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Enhanced Dining Experience Coming to Be Our Guest Restaurant

Alex Dunlap

by , Food & Beverage Communications Coordinator

Our culinary teams are always looking for new ways to bring exquisite and delicious cuisine to our guests, and they have done just that with a brand-new dining experience at Magic Kingdom Park! Starting this summer, Be Our Guest Restaurant will offer an enhanced prix fixe dinner menu that boasts a variety of delectable French-inspired dishes and new offerings. This unique experience will make you feel like royalty with a three-course dinner that includes your choice of appetizer and entrée, followed by a personal dessert platter.

Escargot at Be Our Guest Restaurant in Magic Kingdom Park

Charred Octopus at Be Our guest Restaurant in Magic Kingdom Park Assorted Meats and Artisanal Cheeses at Be Our Guest Restaurant in Magic Kingdom Park

To start off your meal, the appetizer menu will include favorites like the French Onion Soup in addition to rich new offerings like Charred Octopus with citrus-laced fingerling potatoes, pickled hearts of palm and red pepper coulis; Escargot with herb garlic butter and toasted gremolata; and a selection of assorted meats and artisanal cheeses such as chicken liver pâté, chorizo sausage Manchego, and truffle tremor.

Seafood Bouillabaisse at Be Our Guest Restaurant in Magic Kingdom Park

Filet Mignon at Be Our Guest Restaurant in Magic Kingdom Park Kurobuta Pork Tenderloins at Be Our Guest Restaurant in Magic Kingdom Park

For the main course, feast on mouth-watering entrées such as Grilled Center-Cut Filet Mignon with potato au gratin, Romano beans, Cipollini marmalade and a cherry-laced red wine reduction or the Smoked Black-Eye Pea Tortellini with roasted seasonal vegetables, tomato relish and basil-scented tomato water. Other enticing dishes include Poulet Rouge Chicken, Saffron-Infused Seafood Bouillabaisse, Roasted Lamb Chops and Kurobuta Pork Tenderloins.

And that’s just the beginning! Our chefs are hard at work putting the final touches on the fabulous desserts as well as the kid’s menu for this exquisite new dining experience. Stay tuned for updates on these menus.

Black-Eye Pea Tortellini at Be Our Guest Restaurant in Magic Kingdom Park

So, relax! Let us pull up a chair, as the dining room proudly presents this new dinner feast beginning July 27 at Be Our Guest Restaurant. Reservations will open this Friday, February 23rd, and can be booked online or by calling 407-WDW-DINE (407-939-3463).


  • Hello, just booked for August 25th. Do you know if the character experience is being enhanced at all, or is just the food being enhanced?
    Thank you

  • I was told by a dining representative that the restaurant will be closed from August 20th through August 25th. Is this official information? I have been unable to book the breakfast/lunch reservations that I wanted for that week.

  • Please keep the gray stuff the same as the current dinner menu. It is my favorite dessert!

    Also, I agree with the other comments about Belle. Meeting the Beast and Belle would be a nice add for this signature experience.

  • As a vegetarian we never went to Be Our Guest before for dinner because we didn’t really care for the vegetarian option. With this change we will definitely never be going back as there is no way the vegetarian options are worth anything near the other options yet it is the same price. Are the pictures actually indicative of the portion sizes? How is a bowl of soup, what looks to be about 4 Tortellini with a little bit of vegetables, and dessert worth the same $55 as Filet Mignon and the Octopus appetizer?

  • So excited! Will the kids menu be like the adult menu(we hope so)? Please let it be french inspired food and not make it mac and cheese and chicken nuggets.

  • I certainly understand many of the comments of discouragement over the plan to make BOG an “Enhanced” or Signature Dining experience. It will certainly create higher demand for the other MK dinner dining locations, but probably not much different than before BOG opened. The change will also likely create more demand in the lunch and breakfast meal-times for people that want to experience the BOG dining rooms but don’t want to splurge on the dinner menu.

