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Behind the Scenes With Walt Disney Imagineering: Updates Iconic ‘Golden Dream’ Anthem for Epcot American Adventure Pavilion

Charles Stovall

by , Public Relations Manager

Having lived in Florida for more than four decades, I have very vivid memories of the parks – especially Epcot. Music plays a huge part of those memories, including signature songs from some of the World Showcase pavilions.

One of the most beloved of those songs has gotten a glorious new reimagining, courtesy of the magicians of Walt Disney Imagineering and some very special musicians.

“Golden Dream,” is the patriotic theme song for The American Adventure pavilion’s attraction, which features a tribute to some of the most quintessential moments in American history, hosted by American author Mark Twain and statesman Benjamin Franklin.

Working with famed pop/rock music producer Harvey Mason Jr., the team infused modern, “cinematic sensibilities” into the new version of the song, while keeping true to its original vision.

The American Adventure recently reopened at Epcot, enhanced with a digital projection system, new speakers, and updates to the finale sequence. As part of this refurbishment, the attraction’s anthem was re-orchestrated to give it a fuller, richer and more contemporary sound.

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  • This is a much improved and far more entertaining and enjoyable performance. Kudos to all!!! I have one question. As you enter from the rotunda there is a painting on the wall with a 13 star flag, Mark Twain, Ben Franklin, Martin Luther King Jr., John F, Kennedy, Frederick Douglas????, and others. Can you please identify everyone in the painting?

  • I have not visited since June 2017. The previous American Adventure show has been one of my favorites from the beginning and I have seen it many, times over the decades we have visited. I hope you have redone our current president to look as much like himself as the others do. I’ve heard the one presented last year doesn’t. Look forward to seeing and hearing the new show!

  • I was worried when I saw this song was being re-done, but based on the video, you did the previous version justice! Well done to all involved.

  • Just saw the show 3/19/18. Just perfect, blend of classic presentation and new. Really love the Female vocal tune during the Civil War segment.

  • Golden Dream is my second favorite song of all time (Feed the Birds is first). I love love love this song and the new version is fantastic. Great job!

  • Where can we get the song on CD, will there be an updated Parks Music CD released soon ?

  • Love the new sequence!

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