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Toy Story Land to Open at Walt Disney World Resort June 30

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

It’s official! Toy Story Land, the highly-anticipated toy-filled land inspired by the beloved “Toy Story” films, will open to guests at Disney’s Hollywood Studios June 30, 2018.

When it opens, guests visiting Toy Story Land will “shrink” to the size of a toy and join in on the fun Woody, Jessie, Buzz, and Andy’s other beloved toys are having in Andy’s backyard. Here, guests can take a ride on Slinky Dog Dash, a roller coaster Andy has assembled from his Mega Coaster Play Kit and topped off with Slinky and Jessie. (Check out the time-lapse video above of one of Slinky Dog Dash’s first test runs).

Families will also be able to take a spin on Alien Swirling Saucers, a galactic play set that Andy won from Pizza Planet. Here, adorable little green aliens swirl about in their flying saucers with guests in tow in their rocket ship toys, while “The Claw” hangs overhead.

Rendering of Toy Story Land coming to Disney's Hollywood Studios

Guests can also walk through a new carnival game box to experience Toy Story Mania!, which has been a guest-favorite attraction at the park since it opened in 2008. Now expanded with a third track, the popular attraction will put even more guests in the action taking aim at 3D objects – using everything from baseballs to cream pies – in a variety of whimsical, fast-paced games.

Woody’s Lunch Box – actually, Andy’s lunch box that he’s set on its side – will serve up tasty meals and old-fashioned soda floats from a walk-up window setting. The entire land will serve as a visual celebration of toys, with Crayons, Cooties, Green Army Men, Rubik’s Cubes, Tinkertoys, and other familiar toys and game pieces incorporated into the land’s design.

So, which attraction are you most excited to see when the land opens this June? Tell us in the “Comments” section below.


  • As everyone else has asked, Are AP & DVC going to get first dibs on this new magical wonderment?!?

    • There is no word yet on AP or DVC previews. Stay tuned.

  • Hope passholders get a preview, how can I make sure I get notified this year? We did not get a notification for the Pandora preview and missed it! 🙁

  • I would like to know if you’ll are going to have a passholder preview event?? Thank you! :))

  • Passholder preview?!?!?!🤞🏻🤞🏻

  • Will there be a passholder preview ?? When ??

  • Talked with a cast member about a soft opening for us passholders via an email. Is this accurate?

  • We will be there in May for Mother’s Day Weekend! As pass holders and DVC members we got the chance to preview Pandora last Mother’s Day! Will we get the same chance this year?!

  • Same as everyone else… is there info on a passholder preview event??

  • How do we find out about the soft opening? Or preview opening?

  • I see the passholders asking about a preview so will this be happening? If so, when?

    • There is no word yet on AP or DVC previews. Stay tuned.

  • Would love to sign up for a preview

  • Oh my goodness! We (9 family members) will be there in mid June. We really hate to be missing this opening. If you need a family to do some test runs, we will be happy to volunteer.

  • Well, we will be at WDW in May 2018, so if you need a really nice family to just do a few “test runs” we would be more than happy to oblige! 😉
    Looking forward to entire new area, we love Toy Story, such a great story line.

  • More than anything this looks awesome but also saddens me because my best friend is a downs 17 year old that absolutely loves toy story more than anything in the world. He has over a hundred toys and plays with them everyday. I just wish he could be there with his favorite space ranger and sheriff.

  • I am really excited for the Alien Swirling Saucers. I love how you have kept some surprises for us as I have only seen artwork for the Saucers ride. This adds to the excitement! I am certain that Toy Story Land will quickly become my favorite “Land” in the Disney Parks! Way to go Disney!

  • How can I find out if there will be preview dates for passholders or DVC guest

  • I’m looking forward to the whole experience! I have to admit I love the little green men though!
    I hope I can get in on a soft opening or pass holder preview.

  • We have been passholders for several years and would love to sign up for a preview! How do we do that?

  • Like many others we are very sad that we are going to be at Disney too early (9th June) and wont get to ride, been hoping that the summer opening would be when we were there 🙁

  • If there is a passholder preview, how far ahead of the scheduled opening will it be?

  • Will these all be tier 1 for FastPass+?

  • When are we going to be able to sign up for a preview like we did for pandora?

  • I would love to have a passholder preview, especially since this is opening during blackout dates. Where do I sign up for notification of passholder previews? 🙂

  • Asking the same as everyone else. When will there be a passholder preview?

  • Also interested in a passholder preview? We check in on June 23.

    • There is no word yet on AP or DVC previews. Stay tuned.

  • We are sooo excited for the Slinky Dog Dash. The original “Slinky” was made in our town so it is beyond exciting to see a ride at Disney based off of the Slinky toy. We will be at Disney in August and I hope it is the first thing we ride. Thank you Imagineers!

  • At the around the world presentation in 2016, they said you will be able to meet “Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Green Army Men, Rex, Wheezy, and the Green Aliens from Pizza Planet.” Any word on the Meet and Greets. They haven’t been mentioned AT ALL.

  • Will there be a passholder preview? If so how do we sign up??

  • Is the Toy Story at both resorts.. Florida and Anaheim Disneyland?

    • No, just the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

  • Please to pass holder or DVC member preview our check out date is the 23!!!

  • SO excited for this land, and thrilled to finally have an opening date! 😀 My family and I are about the biggest Toy Story fans there could be, and I really hope that there will be passholder previews, like for Pandora. Also hopeful that we’ll be able to meet Jessie there, along with Buzz and Woody!

  • Just renewed our passes so we can travel down from Minnesota to see the new addition. Our family is so excited!

  • If a passholder preview happens, please include the lower passholders because we’ll be blackout at that time.

  • So, so ,so excited! Please let us know if there will be a passholder preview. Thank you for keeping us up to date!

  • Yes I would also like to know how I can be notified of a pass holder preview. Thank you. We are so excited!!!!

  • I assume the Swirling Saucers will keep the 32″ height requirement of Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree, but what about the Dash? Does it get the Barnstormer 35″ treatment, the Mine Train 38″, or something else?

    • Slinky Dog Dash will have a 38” height requirement, Alien Swirling Saucers will have a 32” height requirement.

  • Any word on how long Toy Story Mania! be closed for the queue to transition to the new entrance line?

  • How will the FastPass tiers be impacted? Any changes there?

  • I am most excited to try out Slinky Dog Dash. I am hoping that my whole family will be able to enjoy this coaster, since they have said it is “family friendly”. Has there been an official height requirement made yet?

  • How can I get noticed if there will be a soft opening? The 23th June will be my last day at WDW

    • Right now, opening day is June 30.

  • Will there be pass holders perveiw and if so when will it be.


  • We’re sooo excited to share this magic with our grandkids! July 10th can’t come soon enough!

    • We hope you have a great time!

  • Will the rides there continue the tradition of being Pooh-sized friendly? 🙂

  • Will there be a passholder event to view it before all the crowds? Please please!

  • Yes to Justin’s comment! Never saw Passholder preview to Avatar ( until I was there)so please let us know!

  • Will be there this summer to explore the Toy Story Land

    • We can’t wait!

  • Please please please let there be passholder preview!!

  • Meghan: Typically there is a soft opening/dress rehearsal before the official opening of a new attraction/land… you may get lucky to be able to experience it without all of the crowds!! Good luck, my fingers are crossed for you!

  • Darn! We’ll be there the 9th through the 14th of June. We were hoping to see Toy Story Land!! Looks amazing!!

  • Will there be a passholder preview?

    • There is no word yet on AP or DVC previews. Stay tuned.

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