New Retail MagicBands and MagicKeeper Colors Kicking Off 2018

Erika Jarvis

by , Project Manager, MagicBands

Recently, I announced two new MagicBand colors coming to Walt Disney World Resort, and we are already seeing great excitement from guests who are wearing them around the theme parks. I wanted to share another sneak peek at new MagicBands that are set to release in January, and a few more that have launched over the past few days.

With the introduction of MagicBand 2, Guests now have the opportunity to make their MagicBand truly customizable by swapping out the center icon and placing it in a different color MagicBand or even one of our popular MagicKeeper accessories. With the debut of the I Am Mickey MagicBand, we have taken care of the customization for you. This item pays homage to Mickey Mouse in a new and sleek way with a black MagicBand and yellow center icon. This first ever pre-customized MagicBand is currently available for $22.99 wherever MagicBands are sold.

For the Aladdin and Jasmine admirers out there, our latest Limited Edition MagicBand for the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday depicts the couple on their moonlit carpet ride over Agrabah. This teal MagicBand is now available with an edition size of 2,400 and retails for $32.99.

You may have noticed over the past year some of your favorite attractions now have their very own MagicBand such as The Pirates of the Caribbean and The Seas with Nemo and Friends. Beginning Jan. 15, thrill seekers and fans of Expedition Everest at Disney’s Animal Kingdom will be able to purchase a red MagicBand complete with icons and patches representative of this train ride through the Himalayan Mountains. This Limited Release MagicBand will retail for $27.99 and be available in stores only.

Limited Release MagicBand - Expedition Everest Limited Release MagicBand - Expedition Everest

Also, this month, in honor of the theatrical release of 101 Dalmatians in 1961, we’ll be releasing our first-ever MagicBand to feature Pongo, Perdita and a few of those famous paw prints. This white MagicBand will be available Jan. 22 online and in select retail locations throughout the Walt Disney World Resort on Jan. 26 and retail for $22.99.

Limited Release MagicBand - Expedition Everest Limited Release MagicBand - Expedition Everest

Lastly, I am so excited to share with you that we have launched three new colors to our current MagicKeeper line: blue, pink and purple. These MagicKeepers allow even more customization as Guests can swap icon colors to create new, fun looks. As always, these MagicBands and MagicKeepers continue to allow guests to connect the vacation choices they make in My Disney Experience – from effortless theme-park entry, to Online Check-In, Disney PhotoPass association and more.


Stay tuned to the Disney Parks Blog for the latest information and future announcements about new MagicBand releases. There are so many new, exciting things just around the corner and I can’t wait to share them with you!


  • Hi Erika, thanks for the great info.

    I’m interested in getting a Genie Magicband for me and a Belle Magicband for my wife to celebrate our first ever trip (and honeymoon) at Disney World this coming November. I was told you can actually pick a design and customize the band with words, names, etc in addition to the graphic if you buy the Magicbands at the stores in the parks. Is that true? Is there more than one Genie and Belle design to choose from at parks in addition to the pre-made ones you can buy online? Either way, would you recommend waiting to buy them at the park so we can customize them with names, etc on the outer band?

    Any and all info is truly appreciated! Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Hayden! Great choice of characters for your MagicBands! Our designs at the MagicBand on Demand locations are ever changing so I’m not sure if they’ll be here in November. However, if you are interested in this route there will be tons of characters, graphics and more to choose from when you arrive. Have a wonderful honeymoon and congrats!

  • we are staying on property this summer and love the fun magic bands. Can you order them and have shipped like usual or are we stuck with just the regular colors to choose from?

    • Hi Julie! For Guest’s staying on property you have the option to choose from one of the eight solid colors as a complimentary MagicBand. You can also purchase a MagicBand from Shop Disney in advance and link that to your My Disney Experience account and use it for the length of your stay! Have a great trip!

  • I ordered the Tinker Bell Magic band and received it today. Tinker Bell is my all-time favorite Disney character but there doesn’t seem to be alot of Tinker Bell merchandise. I’ve looked all over the internet for anything Tinker Bell and the choices are somewhat limited. Is Disney planning to release any new Tinker Bell merchandise in the near future?

    • Karen, I’m so happy to hear you like the MagicBand. Keep checking Shop Disney to see what new merchandise is coming out and as always keep reading the Disney Parks Blog!

  • Hi can you tell me what these bands are used for, I’m going to Disney in a couple of weeks! I’m interested!

