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Celebrate Villaintine’s Day With This Lucifer and Gus Gus from “Cinderella” Wallpaper

Simone Miranda

by , Creative Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Hope you are having a viciously good Villaintine’s Day!.

Enjoy the perfect couple for this wicked holiday – Lucifer and Gus Gus – in this Valentine’s-in-reverse wallpaper! Brittany Ungvarsky shows this famously evil cat “helping” his little “friend.”

Lucifer and Gus Gus, wallpaper

Simply click on the image above and you’ll be able to find a size for your desktop/mobile device. Be sure to check out the terms of use about using the wallpaper before you download it. Want to check out other designs? Visit our complete gallery of wallpapers here.


  • Just a head’s up – The two largest sizes for the Mobile version of the 2018 Valentine’s Day wallpaper featuring the Evil Queen show up as the Arts Festival wallpaper. I had to download one of the smaller sizes to get the right image.

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