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First Look: New MagicBand 2 Colors Introduced at Walt Disney World Resort

Erika Jarvis

by , Project Manager, MagicBands

It’s been quite the year for MagicBands at Walt Disney World Resort, with the resort-wide rollout of the versatile and easily customizable MagicBand 2, the addition of the super convenient MagicKeeper accessories and an assortment of popular new limited and open edition designs. As we continue to expand this innovative wearable, we’re very excited to share a first look at two open edition MagicBands featuring new highly-requested colors that will soon be available for purchase online and wherever MagicBands are sold throughout the Resort.

The first new MagicBand is a solid-color millennial pink, the fashion-forward, trendy shade of pink that continues to grow in popularity. If you’re not familiar with this particular color, its hue is a delicate, softer pink, and we’re already hearing wonderful feedback from guests about this product. The band retails for $12.99 and will debut on Jan. 8. This new MagicBand color is a great addition to the already popular rose-gold Minnie Ears.

The second new color is brown and will first be featured in a fun new design starring the Seven Dwarfs from the Disney classic “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” The design includes the whole gang – Bashful, Doc, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, and Sneezy – as well as a few diamonds dug from their famous mine. Guests will have the opportunity to purchase this fun, new MagicBand, selling for $22.99, beginning Dec. 18.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs MagicBand

These colors join the new solid-color black MagicBand, which we released last month, offering guests even more choices for how they want to unlock the magic of their Disney vacation. As always, these MagicBands connect the vacation choices and purchases guests make in My Disney Experience – from effortless theme-park entry to Disney PhotoPass association, dining plan redemption, room entry and more. And as a reminder, with the MagicBand 2 design, you are able to remove the center icon to mix and match colors and create multi-color bands or take advantage of one of the MagicKeeper accessories to give you even more options on how to wear the magic.

Stay tuned to the Disney Parks Blog for the latest information and future announcements about new MagicBand releases. We’re already planning even more exciting bands and colors for 2018, and we can’t wait to share what we have in store for you.


  • is there any tie dye bands? my daughters are dying to get one that is tie dye for our upcoming trip in a couple weeks

  • Hi my husband wants a camoflage magicband. Where can I get one and can I link it to our account.

    • Hi Amy, as of right now there are no Camouflage MagicBands for sale. Continue to keep an eye on Shop Disney for all of the new designs available for purchase!

  • I’m travelling from the UK, and cannot get these delivered to me as I am out of the US. Is there any way to purchase these now and have them waiting for us at the Hotel when we arrive?

    • HI Matt, Unfortunately no. However, no fear there should be plenty of Millennial Pink MagicBands for purchase when you arrive! Safe travels!

  • Hello. I recently renewed my annual pass and noticed that neither the black or the rose gold magic bands were an option to select. Is there a reason why? Should I wait before selecting and customizing my band? Thank you

    • Hi Amarilly, both the Black and Millennial Pink MagicBand are not available as a complimentary color sections for our Passholders or Resort Guests. These MagicBands are only available for purchase.

  • Okay here’s my question… if I purchase magic bands and then purchase tickets, can I link the tickets to the bands?

    • Sure thing, Kimberly! You’ll link both the ticket and your MagicBand to your My Disney Experience account…from their they will be linked and you’ll be ready to plan your Disney day!

  • Hi. We are staying at the Swan so need to purchase bands. Looking for colors: blue, orange, yellow and hot pink. Unable to find half of these colors at Shop Disney as either sold out or only sold in store. I don’t wish to pay multiple shipping charges if I were to purchase two now and wait for the other two to come back in stock. What do you suggest I do? Thanks.

    • Hi Megan! Sorry to hear you’re having a hard time, I would suggest looking at both Shop Disney online and the Shop Disney Parks app to see if your preferred colors are in stock. If you’d rather, upon arrival stop by the Disney Planning Center at the Swan and Dolphin Resort, all of our solid color MagicBands are sold there as well!

  • I would like to purchase my Disney bands and have them linked before we enter.
    Can I purchase them offsite prior to arrival at the main gate???

    • Hi Robyn! Absolutely, you are able to purchase any of our MagicBands via or our Shop Disney App or even at select locations throughout Disney Springs. You can link MagicBands to a My Disney Experience account and then link a ticket once you arrive to the park.

  • I don’t think it is fair to annual passholders renewing their passes not having access to the new colors. We are a permanent part of the Disney family and resort guests – also important – always get perks we don’t have access to (e.g. early fast pass scheduling, new bands colors etc.). This is my complaint.

    • Hi Rodrigo! For all of our Guests receiving complimentary MagicBands (Passholders, Guest staying at a Walt Disney World Resort) there are only 8 colors to choose from. From time to time we introduce new solid colors (Black, Pink, etc.) for retail only.

  • Hi I was just wondering if the magic bands online are the only ones available or would there be more options when we get to the parks/Orlando? Thank you very much.

    • Hi Parker! We do have some MagicBands that are exclusive to the Parks and not sold online.

  • Hi there! Is there any way to find out if a new Incredibles Magic band will be available to celebrate the new release of the Incredibles movie this summer? My son would be very interested in one!

    • Hi Jennifer! Keep coming back to the Blog for more updates on what new releases are scheduled and for when!

  • Hi there, I was just wondering when the millennial pink or the black will be able to be ordered when booking a Hotel on property!? I’m going March 3rd

    • Hi Siobhan, currently there are no plans for the Millennial Pink or Black MagicBand to be part of our complimentary set of MagicBands, they are only available in a retail capacity online and in select stores throughout Walt Disney World resort.

