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‘Gods of the Vikings’ Exhibit Debuts Today at Epcot

Charles Stovall

by , Public Relations Manager

Starting today, the Stave Church Gallery in the Norway Pavilion will showcase a brand-new exhibit called “Gods of the Vikings.”

Celebrating the legendary Norse gods and goddesses that inspired the ancient Vikings of Scandinavia in their daily lives, guests can stop in to learn more about the popular Viking gods Thor, Odin, Freyja, and Loki through displays of authentic Viking artifacts.

Historically, Norse gods and goddesses were as real and as important to the Vikings as the air they breathed. Through this exhibit, guests will discover how Norse mythology helped the Vikings live their lives and understand the world around them.


  • LOL! Good one Kristin!

  • I knew you guys would figure out how to get Thor into the Orlando parks!

  • We enjoy that gallery, looking forward to being there in a couple of weeks to view the newest displays!
    It’s nice to learn about the cultures, bring in more, it’s the beauty of the Pavilions delving into the different customs, mores etc.

  • That’s awesome. Looking forward to it. takes my mind off of the trolls.

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