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Disney Parks After Dark: ‘IllumiNations’ For The Holidays

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Tonight’s “Disney Parks After Dark” image depicts the park’s nighttime show, “Illuminations: Reflections of Earth,” as seen from the edge of World Showcase.

During this time of year, the park is filled with beautiful holiday decor, including the park’s signature Christmas tree, shown above.

What location is your favorite to watch “Illuminations” from? Tell us in the comments section below.


  • Favorite location? We have many! For a different perspective we’ll hang out at the top of the stairs in Canada to take in a wider view of the show.
    To be more immersed in it, one of the viewing areas (if available) between the UK and France is excellent, as well as the bridge.
    But one of our absolute favorites is Italy. Once IllumiNations is over we wait a bit, then take a slow stroll out enjoying the music and the beauty of Epcot at night.

  • I usually watch from near the Mexico pavilion, but have been VERY fortunate in taking the Illumination Cruise from the Yacht Club, where the boat captain takes you on a tour from there to Hollywood Studios, then back to Epcot, parks under the International Gateway bridge between the England and France pavilions (I suggested to our captain that they call it the “English Channel,” but he balked at the idea), and it was a FANTASTIC spot from which to watch the show. Plus, snacks and drinks are included for up to 10 people (there were 9 of us, so it worked out great).

    But if neither of those options work out, I like to watch from the Japan pavilion, which usually has a more sparse crowd, and watching it through that arch is pretty magical in and of itself, even when other people are in front of you.

    I have no information as to how long this show will be there, but…it’s been there since about 1999. So it may be due for a re-Imagineering (I don’t WANT it to be due for one, but…times change, and so do Disney theme park shows). But when this show DOES go away, I will be very sad (and also very excited to see what replaces it, as long as it’s not some new fireworks show based on Fox properties like The Simpsons instead of celebrating the ideals behind the World Showcase).

  • We like to watch it along the lake in Germany, right after eating an apple strudel!

    • LOVE the apple strudel!

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