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5 Unique Disney Vacation Club Accommodation Options

Amanda Adler

by , Public Relations Manager, Adventures by Disney

Have you ever dreamt of sleeping in the ultimate treehouse or craved the relaxation of vacationing in overwater tropical bungalow? All of these options and more are yours when you stay in Disney Vacation Club accommodations at Walt Disney World Resort. Which one do you want to stay in first?

Check out some of my favorite Disney Vacation Club accommodation options in this video!

Want to stay in all of these amazing accommodations? Disney Vacation Club Members can enjoy magical stays in outstanding Disney Vacation Club Resort accommodations year after year—and create special memories with family. ‘Tis the season to share the magic!


  • I agree with Barbara. We have gone to Disney 2-3 times a year since 2001. We finally became DVD members in 2010. This is the first time I had to forfeit points because there was no place for us to stay before they expired. We are such huge Disney fans. It irks me that there are websites not Disney related that can buy your points and use them like regular DVD members. I’ll let my points expire before selling out.

  • Barbara, I have never had a tough time getting any reservations and I am a planner. I do realize that there are times/seasons that are more difficult then others to plan for and possibly around but it’s never been a problem for me. I appreciate all that I get out of my DVC membership, and look forward to 2018, where I already have my BIG family trip planned again in July. This will be my sons last time in FL before he reports to duty elsewhere, so it will be a special time for the family to be together one last time before he and his family depart to parts unknown. DVC is making this a GREAT memory for all of us, thank you DVC, we all appreciate you!

  • Would love to stay at each of them would love to take my entire family to Disney..My mom 76 and would love for her to make it there someday she has always want to go. And my whole family would be hubby, 3 grown children, 3 spouses and six grandkids. Maybe someday I could plan a vacation for us all to stay. But would take a large place for 15-16 people. Love Disney last time was in 1998 and got in a wreck otw there.

  • The accommodations are nice and unique but unless they are your home resort forget even trying to get a reservation. They are booked before you are eligible to even make a reservation. It is getting harder and harder for members to stay at most of the resorts. I hear this from other members too every time we are at Disney World. As long time DVC members we are seeing more and more changes to the membership and not all for the better.

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