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New Lamplight Lounge to Open June 23 at Pixar Pier in Disney California Adventure Park

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

When Pixar Pier opens June 23 at Disney California Adventure park, guests will discover a new hot spot at the Lamplight Lounge. This seaside lounge will be an elegant yet fun gathering place for the whole family, located at the entrance of Pixar Pier. And I am excited to answer the question on everyone’s mind: It will serve the guest-favorite Lobster Nachos!

Lamplight Lounge will serve California casual gastro-pub cuisine that is playfully presented along with unique signature cocktails. This seaside lounge contains a full bar with picturesque waterfront views from both upstairs and downstairs. At night, outdoor seating provides views of the illuminated Pixar Pier and “World of Color.”

Renovated from an old warehouse factory, the location has kept many features of the original two-story building. The steel structural elements as well as concrete and brick walls were exposed and repaired to tell the story of its past. The original wood boards from the factory were refinished and given new life as ceiling panels and floors. The furniture style echoes a relaxed feel and the end result is an open, airy and bright place that is organic yet sophisticated.

Lamplight Lounge celebrates the creativity, inspirations and personalities of the artists and storytellers who have brought Pixar stories to life. Guests will discover the artistic marks that the Pixar “regulars” have left throughout the lounge: concept art, a quick sketch on a napkin, knick-knacks and collectable toys of beloved Pixar characters will adorn the space.

Come discover the treasured keepsakes and tastes of Lamplight Lounge when it opens along with Pixar Pier on June 23. Guests wishing to visit the Cove Bar one more time are welcome to stop by as it reopens briefly beginning March 16 before closing again at the end of May for its permanent transformation.


  • We are here dining now, fancy food items but the server was very experienced and explained the menu. The bar menu is ADORABLE! We didn’t make a reservation and came around 4:45 and walked in with barely a 5 minute wait. I suggest trying it at least once. We have outside seating so we can hear the screams of the coaster. So fun!

  • I just spoke with dining reservations and I was told they’ll be taking reservations starting June 7th. Pretty sure she said opening June 23 (going in July, so I just heard June..). They still don’t know anything about princess dining.

  • I called in to Disney Dining a couple of days ago and the representative told me that this will be a walk up location. 🙁. Also, that they did not have any information about World of Color packages as of that day.

  • We are visiting the week of June 25 and would like to make reservations for the World of Color viewing. However, it is still not showing up as a reservation option. Any idea when reservations will be available?

  • I am begging for an update too! 😂 I am so hoping to be able to visit when I am there at the end of June. And would love to do a World of Color dining package (if available). I have been checking and calling. Any thoughts that could be shared?

  • When will we be able to make reservations at Lamplight Lounge? We are visting the week of June 24th, but it’s not showing up on the Disney Dining web page, nor can we make reservations over the phone. We are anxiously awaiting to see if we’ll be able to get in!! 🙂

  • Thank you Ashley,

    Sorry to be so needy😂, can we specify and guarentee a reservation at lamplighters 60 days prior to our visit for dinner and viewing of World Of Color on the outside deck. We will absolutely make it worthwhile…we wont be sipping water and having a starter shared between 8 lol. We really need this to be perfect, my sons birthday and meeting family from the UK in Disney. Im sure everyone else has a special reason for their experience to be perfect but I have one job to do and that is secure dinner and awsome viewpoint for World Of Color night.

    Thank you so much we are getting very excited!


  • Also want to know if there are alternative princess dining options!! We will be there the last week of June

  • Any updates on whether there will be alternate princess character dining??

  • Hi Erin!

    Will there be ANY PRINCESS DINNING at all??!

  • Yes Lobster Nachos! We were so worried that they would not make the menu!

  • Steve – You can make reservations 60 days before the day of event!

  • When is the earliest time for bookings for July? We have two families meeting in LA one from Canada and one from the UK we really want a special experience with the best seating for world of color.

  • So sad & disappointed that you closed Ariel’s Grotto. It was nice to be able to do a breakfast with the characters & then Ariel’s Grotto for a late lunch with the Princesses. I regret not going one last time. I did however enjoy my birthday there in the spring.

  • Erin, when the Cove Bar briefly re-opens in April (for Pixar Fest?), will it still be serving lobster nachos for that time period?

  • Erin
    Thank you for the update! Any chance an area inside the Lamplight Lounge can incorporate a special insider’s A113 area?!

  • What we need is another TS restaurant, not a bigger bar. So disappointed . Would have been perfect opportunity for a Pixar themed restaurant with characters. Theres not one TS offering for breakfast now. All QS. It’s a shame.

  • So… we may one day get to enjoy Eats and reserved Seats there during World of Color?

  • We are so excited!! We are heading to Disneyland this July!!

  • @Kelly Where else would it go in DCA? There aren’t any other princess themed restaurants in the park and only one Princess themed attraction. I would assume that if they brought it back, it would be in Disneyland (maybe the renovations to Fantasy Land will include a new restaurant?) or one of the hotels. I could see them doing a Pixar themed character dining experience at this new place, but I think the princesses aren’t going to have much of a presence in DCA, anymore.

  • Do we know if it will still be a first come first serve as Cove Bar was or will reservations be needed as the Grotto was?

    • Vanessa – We’ll share that information as we get closer to the location opening.

  • Will they still have the Pina Colava on the menu?????

  • Will there be new vegan items added to the menu? 😀

  • Sounds like it is going to look similar to my high school cafeteria without the mascot and way too expensive for me to even think about trying out. Also can you please give us an idea about what we might see on the menu? I looked up gastro-pub and couldn’t really find anything concrete

  • Is this replacing both the Cove Bar and Ariel’s Grotto or just Cove Bar?

    • Hi Tyler – This will replace both locations.

  • Will the “secret” menu from the old cove bar be returning?

  • Hi there. Will the princess character dining that was at Ariel’s Grotto to be moved somewhere else in DCA? It was my daughter’s favorite part of her 2nd birthday trip last year and we’re hoping to find something to replace it before May. Thanks!

  • Erin, this is awesome news. Thank you for the update!

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