  • Hi
    I am in the uk and not travelling till July will the 2018 Mickey magic band be sold throught the year? thanks

    • Paul, which Mickey MagicBand are you referencing? Is it our new I Am Mickey? If so, it’s currently available online and should be here when you arrive in July!

  • Okay Everyone, I caved!

    Just bought a couple of the new Milennial Pink on Shop Disney.

    I have been checking. This is the first time I have seen them there.

    So perfect for our Spring Break mother/daughter trip!!

    Now I need to figure out how to link everything.

    Happy hunting!!

    • Hi Ann I’m so glad you like your new Millennial Pink MagicBand! If you go to the MagicBand and Cards page of My Disney Experience you’ll be able to link this new MagicBand when it arrives to your account. Enjoy!

  • Hi, How often do you all restock colors? I don’t see this pink on the online store and the red magic band is sold out. We will be out there in March.

    • Hi Monica! We are always working hard to replenish our MagicBand inventory and just today our Millennial Pink MagicBand debuted online and in the Shop Disney Parks app!

  • Hello.. is the millennial pink limited edition? I am going in early March. Will they still be available in stores March 1st or is it possible for them to no longer be available?

    • Hi Joana! The Millennial Pink MagicBand is not an open edition, you’ll be able to find this MagicBand wherever solid colors are sold, and they will still be here in March!

  • Going in October. If I buy now, I’ll still be able to use that far away? Or will a “new” or “updated” band replace what is currently being used today? Should I wait to purchase until it is closer to October? I wish this was available with the bands that are provided with the package!

    • Hi Cynthia! If you purchase this MagicBand now it will certainly work with your reservation this fall. Just remember to link it to your My Disney Experience account when it arrives! Have a great vacation.

  • Was I mistaken or did I see a comment saying that it would be available on the Shop Disney Parks app by Jan 8th? I’m trying to purchase it and I cant find it. PLEASE HELP

    • Hi Marisel! Expect to see this new MagicBand on the Shop Disney Parks app beginning next week.

  • Select stores??? You said they would be available for purchase online as well on January 8th!

    • Hi Todd, this new color debuted on January 8 in our retail locations and coming soon to our online store!

  • Still not available???

  • Where are they.. the release date was 1/8 & they’re nowhere to be found!! 😩

    • Hi Denise! These MagicBands are available in select stores throughout Walt Disney World Resort where solid MagicBands are sold!

  • Has the light pink band been released? Is it available on the shop Disney Parks app?

    • Vanna, yes this MagicBand went on sale yesterday in retail locations wherever solid MagicBands are sold such as World of Disney. Stay tuned as it will be available online in the next coming days!

  • Ok. So on you comment responses you say the band can be ordered online. But I have been trying to purchase this and can’t seem to find it anywhere. How do I purchase this online?

    • Hi Maira, We’re launching the band first in stores throughout Walt Disney World, you can expect to see the MagicBand pop up online in the next few days.

  • Hi! Where will the pink magic band be available to purchase. Planning on going the 8th to get it in case it sells out

    • HI Diana, they are currently for sale wherever solid MagicBands are sold. In the coming days you’ll be able to purchase these online as well!

  • I am very excited for the Millennial Pink! Counting down the days until it is January 8th. Is there a way the magic band could sell out on the 8th? If so, how long before it becomes restocked? I am making a trip down in February.

    • Hi Kylie! January 8 is almost here. We’re working hard to make sure everyone will have the opportunity to purchase this MagicBand whether in stores or online. Enjoy your trip and don’t forget to show off your MagicBand!

  • So will the pink be an option when booking your vacation or will you have to buy the pink one separate?

    • Hi Sarah, this new Millennial Pink will only be available in retail locations throughout Walt Disney World, online and on the Shop Disney Parks app. At this time there are no plans to add it in to customization flow in My Disney Experience.

  • Please make the millennial pink available for resort stays or ap selections. We spend so much at Disney, I can’t spend additional money on something I get for free.

  • Pink’s a nice addition but personally I’m more excited about the brown.

    • Nancy, the brown is a great addition to any MagicBand collection!

  • Keeping my fingers crossed this becomes available as an option for my May 2018 reservation! Who knows, I just might “splurge” for the $12.99! 😉

  • I so hope My Disney Experience and MagicBands come to Disneyland in California.

  • Will the solid pink and the solid black magicbands be added as an option for resort guests to select when customizing their magicband? LOVE the pink one and would love to be able to choose it for my upcoming trip!

    • Hi Sydney! I am so glad you love the Millennial Pink MagicBand as much as I do. As of right now, both this new color and solid Black are only available in a retail option.

  • Erika, will this new pink be a color choice when making reservations and staying at a WDW property? I LOVE it! Coming in March and hope to get this!

    • Hi Elizabeth, trust me when I tell you the color is even prettier in person! As of now, we’re only selling this MagicBand in a retail capacity. However, you’ll be able to purchase the MagicBand online and through the Shop Disney Parks app prior to your arrival in March beginning January 8.

  • Will the pink be available as a band for our stays at WDW reservations? Curious if black will be an option too. Thank you in advance.

    • HI Liz, currently we’re only selling both of these MagicBands from a retail perspective. You’ll be able to purchase both colors in stores where MagicBands are sold as well as online and through the Shop Disney Parks app.

  • Welcome to the blog Ms. Erika!

    • Thanks, Skip!

  • Will the new pink be a choice when choosing a magicband for a new annual pass?

    • Hi Emily, as of now the Millennial Pink will not be an option for Guests to select on My Disney Experience.

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