#DisneyParksLIVE: Replay ‘Paint the Night’ Parade from Disney California Adventure Park

Michael Ramirez

by , Public Relations Director, Disneyland Resort

Our #DisneyParksLIVE stream of “Paint the Night” parade at Disney California Adventure park has just concluded – but you can still catch the replay below.

The electrifying “Paint the Night” parade features beloved Disney and Pixar characters and stories in Disney California Adventure park. More than 1 million brilliant lights, high-energy music and cutting-edge special effects create a dazzling parade experience for guests. The new float inspired by the Disney•Pixar films, “The Incredibles” and “Incredibles 2” is already a fan highlight, showcasing the super powers of the Parr family and their pal Frozone through dynamic and innovative visual technology.

Lastly, we are also happy to share that “Paint the Night” parade, as well as “Pixar Play Parade” have been extended past September 3.


  • This parade is amazing! It is so sad that Disney World no longer has a nighttime light-up parade!

  • Excited to see the new edition to the parade! But I have to see I lament the upcoming closing of Bug’s Land. Sure I’m excited for the rumored Marvel area, but we have so many Bug’s Land memories when my daughter was little. Even to this day at 11 years old, she still enjoys it, especially when her younger niece is visiting. And it usually remained pretty busy year round. It certainly fit a need (as does Toon Town). I just wish you could a least find an area to fit Heimlich, perhaps in the Redwood Creek area or where the smoking area is along the Grizzly Rapids trail – somewhere, it’s not that big of footprint. Maybe even expand it by adding some Bug’s Life characters. It’s a cute little ride that kids of all ages loved. Hope you can find a place for it! Thanks.

  • I love Paint the Night Parade. The music is fantastic and of course how colorful everything is. It will always be a favorite of mine and I’m going to check my calendar right now to see when I can get back to DCA to view it before it goes away. Thanks for making this video available so I can watch it again and again. Great production! Well done!

  • Watching live stream from Ohio love the parade

  • My favorite Paint the Night memory is seeing it for the 1st time during the Disneyland Diamond Celebration In 2015! And it was amazing and the sorcerer mickey float is my favorite part of The Paint the Night Parade!

  • My favorite memory of Paint the Night is getting to see it on Disneyland’s 60th birthday. It instantly became my favorite parade. I love everything about it, the music is so catchy and the floats are amazing. I was so devastated when it left, but I am so happy it’s back for Pixar Fest and I really hope it’s here to stay for awhile.

  • Yippie! Just a few more minutes to go!

  • Oh this is so great! I saw Paint the Night parade just recently in March during my pixarfest trip. Truly amazing! From start to finish you will not be able to unglue your eyes from the flashing lights and catchy tune. Will be watching the live stream 💖

  • Hello Disney Parks Blog, unfortunately I have never had the opportunity to experience this amazing parade in person and created memories. I live on the East coast and my attempts to afford a trip to the Disneyland Resort has proven, difficult. It has been my dream. I wanted to say if there ever comes a time when Paint The Night can not operate at Disneyland or California Adventure for any reason can the love and “glow” of this amazing parade be shared with us Disney World fans? So many of us would love a chance to “Paint The Night” and experience this amazing parade in person! Again for me it has been my dream! I am a huge parade and show fan. When the Main Street Electrical Parade ended its run at the Magic Kingdom and was not replaced it was a devastating loss! Thank you all so much for all that you do and offering us these live streams!

  • My favorite Paint the Night memory (which is also my most fun Disneyland memory) is from May 2016. My friends and I were just leaving the Alice in Wonderland ride when we heard the opening song over the speakers. We were in the right place at the right time for the second parade of the night. We were so excited (and we had plenty of space on the sidewalk) that we started to dance. We were probably the biggest dorks in all of Disneyland for those 20 minutes or so, and I claim that proudly. We’ve all missed Paint the Night terribly these last two years, but when we knew that our favorite parade was returning for Pixar Fest, we made sure to come back to see it in all its glory and resurrect the Paint the Night Dance Party once more! (Please say Paint the Night will be sticking around after Pixar Fest. As the song says, “I never want this to end!”)

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