Brassy Buccaneer Sailing into Disneyland Park this Summer

Michael Ramirez

by , Public Relations Director, Disneyland Resort

Arriving soon at Disneyland park is a fierce and independent pirate known as Redd. A bit mysterious by nature, Redd travels to various ports throughout the Caribbean—selling rum and collecting coin, and will soon be taking a journey to visit with guests in New Orleans Square.

We caught up with this seemingly familiar redhead and asked her a few questions.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Well, if I needed friends, they’d call me Redd. Pirates call me ‘Rrr’ for short. I been ‘round the world, but the sea is always home.

Do you know Captain Jack Sparrow?
That Sparrow owes me a new ship. Wouldn’t be surprised if he found himself in irons once more. If you see Mister Sparrow, I’m lookin’ for ‘em!

Some pirates think it’s bad luck to have a woman aboard a pirate ship. What do you think?
T’is far worse luck not to.

What is treasure to you?
Coin o’course! I accept it all—Spanish doubloons, English farthings, French livre, Dutch lion dollars and Portuguese moidore.

Are you looking forward to meeting guests in New Orleans Square?
I s’pose. I be searching for brave sorts of recruits for a few little ventures.

Are you anyone’s bride?
M’ only love is profits, dear.

Keep an eye out for Redd this summer strolling around New Orleans Square!


  • Hope she makes it to WDW. Love this new character!

  • Disney world wants the red head too!!

  • Please!!! Bring her to WDW also!! Pretty pretty please with a smackeral of hunny on top!!

  • That’s awesome!

  • I thought her name was Scarlett? Either way, very neat to see some ride characters out and about!

  • Hope they bring her out for meet and greets at Walt Disney World at some point too.

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