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Moms Panel Monday: Creating Magic for Moms

Lisa Mendillo

by , Sr. Manager, Digital Integration

This Sunday we will celebrate Mom! The woman who has cooked for you, cleaned your room and reminded you to get enough rest. Yes, it’s only fitting that we celebrate this special woman for at least one day each year. This year Disney Parks Moms Panelist, Jerry, celebrates his wife and shares how he believes you can create magical memories for your mom at Walt Disney World Resort.

Celebrating Mom

With so many exciting choices across theme parks, attractions, parades, water parks, restaurants, shops and more, how do you best wrap your arms around all those options the way Mom wraps her arms around everything family? How do you say, “Can You Feel the Love Today, Mom?”

First, it starts with borrowing some Mother’s intuition. A Mom has the secret sense to know every detail about everyone in her family. So, start with doing your best to channel her thoughts on the perfect day. Call your Fairy Godmother, text Tinker Bell, or wish upon a star, but do whatever is needed to put some thought into knowing what Mom loves.

As a Disney Dad, married to an equally all-Disney wife and mom, I’ve enjoyed almost 18 years of my son and I trying to create Mother’s Day moments that show our love and appreciation. At Walt Disney World, I would start with breakfast reservations where she can enjoy something similar to what I might prepare at home. The house-made banana bread French toast with bananas foster sauce at Whispering Canyon Cafe is the perfect choice for my wife.

Disney Parks Moms Panelist Jerry with wife and son at Walt Disney World Resort

After breakfast, we’d head over to her always favorite Magic Kingdom Park. For many of us, there’s a moment when you first step onto Main Street, U.S.A. that brings with it an overwhelming, shake-your-bum-happy-dance giddiness, and our Mother’s Day guest of honor is no different. The first stop will be Main Street Bakery, where they have perfected the 5-pump mocha that my wife says is a must.

Like myself, my wife and son love Space Mountain, so we always make that attraction our first and last experience. Throughout the day, we’ll stop at several Disney PhotoPass Service photographers. What Mom doesn’t want to see their kiddos smiling at them in a photo they can cherish forever?

Cinderella is my wife’s favorite Disney Princess, so a dinner at Cinderella’s Royal Table will add to her royal treatment. Topping off the day? The only experience my wife loves more than walking though Magic Kingdom Park is watching fireworks, and so you can only imagine the sheer perfection that Happily Ever After puts in the air.

So far, we have a day of magic ending with spectacular fireworks beneath the stars, above Cinderella Castle. Could we make this Mother’s Day any more perfect? Yes. Capture some of those sparkles in the sky. When my son and I celebrated his Mom’s first Mother’s Day at Walt Disney World, he picked out a pair of Mickey Mouse iconic earrings that she still cherishes all these years later. Ok, he was nine months old at the time, so he had some help.

Finally, our family has a tradition for ending a day at Magic Kingdom Park. We stay as late as possible, hanging back a bit after The Kiss Goodnight as Main Street, U.S.A. empties and grows quiet. There is a feeling in the air of all that magic lingering around you. You can see it in the streetlamps and lights that string along the rooftops. As the Lion King ballad says, there’s a calm surrender to the rush of day, an enchanted moment when we let the love of our Mother’s Day know — It’s enough for us just to be with you.

Sounds like a perfect Mother’s Day! If you need tips for planning the ultimate day for your mom at the Walt Disney World Resort or general Disney vacation planning ideas, be sure to visit the and ask one of our knowledge panelists for more great tips and recommendations.