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First Look: New Images of The Star Wars-Inspired Resort Planned for the Walt Disney World Resort

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Earlier this month we shared a look inside the groundbreaking new hotel concept coming to the Walt Disney World Resort that will combine luxury with complete immersion into an authentic Star Wars story.

Today, we’re thrilled to have more new visuals of this resort to share with you!

The immersive experience offered at this hotel will stand out among all of our resorts around the globe. As you can see, families visiting this resort will board a starship alive with characters and stories that unfold all around them during their voyage through the galaxy – and every window has a view of space!

The resort will also be seamlessly connected to the highly anticipated Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, allowing guests a complete Star Wars experience. Guests visiting the resort will be welcome to participate as a resident of the galaxy by dressing in Star Wars-inspired attire.

For the latest updates on all Star Wars-inspired guest offerings at the Walt Disney World Resort, visit our dedicated Star Wars page.


  • Will there be a site with updates on opening day?

  • I was just informed by a DVC cast member that this is an all-inclusive hotel. I know the food and drinks are included but doubt alcohol. You also choose the dark or light side and your experience will be catered to your choice.

  • Is there any sort of email list that we can sign up for to be notified of when reservations will be taken for the new Star Wars Hotel. I want to be one of the first to sign up! Can’t wait. It is being opened in 2021, right?’

  • Woo hoo!!!
    DVC points or Cash… we’ll be there!!!
    Can’t wait!!

    Greetings from Cancun

  • This looks weird. I’m a star wars fan, but I don’t want to actually live in it. Just visiting would be worth it. I hope it has a top quality restaurant in there that allows non-guests to book.

  • Yes – when do reservations begin? $1000/night is too much, but would love to book it for less…

  • When do they begin accepting reservations?

  • $1000/night? Count me out!

  • Count me in for up to a grand a night.

  • Also, I would so do this at $1000 – $1500!

  • I don’t see this as being budget friendly. What would the point be doing that? Notice the word “luxury”. You don’t build and create something on this scale and sell rooms at All Star Resort room rates. 🙄

  • I read somewhere that costume would be provided and that the maximum stay would be 2 nights at $1000 a night. Is that still the case? Pretty expensive.

  • Please have budget-friendly rooms too, not just deluxe!

  • Is this going to be a restaurant? Or just a place to take a rest?

  • When is the expected opening day for this?

  • So far it looks like the old StarTrek spot at the Las Vegas Hilton!!! I guess they had a show with food and drinks…

  • Where exactly is it planning on being located? Is it near the Hollywood Studios?

  • Any estimates on pricing yet?

    • Nothing on that yet! Standby.

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