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Adventures in Bonaire with Disney Cruise Line

A new port of call for Disney Cruise Line, the island of Bonaire in the Netherland Antilles is a spectacular destination whose name means “coral reef” in Dutch. Its reef-lined coast lures water-sport enthusiasts for scuba diving, snorkeling, windsurfing and kiteboarding. Plus, this tropical haven is lined with pastel stucco houses in pinks, oranges and greens, beautiful Caribbean architecture and churches, making for an enjoyable day of exploring. Here a few of my suggestions for ways to experience the island…

Samur Sail, Beach and Snorkel – This Caribbean adventure begins aboard a historic Siamese ship, the Samur. As you sail towards the uninhabited island of Klein Bonaire, the ship’s captain and crew will share the history behind the Siamese sailing boat and fascinating facts about the reef. Once at the island, you’ll have the chance to snorkel, swim or simply unwind on the pristine white sand.

ATV East Coast Off-Road Experience – Those of you looking for excitement won’t want to miss this off-roading adventure on the island’s east coast. You’ll experience the rugged terrain of the Washikemba Reservoir, where you may see wild donkeys, goats and iguanas. After a short stop at the Spelonk Lighthouse, the easternmost point of Bonaire, your adventure continues as you explore the Bolivia Caves, one of Bonaire’s many caves.

VIP Island Tour with Exquisite Beach Residence and Lunch – During this VIP excursion, experience Bonaire’s historic locales in a small group with a knowledgeable tour guide. You’ll see the island’s highlights, such as Goto Lake with its elegant flamingos, historic Rincon village, the viewpoint of Seru Largu and the impressive salt flats and slave huts. Then, relax at the beach and enjoy a light lunch with breathtaking views over the bay.

The Disney Wonder will visit Bonaire for the first time on February 1 during one of our special Southern Caribbean cruises from San Juan. Remember, when the ship’s in port, venture ashore!


  • WE JUST GOT BACK! We were on the Wonder and we were the first Disney cruise ship to go to Bonaire. It was the inaugural visit! From the moment we got off the boat we were impressed with the island. It was spotless. Very LITTLE garbage, and everything just seemed clean and pleasant. We went diving and loved it. The coral reef and the marine life won’t disappoint. As we left port, people crowded the streets for the send off, and many of the characters were on deck 4 waving good bye. And of course, the boat was blaring its horn with it’s Disney tune! It was fun to be the first ones to go, and I plan to return.

  • Looks amazing!!

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