    • Hi Terese! MagicBands unlock the Magic of a Disney vacation. Once linked to your My Disney Experience account, they are connected to your park tickets, FastPass+ selections and if you are staying at one of our Disney Resorts you can use your MagicBand to unlock your resort door and so much more!

  • Is there It’s A Small World Magic Band.

    • Hi Matt. Currently we do not have a it’s a small world MagicBand for sale in our retail locations. However, you can visit one of our MagicBand on Demand locations (Disney Springs or Magic Kingdom) and they may have the art you are looking for!

  • Hi! This is very exciting news. But I have a question – I need to purchase a few regular colors but they seem to be missing or sold out. They were there less than a week ago when I was browsing. Help! 🙂

    • Hi Kaitlin! Thanks for stopping by, I would suggest checking out the Pin Traders location in Disney Springs as they often have quite a lot of our solid MagicBands on hand. Or you can check out Good luck! 🙂

  • Are there any Donald Duck magicbands available? That is my husband’s favorite and we will be visiting early May 2018. Thanks!

    • Hi Erin, as of right now we don’t have a Donal Duck MagicBand for sale. However, you can visit one of our MagicBand on Demand locations and they may have the art on file; and if they do you can purchase one to be printed on site!

  • I’m looking for an Ariel magic band. Can I purchase one online. We are going in Oct to attend the Mickey Not so Scary Halloween.

    • Hi Paula! Yes, we just released a new blue Ariel MagicBand featuring her favorite ‘under the sea’ friends. You can purchase it now online and on our Shop Disney Parks app.

  • Do we know if the Aladdin and Jasmine Magic band has any special sounds? It seems not to, but that is contrary to normal LE bands for the same price…

    • HI Christina! Yes, all of our Limited Edition MagicBands have a surprise and delight feature at select touchpoints across Walt Disney World.

  • I have been looking for the Everest magicband since Monday the 15 in parks. I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Has the release date been changed?

    • Hi Andrew! You should be able to find this MagicBand at a few select locations throughout property such a Pin Traders in Disney Springs and even the Serka Zong Bazaar in Asia at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park!

  • Will the Everest magicband be available online today? I don’t see in the in the ShopParks app or shopDisney!

    • Hi Emily! Unfortunately, this MagicBand will only be available in select retail locations throughout Walt Disney World and not online!

  • Where Can I get the Alladin magic band? Has it been released yet?

    • HI Helene! Yes the Aladdin and Jasmine Limited Edition MagicBand has been released in multiple retail locations throughout Walt Disney World.

  • High can you tell me if there is going to be any future plans for new watch sliders for the magic bands please. The 2 that are available are not what I would use on my magic band would like a more grown up watch slider Regards Carl

    • HI Carl, I have not heard of any plans as of yet but if we do, we’ll post about it here on the blog!

  • Does the Mickey band come with the yellow Magic Band insert?

    • Yes, the I Am Mickey MagicBand is a black band with a yellow icon!

  • Hi I read the new millennial pink would be available online but I’ve had no luck finding it. Will it be sold online? Thx

    • Hi Lisa! You can expect this MagicBand to make it’s online debut beginning January 15!

  • Why doesn’t Disneyland use the Magic Bands? They’re so cute!

  • Will the Aladdin/Jasmine MB be available on the app? Would love to buy it for my Spring trip. Thank you!!

    • Hi Liz! The Valentine’s Day Limited Edition MagicBand feature Aladdin and Jasmine went live on the Shop Disney Parks app today!

  • When will the new MagicKeepers be avaliable please? And will they be on the shop app?

    • Hi Tracy! The MagicKeepers are currently available in select locations throughout Walt Disney World, such as the Pin Trader’s location in Disney Springs. Stay tuned to the Shop Disney Parks app for when they will be available online!

  • I wonder when it’ll be available in a solid?

    • Hi Anita! As of right now we don’t have plans to launch a solid Teal MagicBand but you never know! 😉

  • Yeah!!!!! Teal!

  • Where exactly can I purchase the Valentine limited edition band and when? We will be at magic kingdom on v-day!

    • Elizabeth, you should be able to find this Limited Edition MagicBand at The Emporium at Magic Kingdom along with other locations wherever MagicBands are sold.

  • Yeeeessssss! #AllTheMagicBands I ordered the new Mickey “customized” one last week. I love it! There are so many cool options happening lately! My collection is growing quickly…now I may just have to buy some new Disney shirts to better coordinate my outfits for my upcoming trip! Lol! 🙂

    • Donald, I love your hashtag…it is perfect! I hope you enjoy your new I Am Mickey MagicBand and keep coming back…you never know what we’ll announce next!

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