#DisneyFamilia: Inspírate en Moana Today and Every Day!

Sarah Domenech

by , Public Relations Manager

Moana’s adventurous style has become an inspiration for many fans out there since she first made her Disney debut.

And if you and your familia share her bold and daring spirit, here are a few ideas to re-create her characteristic look. No need to sail across the ocean in search for what to wear, since everything you need to be inspired by this fearless guerrera can be found at Disney Springs!

Head over to the kids section at ZARA, where you can find two essentials to create the outfit – this cute reddish top that is both stylish and comfortable, paired with these adorable beige/cream flats.

Next, visit LittleMissMatched to find these white shorts that give the look a unique twist.

Finally, no Moana-inspired ensemble would be complete without accessories…and a loyal best friend, of course! At World of Disney, you can find your own Moana necklace and Pua plush, that you can take with you wherever you go!

And listo! What can I say except… De nada! Meaning… You’re welcome!