cars there and don’t charge.

  • We always ride our bikes to Disneyland but the only bike parking is next to the ESPN Zone. Where will the bike racks be located once construction starts? Obviously Disneyland won’t want to be seen as eliminating an eco-friendly way to get to the park in exchange for parking, but I just want to make sure that the relocation of the bike racks isn’t something that was overlooked in this plan.

  • Are you sure this ins’t the new hotel? They look very similar? Does this mean that “Parking Structure” is the theme for the new hotel?

  • The new plans look to make some fantastic changes, but we often visit DTD just for dinner at Catal. The designated area for DTD looks awfully remote from the area? Are there plans for transportation or expedited routes?

  • I think this new parking structure is great! I just hope it will be built and ready to open around the time Star Wars Land opens; otherwise, the parking situation will be a nightmare. I wish the Harbor merchants would not have protested the Eastern Gateway, but at least this is a great solution to the parking situation and maybe that land for the Eastern Gateway can be used for something else.

  • will the amc movie theater, rainforest cafe , espn zone , and earl of sandwich will it all still be there at downtown disney with the new hotel ? i hope it wont go i love the movie theater and the restaurants at downtown disney

  • What about the eastern gateway project announced last year?

  • Does this mean the city won’t shut off the parking any more?

  • I wish you had DME out in California getting in from the airport is always such a hassle

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