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Lunar New Year Celebration Returns to Disney California Adventure Park, January 26 through February 18

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Kick off the Year of the Dog with the return of the popular Lunar New Year celebration at Disney California Adventure park! From January 26 through February 18, this spectacular celebration will feature live entertainment, delicious food and more. Take a look at the favorite experiences returning for this year’s celebration:

  • Hurry Home — Lunar New Year Celebration, a nighttime water show on Paradise Bay
  • Disney characters such as Mulan and her friend Mushu, along with Mickey Mouse and his pals, all dressed up for the occasion — including Goofy dressed as the God of Good Fortune
  • Specialty Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese foods at marketplaces and Paradise Garden Grill
  • Commemorative merchandise featuring designs inspired by the different cultures of East Asia
  • Lucky Wishing Wall, where you can add your own wish
  • The festive Mulan’s Lunar New Year Procession, traditional crafts and more!

Lunar New Year Celebration

Visit for more information, and celebrate the Year of the Dog with us during the Lunar New Year celebration at Disney California Adventure park, January 26 through February 18!


  • Lunar New Year is traditionally celebrated for 15 days, from the first day, which for 2018 lands on the 16th of Feb. and ends on the 2nd of March. As a Chinese, I was planning to go to DCA to celebrate Lunar New Year on the second week (Feb. 23-25), but it appears only 3 days will actually be within this time period and I won’t be able to make it that early. For 2017, there were actually 9 days that coincides with the Lunar New Year celebration. I’m disappointed that for 2018, there are only 3 days of which I will not be able to go. If Disney could set future schedules so that the Lunar New Year celebration coincides with the actual time frame, that would be great! It’s like January 1st, no one celebrates New Year one or two week in advance, they celebrate on the day of, so I’m not sure why Disney is doing this for Lunar New Year… doesn’t make sense.

  • I wish you would also celebrate this at Walt Disney World!

  • Yay! I had so much fun last year. Thank you for the update!!

  • Hi, Erin! I’m really looking forward to experiencing the Lunar New Year celebration for the first time. From what I heard, Hurry Home has played before World of Color in years past. Will the same be true this year, or will the Pixar Pier construction preclude the usual performances of World of Color? I had assumed WOC would not be running, but seeing that Hurry Home is running gives me hope. It’s going to be a great celebration regardless 🙂

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