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Five Ideas for Planning Your ‘Tangled’-Inspired Milestone Celebration

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Whether you’re planning a family reunion, special birthday, or a milestone event, there is plenty of Disney inspiration to help you add a few special touches to your party. Take a look at these five ideas for planning your very own “Tangled”-inspired event. Go, live your dream!

1. Enchanting Room Décor

Enchanting Room Décor For Your 'Tangled'-Inspired Milestone Celebration

Your group can let their hair down and explore Rapunzel’s escape from the tower into an enchanting forest scene at this “Tangled”-inspired event! Immerse your group in the setting with lush greenery and forest foliage from the world outside Rapunzel’s tower.

2. Signature Photo Opportunities

Signature Photo Opportunities For Your 'Tangled'-Inspired Milestone Celebration

Everyone will be delighted by all the special, familiar details you added to make the scenery come to life. From Flynn Rider’s Wanted poster, to The Snuggly Duckling sign, you can create several photo opportunities for your guests featuring replica signage from the animated film.

3. Detailed Table Settings

Detailed Table Settings For Your 'Tangled'-Inspired Milestone Celebration

Your group can sit at rustic, wooden tables with fanciful wildflowers and fruit baskets for the perfect summer party. Add glowing lantern centerpieces around the table, and set purple satin napkins tied with golden ribbons at each place setting to complement the event’s theme.

4. Themed Desserts

Themed Desserts For Your 'Tangled'-Inspired Milestone Celebration

As sung in “I’ve Got a Dream”, “Atilla’s cupcakes are sublime”, and yours can be too! Plan a dream-worthy menu for your event by adding the kingdom’s signature sun design to any dessert. For an extra magical touch, arrange your assorted desserts in frying pans!

5. Floating Lantern Send-Off

Floating Lantern Send-Off For Your 'Tangled'-Inspired Milestone Celebration

At last, your guests will see the light as you end the night with a floating lantern send-off. Commemorate your guest(s)-of-honor with a processional full of lanterns to give them a memory that will last a lifetime.

If you decide to plan a “Tangled”-inspired event for your group at a Disney destination, there are plenty of ways to bring extra magic to your visit. Whether you’re planning a magical moment for a small group dining reservation, or you’re looking for a completely custom celebration with an immersive venue, themed décor, special character appearances, and more, the possibilities are endless!

For more information on how to create and book your own custom celebration for a private event, please call 321-939-4648.