    Some of the menu ideas noted in the blog don’t appeal to me but I have NEVER had a bad dining experience at a Signature Restaurant in any of the 4 parks except for Cinderella’s Royal Table. In my opinion, Cinderella’s Royal Table is not really a Signature Dining experience, but a character experience of high demand, which Disney has used to justify the Signature Dining prices or 2 credits on the dining plan. I think this change may finally bring a real fine dining experience inside the gates of the MK.

    I look forward to trying it out on my next trip and have added it to my priority list for dinners.

  • I was hoping for a vegetarian/vegan dish option. The current one they have doesn’t taste good at all. Chef de France in Epcot makes an amazing dish, l would rather put my money there. I love the atmosphere at Be Our Guest but we’ve tried it three times and all were disappointing. I wish for the breakfast, lunch and dinner menu it would give others like me options. Boma at Animal Kingdom does an amazing scrambled tofu for breakfast plus other items. The new Geyser Point Bar & Grill at Wilderness Lodge did an unbelievable portabello mushroom burger for us, and Cinderella’s Royal Table did an amazing vegan dinner for us. Come on Be Our Guest, you can do better.

  • I echo the sentiments of several commenters before me – I hope the full menu includes vegan options (or at least vegetarian options that are easily “veganized”). Vegan cassoulet, anyone?

  • If you have a reservation for a July date prior to the 27th is it still one credit on the dining plan? A response is appreciated so I know if I need to cancel my reservation or not.

  • I am so disappointed to hear this! I was definitely looking forward to having the braised beef for dinner when we arrive in September… I guess we will have to make plans for somewhere else, especially for two dining credits.

  • This looks amazing! I’m so excited for something a little more adventurous at Magic Kingdom.

  • With the change to make this a signature experience, will Belle or other Beauty and the Beast characters be available for a full character experience?

  • I am quite happy about the change. Magic Kingdon is lacking in signature dining compared to the other parks. I look forward to seeing the full menu. Any word on if there will be an expanded wine list? I’m hoping for an extensive list of options from the burgundy region.

  • This all sounds very exciting!

    One question, though.

    Will the food portion sizes be generous like they were BEFORE the menu change?

  • This is very disappointing! This was one of our top favorite “must-haves” for every trip. I would not give up 2-credits for this menu let alone 1 credit! I’m all for new cuisine and trying something different but this entire new menu is way too bougie or should I say in French “boujee”! I would gladly use 2-credits on the menu the way it was!

  • I’m so very sad to hear this news. BOG is my absolute favorite restaurant, love the atmosphere. The new menu offers nothing my family would eat. Very disappointed!

  • This news is not well received by Disney Guests. Please listen Disney

  • Hi when in july will the 2T credits start ?

  • So excited for the changes. Will they be able to work with my little one’s allergies like they do at every other Disney restaurant?

  • I’m afraid that this will make reservations for Tony’s and Liberty Tree harder to get now that guests will not be seeking BOG.

  • Hi. Is there any talk of having the Beast there at alternate times? I have two little kids (both 6 and their first trip to Disney) that LOVE him and we were really hoping to eat here when we come end of Sept/beg of Oct. I don’t know if the menu changes will make that possible for us.

  • I would very much like to make a reservation on Friday because my youngest daughter adores the beast. My concern is that she has several food allergies along with myself, is anyone able to contact me to discuss them before I make the reservation?

  • I have a 10 year old that for whatever reason Disney considers an adult for buffets. For this new BOG menu can she order the kids meal or is the price based on age? In the alternative can we just Order two adult meals and share for three? I cannot stomach paying $55 for a child that cannot come close to finishing a kids meal and there would be plenty left over from the adult meals that would just go in the garbage.

  • I know you will not reply to this but this is some of the most disappointing news I have heard in a long time. This place had some great dishes for this picky eater, now there is practically nothing I like. Very upset.

  • I absolutely love this restaurant! I’m sad to lose the old menu, but I’m sure the new stuff will be delicious, too. Is there any chance the braised beef will stick around? It’s my family’s favorite! (And if not, is there a way to get the recipe?)

