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Quiz: How Well Do You Know Expedition Everest?

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Expedition Everest – Legend of the Forbidden Mountain is a must-do for many families visiting Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

How well do you know this daring “Disney Mountain”? Put your knowledge to the test below!

Expedition Everest at Disney’s Animal Kingdom?

What section of Disney's Animal Kingdom will you find Expedition Everest?
What is the name of the tour group you pass by while in the queue for Expedition Everest?
According the legend, who would ship goods by train through the Forbidden Mountain pass?
Expedition Everest is the tallest attraction at Walt Disney World Resort. How tall is it?


  • One of my faves in Mickey’s world!!!

  • This is just a guess, but I think this might be the last attraction Imagineering has designed that wasn’t based on an existing character or film. Which is too bad when you think of all the classic attractions that were original ideas. Haunted Mansion, Small World, Pirates, etc, etc, etc.

  • #5 – What is the duration?
    …….O…..3 minutes and 3 seconds
    …….O…..4 minutes and 4 seconds
    …….O…..5 minutes and 5 seconds

  • Got 4/4, But, on the third one I guessed.

  • Got all 4 right,,ride many times love the 175ft view,,,but last time I rode in Dec, the yeti got me,,,,,,,,,,,…wow,,,,,,,

  • Surprisingly I only got the height incorrect!

    I haven’t been on it the last few visits as my entire family is TOO chicken!

    It’s an incredible ride, love all the attention to detail, but would you expect anything less from the Imagineers?!

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