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Disney Doodle: Friends Gather at Tri-Circle-D Ranch

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

In this weekend edition of Disney Doodles, artist Evan Peltier imagines what some of our favorite Disney horse sidekicks would do if they had the chance to visit the Walt Disney World Resort.

Here, he chose to focus on three friends of the equine variety: Maximus from “Tangled,” Philippe from “Beauty and the Beast,” and Khan from “Mulan.”

According to Evan, he imagines these friends would want to check out Tri-Circle-D Ranch, meet up and make new friends.


  • These Disney Doodles make my day, thanks so much for them!

  • This is my horse, Otto, and his 2 buddies! Any way that we can buy this print?

  • This is far and away my favorite Disney Doodle. LOVE it!!! 😀

  • You you want a little pick up truck

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