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New ‘Purple Wall’ Unveiled in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom Park

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

As the popular Disney saying goes, “It all started with a mouse!”

But for Instagrammers, the #DisneyWall trend all started with a wall – a purple wall to be exact, that sits to the right of the entrance into Tomorrowland. So many guests found the purple pigment of this wall to make an ideal Instagram background that the wall quickly earned its own hashtag – #purplewall – and became a sought-after photo stop for guests visiting the park.

A Girl at the 'Purple Wall' at Magic Kingdom Park Friends at the 'Purple Wall' at Magic Kingdom Park

We’re happy to share today a first look at the “new” purple wall, which recently was enhanced with an updated purple color scheme.

Friends at the 'Purple Wall' at Magic Kingdom Park

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  • Just shows, art is subjective!
    Some one or many worked hard on this and their efforts did not go unnoticed!

    Thank-you for your creativity!

  • Original was better – a blank purple wall – no clutter

  • Don’t worry, the original purple wall is just to the right of this new design.

  • I love it looked new but then thought maybe I was just going crazy.

  • I KNEW right away that is where the purple was/is! We enter that way when we arrive at Magic Kingdom! I love the geometric forms, in fact like @Colin I felt it was a nod to Spaceship Earth as well! Ties right into Tomorrowland Theme!

  • Love it! Much better than the plain wall.

  • Looks like a nod to Spaceship Earth! Love it!

  • I see that clashing with clothing. I don’t like it. Bring back the original purple wall.

  • I don’t like it. Way too busy.

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