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Disney Doodle: Maui Finds a Boat at Typhoon Lagoon

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Today’s Disney Doodle, a series that imagines what a Disney character would do or see first if they visited a Disney theme park, focuses on one of my favorite characters – Maui.

In the 2016 hit film “Moana,” demigod Maui has been trapped on an island for years, waiting for his chance to get a boat and escape, because despite his amazing powers, the one thing Maui can’t do is float.

According to artist Ashley Taylor, Maui would like head for a tropical setting here at Walt Disney World Resort – and Typhoon Lagoon would be the ideal place!

“Not only can I easily imagine Maui having fun in the sun at Typhoon Lagoon, I can picture him trying to use Typhoon’s Lagoon’s abandoned ships to sail off on his next adventure!” Ashley said.


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