Attention: Super Heroes Now Assembling at Disney California Adventure Park

Michael Ramirez

by , Public Relations Director, Disneyland Resort

Beginning today, your favorite heroes are now convening throughout Hollywood Land in Disney California Adventure park for the ultimate heroic encounter!

For a limited time, Super Heroes have teamed up to meet with their newest “recruits” and save the universe.

Black Panther at Disney California Adventure Park

Black Panther and Black Widow: The king of Wakanda and his Royal Guards, the Dora Milaje will be joined by Agent Natasha Romanoff, also known as Black Widow, to show off the latest in Vibranium technology.

Captain America: Celebrate the First Avenger as he arrives on the Avengers vehicle to greet gathered citizens.

Spider-Man: The daring, yet friendly web slinger is here to protect the streets. Snap a photo, grab an autograph or just thank him for protecting the neighborhood!

Thor and Gamora: Two of the most powerful warriors in the galaxy team up to defend a Sakaarian outpost. While meeting them, you may learn tactical fighting techniques and hear tales of valor!

Loki: Be on the lookout for the trickster, Loki! He has arrived and will be searching for allies to join his exploits.

As we mentioned earlier this month on the Disney Parks Blog, Doctor Strange will also arrive at Disney California Adventure park later this summer for a limited time.

For more action-packed fun, don’t miss Marvel Studios’ “Avengers: Infinity War” in theaters today.


  • How long will limited time last? I’m visiting late next month, and I really want to meet Black Panther, Black Widow and Cap!

  • I love this, but I wish this could be ongoing as being from Australia, I don’t visit very often. I love the Marvel characters and have previously met Captain America and Spider-Man who were great. I have never met Thor who is (and always has been) my favourite character. Perhaps I’ll get to see him on my next visit.

  • How long is the limited time for this?
    We don’t go until August but hoping some of them are still there?

  • Until when We can meet them at Disneyland California ???

  • Will Loki have a set schedule or will he just be roaming around? I’ve got friends visiting next weekend who would love to meet him but we really do not want to spend all of our time just hanging out at DCA trying to track down the trickster god.

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