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Photo Highlights from the New Adventures by Disney Iceland Vacation

Amanda Adler

by , Public Relations Manager, Adventures by Disney

This summer, guests are now enjoying the all-new Adventures by Disney Iceland vacation for the first time. Adventurers are enjoying the unparalleled natural beauty of this island nation as they explore its dramatic landscapes and coastline that feature majestic waterfalls, lunar-like valleys, mountainous glaciers and stunning volcanoes.

Our Adventure Guides are sharing some of their favorite photos from the adventure thus far. These pics are sure to inspire you to book a future Adventures by Disney vacation to Iceland!

Iceland’s Blue Lagoon geothermal spa on Adventures by Disney Iceland Vacation

First up, what trip to Iceland would be complete with a visit to the legendary Blue Lagoon? Here guests can achieve spiritual serenity as while soothing their mind, body and soul in this blissful oasis.

Hallgrimskirkja Church in Iceland on Adventures by Disney Iceland Vacation

The Blue Lagoon, along with many other breathtaking sights, are located near the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik. A hub of art and culture, Reykjavik is home to unique cuisine and fascinating architecture, such as the iconic, and hard to pronounce, Hallgrímskirkja, the largest church in Iceland.

Icelandic Horses on Adventures by Disney Iceland Vacation

Animal lovers on our first departures were excited to saddle up and ride through the scenic Southwest Coast on an Icelandic Horse, just like the Vikings who introduced this unique breed to Iceland.

Traveler taking photo at Seljalandsfoss on Adventures by Disney Iceland Vacation

Iceland is known for its abundance of awe-inspiring waterfalls, and with Adventures by Disney you can see some of the grandest the country has to offer. At Seljalandsfoss guests hiked behind the falls for a truly special view – the backside of water!

Traveler taking photo on Skaftafell Glacier on Adventures by Disney Iceland Vacation

After departing Reykjavik, adventurers headed East for a hike on Skaftafell Glacier. Here they explored the dramatic terrain of ice formations, glacier-carved landscapes and vast panoramic views of the surrounding mountains (and got a little wacky with their photo ops).

Vatnajokull and Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon on Adventures by Disney Iceland Vacation

Next up, a boat ride amongst the massive icebergs broken off from Vatnajökull, Europe’s largest glacier, now adrift on the iconic Jökulsárlόn Glacier Lagoon.

Glaciers on Adventures by Disney Iceland Vacation Traveler taking photo on Adventures by Disney Iceland Vacatio

A snowball fight with these ice chunks would surely be epic, if they weren’t too massive to lift!

As amazing as all these destinations look, we’ve only made it to Day 3 of this unforgettable vacation! I’ll be back with more photos from the Adventures by Disney Iceland vacation soon. Keep your eyes on the Disney Parks Blog to follow along!