  • BOOOOOO!!!!! 2 Table Service Credits?!? All this is going to do is keep me from going to dinner here.. It will also make the lunch (best value in WDW) THAT much harder to get. DDP is becoming a worse value by the day.

    Also, a lot of these dishes were already available as a ‘pay extra’ Signature dining option. So all that is happening here is that we no longer have the option to purchase something less.

  • For people with kids who love Be Our Guest because of theme, but are picky eaters, this is a terrible change. Very disappointed that we won’t be able to eat dinner there anymore unless we basically use two credits or $300 on food that no one will even eat. 🙁

  • The new menu looks awesome!! We love signature dining and Princess Dining with boys is difficult!!

  • Very excited about this change! Any changes to the wine list? Last time my husband and I dined here we very much enjoyed the sparkling wine offered by the glass and the private label Shadow of the Beast red blend.

  • I guess I can take this off my list of where I want to dine. I’ve been waiting to get back to Disney just for Be Our Guest but with the change it’s a turn off. I don’t eat the apps, and the entree I liked is no longer being offered. How is this better? I liked it the other way. A la Carte menus are always better.

  • Can you confirm if it’s $55/adult? Also – any word yet on TIW, AP or DVC discounts?

  • I sincerely hope this is in addition to the existing menu, and not in place of it. I would be sad if Be Our Guest became a deluxe dining experience for dinner, with this option only – my family and I are not picky eaters, and we aren’t opposed to trying new cuisine, but this would price us out of one of our favorite places.

  • It would be very magical if Disney decided to come up with more vegetarian/vegan dishes. We only have one planet.

  • Will a standard a la carte menu be available as well (i.e. 1 Dining plan Credit) or is only the enhanced experience available (i.e. 2 dining plan credits).

  • Echoing several other comments here, I’d also like to know if this prix fixe meal is going to be an option in addition to the existing menu or if it will be replacing the existing menu. I really hope it’s the former.

  • Will Beast still be greeting his guests after dinner? He’s my sister’s favorite character and she’d be heartbroken if he didn’t.

    • Hi Jessica! Yes, Beast will still be greeting his guests after dinner!

  • I read on another website that dinner will be a prefixed dinner costing $55 for adults and $35 for children or 2 meals per person. I hop also that the original menu will still be offered. Thank you

  • I have two concerns:
    1) I really hope this change is in addition to the current dinner menu, and not replacing it.
    2) I notice that you don’t mention any vegan dishes in either the apps or the entrees. I hope the menu is still being refined to include something for everyone.

  • Is this in addition to the current menu or is it instead of?

    • Hi Kelly! This experience will be replacing the current dinner menu.

  • Will there be grey stuff for dessert? It’s delicious!

  • Will the “current dinner menu” still be offered to order from, or is Be Our Guest just going to this prix fixe option only?

  • Is this in addition to the existing dinner menu/pricing, or replacing the existing menu/pricing?

  • It says the Prix Fixe Menu will be 2 Table Service crdits. Is this the only option after July 27th, or will the regular 1 Table Service options still be available?

  • Will this meal now require prepayment when we book?

    • Hi Theresa! Prepayment is not required. However, as with all our dining reservations, we do require a credit card to use a placeholder.

  • I have already reserved a dining slot for
    Lunch in August will I have to rebook ?

  • I’m also curious about pricing and 1 vs. 2 table service credits. I am a little sad that one of my favorite restaurants is changing…not sure if it’s for the better. I already feel good dining options are limited in MK so to have this change and if it is becoming a “signature” when there is already in the park I will be disappointed.

  • Would I be able to order from the menu and NOT do the Prix Fixe? for example, could I go later in the evening and order a number of appetizers and some cocktails instead? Thanks!

  • Is lunch remaining the same?

    • Hi Jennifer! These enhancements only apply to the dinner menu.

  • Will it still be 1 Table Service Credit on the Disney Dining Plan?

  • Is this prix fixe meal considered a “signature” meal worth 2 table credits?

    • Hi Natasha! This enhanced dining experience will be 2 Table Service Credits on the Disney Dining Plan.

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