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Cooking Up The Magic: A Magical Moment at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

Alex Dunlap

by , Food & Beverage Communications Coordinator

Recently, a very special guest visited Walt Disney World Resort. Winter, a 14-year-old Make-A-Wish child, wished to return to Walt Disney World Resort to prepare a meal with Chef Jeff Moore, a sous chef at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, who had a remarkable impact on her. Winter and her family met Moore during a 2012 family vacation when he came by the family’s table to assist with her dietary restrictions, talking her through alternative meal options that fit her needs.

To Chef Jeff, he was just doing his job. But to Winter, this was a life-changing experience.

After that vacation, Winter became enamored with the culinary arts, and it was her wish to come back and cook with the very chef who inspired her during that vacation. So when Winter and her family visited Walt Disney World Resort just a few weeks ago, thanks to the some dedicated Cast Members, Chef Jeff was able make that wish come true. During her visit, Winter was able to reunite with her favorite chef, where together they made spring rolls with a peanut dipping sauce at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort; and we put together a special video to share their heartwarming story with you.

Featured with the dish they created was a peanut sauce that can be found in many of the dishes at ‘Ohana. The sauce is commonly served with appetizers such as Pork Dumplings and Honey-Coriander Chicken Wings and is even drizzled on several of the restaurant’s signature skewers. For Winter’s dish, they paired the sauce with spring rolls. We wanted to share this recipe with you, so that you could enjoy it just like she did!

Recipe Pin for Peanut Sauce from ‘Ohana at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort


  • What a special day for both Winter and Chef Jeff. Thanks so much for sharing this – and for keeping the magic alive!

  • Is there an alternative version (sunflower-based?) for peanut-allergic guests?

  • To chef Jeff, Disney, make a wish, and anyone else who made all this possible thank you so much. Our family had a amazing time. Cooking with chef Jeff was a memorable experience. Disney and make a wish may you be able to continue to make wishes come true. Chef Jeff thank you for your inspiration and motivation. To those who have the pleasure of working beside chef Jeff embrace all he has to share with you. You just never know the impact your words and actions can have on someone.

  • Okay so first, that’s an insanely more involved recipe than I would have guessed. Kudos to Chef Jeff and to Winter!

    Second, I can’t even imagine what Jeff must have felt when he was told that someone’s Make A Wish was to visit and work with him. What an amazing feeling it must be to know that you’ve had such an impact on someone’s life!

  • This is amazing, awesome work. I can’t wait to try this.

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