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Pirates of the Caribbean at Walt Disney World Resort Reopens March 19 with New Auction Scene

When Pirates of the Caribbean reopens at Magic Kingdom Park March 19, guests will be introduced to the new version of the attraction’s auction scene we first announced last summer.

Just as Walt Disney embraced and encouraged Disney Parks to “keep moving forward” since the opening of Disneyland Park in 1955, Walt Disney Imagineering has introduced many new characters at Pirates of the Caribbean attraction over the years.

The pirate auctioneer now oversees a sale of the townspeople’s most prized possessions and goods. In this scene, the familiar redhead figure has switched sides to become a pirate named Redd, who’s just pillaged the town’s rum supply and has something to say about it.

Check out a sneak peek at what this new scene will look like in the photo above.

As we previously shared, the auction scene in the attraction at Disneyland Paris received a similar revision last year. Disneyland park will also receive similar updates to its Pirates of the Caribbean attraction later this spring, with work beginning April 23.


  • I am unable to tell but hoping she is still a redhead! I rode this the day they closed it for refurbishing. Being a RH, this was my favorite part of the ride. Understand PC, but cannot believe anyone could be offended by a pirate fantasy ride.

  • I’m looking forward to when the new auction scene debuts in California.

  • Who’s in the painting?! Who’s in the painting?!

  • If there is one thing that I’ve learned over the years, it’s to never underestimate the Disney Imagineers. There have been many infamous female pirates like Anne Bonny, Mary Reed and Cheng I Sao. Looking forward to seeing Redd join this rather interesting group of ladies.

  • Funny twist, historically not too many women wanted to be pirates though. It will be interesting to see what she has to say about things.

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