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Happy National Plan for Vacation Day

Ryan March

by , Editor, Disney Vacation Club’s Disney Files Magazine

A recent “Project: Time Off” study by the U.S. Travel Association found that 54 percent of Americans don’t use all of their vacation time each year, leaving 659 million paid vacation days a year unused. Asked last fall if they had requested any earned time off for upcoming vacations, 48 percent of surveyed workers answered, “no.”

I share these sad statistics today on National Plan for Vacation Day, not to judge these under-vacationed Americans, but rather to admit that I’m regretfully among them.

That’s why my New Year’s resolution for 2018 is to take more vacation, peeling away more frequently from the job I love to spend more quality time with the people I love (not that I don’t love my coworkers, who are perfectly lovable people). After all, countless common-sense studies have illustrated that, the more people vacation, the happier they are in both their professional and personal lives. Plus, honey-roasted peanuts always taste better at 30,000 feet.

Of course, I’m preaching to the proverbial choir here, as Disney Vacation Club Members consistently demonstrate their commitment to vacationing, with a whopping 95 percent dedicating time each year to planning a future vacation. Illustrating the importance of Disney Vacation Club Membership to that commitment, 62 percent of surveyed Members said that they’ve vacationed more frequently since becoming part of our magical community.

Our Members, and their collective commitment to vacationing, are my inspiration for the New Year.

So whether you spend this National Plan for Vacation Day dreaming up a family vacation, a couple’s getaway or an extended family reunion, and whether your vacation plans take you just around the river bend from Magic Kingdom Park to Copper Creek Villas & Cabins at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, around the neighborhood to other great Disney Vacation Club Resorts, across the sea with Disney Cruise Line, around the world with Adventures by Disney or RCI, or to any of the thousands of destinations at your fingertips, all of us at Disney Vacation Club thank you – and the people you love thank you – for making vacations a priority.

Learn more about National Plan for Vacation Day and access a handy vacation-planning tool online at www.ProjectTimeOff.com/Plan.


  • RCI? Nice post though, Americans work too much. And Disney is the perfect antidote!

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