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The Tropical Hideaway Discovered in Adventureland at Disneyland Park

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Calling all adventurers! There will soon be a new area of Adventureland to explore at Disneyland park.

The former Aladdin’s Oasis will soon be transformed to The Tropical Hideaway! This new experience will soon appear along the tropical shores nestled between the Jungle Cruise and “Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room.” This one-of-a-kind destination will be a popular rest stop for Adventureland locals and weary explorers alike. Guests will be able to rub elbows with their favorite skippers in an exotic traders’ market, featuring all of the sights, sounds and flavors of the tropics.

Keep your eye on the Disney Parks Blog for more information on this exciting new location as more is discovered.


  • Erin,
    Do you have a goal timeframe for the opening of The Tropical Hideaway?

    • We don’t have an opening time frame to share at this time, but we’ll keep you updated!

  • I would have expected this adventure-themed news to be delivered by… Tallahassee Glover! 😉

    This is very exciting! I can’t wait for The Tropical Hideaway to open. I miss the old Tahitian Terrace — it had such a fun atmosphere and great vibe. I hope this offers something similar.

  • So glad this prime area will be used… and theming it to Jungle Cruise is fantastic!!! Jungle Cruise is quintessential Disneyland and honoring the ride rather than a particular movie is a smart move. Looking forward to seeing what “flavors” will be included!

  • Erin, it must be tough to post an announcement like this with SO little information, knowing that us OCDisney fans will just have a BILLION questions! Am i right?

  • This seems like a great way to use prime Adventureland space. Can you give us a hint as to whether it’ll be quick service or table service?

  • Will you be moving the Dole Whips to be served in this area? I think that could relieve some of the congestion in the main walkway caused by the current Dole Whip line.

  • This looks just like what Walt originally wanted as a restaurant way back when, with tiki bird’s around as you ate your dinner. I love the look of it from it’s artwork! I am excited to see it come to life!

  • I am so glad Disneyland is finally using this area. Is this going to be a table service restaurant or a quick service restaurant? Or is it even a restaurant? Someone said this would be a good relocation for Dole Whip. I agree as that line can really congest the walkway, but I still hope that this will be either a quick service or table service dining option.

  • Didn’t it used to be a Hawaiian tropical getaway spot before Aladsin’s oasis? I remember it used to be a Hawaiian restaurant.

  • Will we see new S.E.A. mythology? 😃

  • SO excited!!!!! We are a heading to Disneyland in July! Hopefully, it will be done by that time! But if not, excuse for another Disney trip!!

  • So excited to hear this news! I was hoping that something cool was going to happen with the Aladdin’s Oasis corner. It has felt like a waste of some prime Adventureland Real Estate for quite some time now. So excited for a sit down option in Adventureland nestled between two of my favourite attractions! Hello new favourite restaurant at Disneyland…

  • A LONG time ago it was the Tahitian Terrace. A tropical themed restaurant.

  • I can’t even begin to tell you how I excited I am! I started writing a blog post as soon as I saw this! (Insert Kermit the Frog banging on the typewriter emoji here.) I hope there will be vegan options and a waterfall. 🙂

  • So awesome. It looks great. It will really open up the area and add some visual interest, especially for people on the Jungle Cruise boats that are heading back to the docks. In that concept art, there is a Tiki bird in the upper right corner, I hope that makes the final cut!

  • So excited to see a new heavily themed food location which is integrated with a ride. That’s what’s always made Blue Bayou so special, and looks like this will be in the same vein. Awesome!

  • Hopefully it will have some of the ambiance of the skipper canteen at WDW. That place is great

  • I wonder what kinds of jokes the passing skippers will make of folks in the tropical hideaway! Is this a snack stop or a quick service? Please bring the citrus swirl to Disneyland! 😀

  • The Adventurer’s Club? Kungaloosh!

  • No waterfall. No stage. No Disneydendron. This sketch makes me sad.

  • I badly want this to be open in February!!

  • The construction walls are up! I LOVED the Tahitian Terrace with the waterfall “curtain”, sounds, show and great food! Bring back the Tahitain Punch and Teriyaki meals! Hope this area will bring back a few, if not all, of those great memories! Thank you for the posts!!

  • Rest and Relax area, small waterfall underneath area signage, removal of Aladdin/Cave of Wonders theme & wall behind Stage opening up the views of Skipper boats passing by.

    That’s all folks!…. (according to the sketch artwork).

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