Celebrate the 15th Anniversary of ‘Finding Nemo’ with This Wallpaper

Simone Miranda

by , Creative Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Just like Dory in “Finding Nemo,” my memory is a bit challenged. In many ways, it is the bane of my existence and a blessing in others. For example, my sister Geri often asks if I remember details from our trip to Europe…”you know, that little café in Florence we loved” or “the time we saw the Champs-Élysées.” I go blank. Nope. Nothing in the memory banks.

On the other hand, I can watch a movie a thousand times and never remember the ending. Does that sound like someone (or some fish) we know and love? Yes, it’s true, I’m Dory’s twin (minus the fins and blue scales).

This month marks the 15th anniversary of meeting our favorite fish family in “Finding Nemo.” At the Walt Disney World Resort, we have a few guest offerings inspired by the film – including the wonderfully colorful “Finding Nemo – The Musical” at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and The Seas With Nemo & Friends at Epcot. Both attractions offer an adventurous look at the undersea world of Nemo and his pals, with the important message to “just keep swimming” no matter what life throws at you!

In honor of the film’s anniversary, designer Jeff Maurer created this fun digital wallpaper that looks back to the reef that drew us all in.

15th Anniversary of 'Finding Nemo'Wallpaper

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