#DisneyParksLIVE: Replay Our New Year’s Eve Fireworks Live Stream

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Our New Year’s Eve broadcast of “Fantasy in the Sky” fireworks has just concluded – but please share in the good cheer of the New Year by watching the replay below.

Tonight’s New Year’s Eve celebration featured a special performance of “Fantasy in the Sky” fireworks. The show features songs from some of the most beloved Disney films, including “Peter Pan,” “Pinocchio” and “Aladdin,” as well as favorite songs from attractions like “it’s a small world” and The Haunted Mansion. Be on the lookout for a special New Year’s Eve finale.

Do you hope to visit a Disney park in 2018? Tell us in the comments section below or share it with us on Twitter with the hashtag #DisneyParksLIVE.


  • I’ll be watching from Berwick, NovaScotia, Canada. In the snowed in Annapolis Valley

  • We will be watching from Gurabo, Puerto Rico. Happy New Year! 😘

  • We’ll be watching from Pittsburgh, PA. Can’t wait! Happy New Year!

  • Excited to be watching from Livermore, Iowa!! Wishing we were there! 💕🎉

  • Watching from NJ! It’s freezing here, I can’t wait for my next trip!

  • Will be watching from Edmond, OK.

  • I’ll be watching from Tampa, FL and wishing for the year I can actually be there on New Year’s. This is our third year watching the live stream.

  • Assuming I can stay awake…Regina, Saskatchewan, a nice way to relive my trip from 2 weeks ago!

  • We will be watching from Lincolnshire, UK. Happy New Year to all 💖

  • I will be watching from Santa Fe, New Mexico. Happy New Year!

  • Watching it from South San Francisco, CA with the Family.
    Looking forward to our Disneyland trip in 2018. Dreaming of another Disney Cruise in the future.

  • Watching from Bowie, MD tonight. Wishing we were there!!

  • Watching from Raleigh, NC, USA! 18 more days ’til my 50th Bday with MICKEY!

  • Will be watching from Albuquerque,NM with my wife and 2 sons. We will be going to disneyland september 2018!! and it will be our boys first time going to disneyland

  • Watching from Phoenix, Arizona! Just got back from WDW and had a magical time! Planning our next trip to Disneyland in 2018!!

  • Watching from 12 miles away! Kissimmee, Florida. 🙂

  • Happy New Year all!! We will be watching from the beach in Galveston, Texas (an island in the Gulf of Mexico).

  • We are ready to watch from Milton, Delaware! It’s our 3rd year watching and the kids can’t wait! Happy New Year!! And thanks for keeping this going!

  • We’ll be watching from Vero Beach, we’re on Passholder Blackout dates.

  • I will be watching from Puerto Rico!!! Hopefully the battery will last until then. Still without electricity over here! 😄

  • Watching from Oklahoma. Our kids are on their honeymoon there. Today is their 1st day! So excited!

  • From home near Hartford, CT.

  • I will be watching from Cinderella’s castle! I would like to see the return of a nighttime parade at Magic Kingdom this year!

  • Watching from frigid Roanoke, VA. I hope this also will be available for playback tomorrow so kids can watch.

  • Will be watching from Italy and missing WDW so much !!!

  • I’ll actually be working at Magic Kingdom tonight, but my husband will be livestreaming the fireworks from Four Corners.

  • Will be watching with mouse spouse from Springfield, Massachusetts. We just left home 2 weeks ago. And it is now 2 degrees, starting to feel like Olaf.

  • I will be watching from Ontario Canada wishing and dreaming of my next Disney trip

  • Watching from Colorado Springs! Is it 11:45pm EST?

  • From my home in Jacksonville, Fl!

  • We will be watching from Miami FL. Wishing you all a magical and blessed New Year!

  • We’ll be watching from Adelaide, Australia. 🇦🇺

    Looking forward to being back there soon!! Have a Happy New Year!

  • I’ll be watching from Newport, RI!

  • We will be watching from the comfort of our living room here in Jacksonville, FL!

  • I will be watching from Cincinnati, OH!

  • I will be watching from Stourport UK

  • Hi Guys Happy New Years already from Australia will be watching have a great 2018

  • Watching from San Antonio, Texas

  • I will try and wake up in time to watch live from Stockholm, Sweden. It will be 6 AM here in Sweden then 🙂

  • Celebration, Fl

  • My family and I will be watching from Plano Texas 😁😁😁 see you in March Mickey

  • Gonna be watching from work a nurse’s job is never done. Orange Park, Florida

  • Watching from Waltham, MA!

  • I will be watching from Fort Atkinson Wisconsin. Can’t wait to be there in 20 days🎉

  • Going to try to watch from Auckland, New Zealand 🇳🇿🇳🇿

  • Watching from Winona, MS, while visiting family!

  • We’ll be watching from Littleton, Colorado!

  • Watching from Campinas, São Paulo – Brazil. Second time in a row.

  • Watching from Kalamazoo, Michigan

  • We will be watching from St Charles, Illinois

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