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Mark Your Calendars For More Moonlight Magic in 2018

Ryan March

by , Editor, Disney Vacation Club’s Disney Files Magazine

Update: The Moonlight Magic event at Epcot originally scheduled for Monday, August 13 has been moved to Wednesday, August 15, 2018.

Members will enjoy more Moonlight Magic event dates than ever in 2018, with parties already confirmed for every month from January through November, with more dates still to come! To help you plan accordingly, Disney Vacation Club is pleased to share confirmed party and booking dates.

The confirmed slate includes the first Moonlight Magic events at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, where the highly anticipated Toy Story Land is scheduled to have made its playful debut by the time Members take over the park. Also confirmed is a return to Disney California Adventure park, where Paradise Pier is scheduled to have become Pixar Pier – headlined by the highly anticipated transformation of California Screamin’ into “The Incredibles”-inspired Incredicoaster!

Disney Vacation Club Moonlight Magic

Complimentary Moonlight Magic events invite Disney Vacation Club Members and special guests to turn Disney Parks into their own personal playgrounds at the end of the parks’ operating days. While attendees may get a jump start on the fun by mixing in with the regular crowd earlier in the evening, the real magic happens after the park has closed to the public. It’s then that privileged partiers discover shorter-than-usual wait times on popular attractions, meet off-the-beaten-path characters, enjoy complimentary refreshments, let loose at dance parties and more.

Here’s a look at the confirmed 2018 Moonlight Magic schedule, including the dates on which online reservations will open for each event:

  • Jan. 11 and 28, and Feb. 6 at Magic Kingdom Park
    (Booking begins for Members with Resort reservations on the event dates Dec 7. Pending availability, booking opens for all Members on Dec 21.)
  • March 21, April 17 and May 16 at Disney’s Animal Kingdom
    (Booking begins for Members with Resort reservations on the event dates Feb 8. Pending availability, booking opens for all Members on Feb 22.)
  • May 30 and June 11 at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park
    (Booking begins for Members with Resort reservations on the event dates April 19. Pending availability, booking opens for all Members on May 3.)
  • July 16 and Aug. 15 at Epcot
    (Booking begins for Members with Resort reservations on the event dates June 6. Pending availability, booking opens for all Members on June 20.)
  • Sept. 19 and 26, and Oct. 3 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios
    (Booking begins for Members with Resort reservations on the event dates Aug 30. Pending availability, booking opens for all Members on Sept. 13.)
  • Nov. 15 at Disney California Adventure Park
    (Booking begins for all Members on Oct. 4.)

Please note that, in order to allow as many Members as possible to enjoy Moonlight Magic, only one event date for each participating park will be available per Membership. Watch for additions to the Moonlight Magic event slate, as well as party hours and transportation information.

An R.S.V.P is required for these events. At least one valid Disney Vacation Club Membership Card with photo ID will be required for these experiences. Activities, entertainment and Characters are subject to change and these events are subject to cancellation in the event of inclement weather.


  • Does it matter which DVC Resort you are booked in to? We are actually staying at Vero Beach in July but would come up to Epcot if we could get reservations for the moonlight magic on the 16th July.

  • Hello, do you know if more dates will be released or is it just the dates that are listed. We are away August 4 – 12, 2018.

  • We just attended January’s Moonlight Magic at Magic Kingdom and want to say THANK YOU! What a beautiful (albeit rainy), fun, and generous gift for DVC members. Thanks again!!!

  • UGH! I am so bummed. I have 10 days booked at Beach Club that included the August 13th date, which is now changed to August 15th. No DVC availability to add on nights. Oh well, better luck next time. At least we’re getting to attend the May night in Animal Kingdom

  • I got a link in my email yesterday- was easily able to make reservations for this event…..we are DVC members, staying in AKL Kidani, 1/7-1/13

  • I didn’t get an email either. I just now called 800-800-9800, waited 15 minutes or so, and the rep talked me through the link and once I got in I made her stay with me just in case but it all worked fine. So if you call and don’t get the recording with the link, just stay on the line and they will help. BUT FIRST check your email. 🙂
    When I was done I asked her to repeat the link but she said she only told me it as a courtesy and she wouldn’t repeat it. So, I’m sorry I can’t post it here!

  • If you call the DVC number and punch in for memberservices there is an announcement telling you the link

  • Hi. We are also trying to book this event. We have reservations at SSR on the 27-29. I can’t get anyone on chat or phone. No email was sent to us today. Please help so we don’t miss this!

