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Duffy’s Newest Friend, Cookie, Brings Sweet Fun to Hong Kong Disneyland

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Experiences

Meet Cookie, Duffy the Disney Bear’s newest friend! She’s a puppy who is very curious about all sorts of foods and loves to come up with unique and delicious recipes.

Duffy and Cookie met on Main Street, U.S.A. His cotton candy and her tall stack of warm waffles went flying when they bumped into each other, and when Cookie caught them she came up with a new idea: why not combine her waffles and Duffy’s cotton candy to make a cotton candy waffle sandwich?

Talk about a recipe for friendship!

Cookie and Duffy pose outside 'Main Street Cinema: My Journeys with Duffy -- Presented by Fujifilm'

Cookie is now visiting with guests at Hong Kong Disneyland dressed in her chef’s hat and signature pink bow. Joining ShellieMay, Gelatoni, and StellaLou, Cookie is Duffy’s first friend to make her debut at Hong Kong Disneyland. When she’s not in the kitchen experimenting with her favorite ingredients, she gives guests lots of hugs outside “Main Street Cinema: My Journeys with Duffy — Presented by Fujifilm.”

Cookie’s exclusive merchandise

Cookie’s Afternoon Tea Set, Cookie’s Mango Lagoon and Cookie’s Choco Cup, now available.

Guests can take some of Cookie’s sweetness home with exclusive merchandise and delicious new treats, including Cookie’s Afternoon Tea Set, Cookie’s Mango Lagoon and Cookie’s Choco Cup, now available at the Main Street Corner Café Hosted by Coca-Cola®.

Say hello to Cookie during your next visit to Hong Kong Disneyland this summer!


  • There is a reason why a waffle cotton candy sandwich would not work – the waffles would melt the cotton candy and it would turn into a lump of hardness! But I love Cookie and glad he joined the family.

  • I hope we get more info on the new Aulani friend soon. I am going in early November and hope he will be available then.

  • What a cute friend! Wish you would bring back the Duffy meet and greet to the US. Rather than only for special occasions like the 10K. I would even take Christmas Duffy for the party! Also would love some of the other friends merchandise to be brought over here!

  • I wish Duffy and Cookie would come to Walt Disney World. I guess I’ll have to go to Hong Kong Disneyland soon.

  • I second that motion to get Duffy’s friends to come to WDW or Disneyland. I got Gelatoni but would love to get the other two new ones

  • Hmm…if only the rest of Duffy and Shellie May’s friends hanged around the US Mainland Disney Parks, too. But Cookie is so cute though!

  • Welcome to the Duffy the Disney Bear family Cookie!

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