  • Somebody have the link???

  • Where is the reservation page???

  • We cannot get past the resort confirmation page. I am putting in the number just like it shows on MDE

  • We are having the same issue. Been trying to figure this out since 730 am. I called they said I need to go through the email the email that came does not have a linked if anyone knows please let us know how to sign up this is frustrating not magical

  • you have to have a live reservation for it.

  • I have a standing DVC booking for that time frame, no email here either. And no one has a clue what is going on.

  • Well we are in the same boat. I spoke to member services weeks ago about this. We have an existing reservation and have not received anything today via email where we can register so if you have not received the email, you’re not alone. No chat available via dvcmember and phone line busy. No link either anywhere on dvcmember site even though we have an active reservation at a Disney park. No idea what is going on here!

  • just was on hold for over an hour to be told its only by invitation that you will get an email to the link grrrrrrrrrrr

  • Does anyone have the link to RSVP.

  • Does ANYONE have an answer as to why RSVP’ing for Magic Kingdom event is not up and running. Nobody seems to be getting any answers just questions.

  • You need to look in your email for a special invitation to register. You cannot do it directly through the website.

  • I ran into many of the issues outlined below. Check the email account associated with your membership. An email was sent out today with a link to register.

  • No link, no chat, phone is busy-busy. How do we make reservations? Member Services told me it would be available under Member Benefits and More. There is a complete description of the event, but no instructions on how to sign up, other than it has to be done online. Grrrr!

  • Is the system down? No apparent way to make reservations this morning for moonlight magic?

  • I’m waiting for the RSVP page to appear. Did your system crashed? First time having a problem. I’m guessing we’re all wziting.

  • How do we book this? I rang and they said book online but no joy with finding it online!!

  • I’m trying today to RSVP but there’s no page online to do so and your phone line is busy to get any info.

  • Where is the reservation page

  • I am unable to sign up for this? I have a reservation with a Disney resort, so how can I RSVP?

  • Where do I rsvp for midnight magic.?

  • I am looking for the link to sign up for the 1/28/18 MK Moonlight Magic and I do not see it. Can you please let me know where it would be located at?
    Thank you.

  • Where do I RSVP for the moonlight magic event on 1/11/18 at MK? Do I call or can I do it on the vacation club website?

  • Where do I RSVP for the January event? Do I log in at the Disney Vacation Club site or call member services? Thank you!

  • Hi Do we need to call to sign up or can we do it on the website?

  • @ Lynelle and Christina – The date on the DVC site for the 8th is for an after hours event. This is not the same as the Moonlight Magic event. Moonlight Magic is not on the DVC calendar yet.

  • My wife and I are DVC members and will staying at SSR on 1/28. My daughter and two of our granddaughters are coming with us. Can we bring them even though they’re not members but staying with us?

  • How many people can attend per Membership?

  • There are discrepancies between these dates and the dates on the event calendar on the DVC website. We need accurate dates so that we can plan accordingly.

  • Having a resort reservation on one of the event dates, how many guests per DVC membership can I bring to the Moonlight Magic event?

  • Can someone please verify the dates listed above. You state Magic Kingdom is February 7, 2018 BUT the DVC website states Feb. 8, 2018. We just moved our vacation over by one day to enjoy this on the 7th only to find it’s the 8th??!!! Which is it??

  • We arrive on Jan 11, where can I find more information, or when can I find information, specifically as to the time of the event. We do not arrive until 6 pm, so not sure that we would get to this event on time. Thank you.

  • We Are Checking out on the party night, would we still be able to book as ” Members with Resort reservations ” ?

  • I also have a resort reservation 1/28/18 and would like to sign up 12/7 for the event in the MK. Can you provide the info. as how to do this. Also is there any cost for this event? Thanks I am looking forward to the event.

  • I think we should have two events in California. One at Disneyland and one at California Adventure

  • More than one date in California would be awesome…please work on making DVC more magical to this end of the US 🙂 super grateful but would love to see more events and opportunities for Disneyland goers.

  • I was wondering where the link would be to sign up on 12/7 for the 1/28/18 event in the MK. I have a resort reservation for that date so I know I’d be eligible to try for a spot. Thanks!

  • Hi where can we sign up for one of these is there a link?
    Thank you!

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