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It’s Time for Disney Parks Moms Panel Search 2019

Lisa Mendillo

by , Sr. Manager, Digital Integration

Hey you, staring at your computer waiting for the advanced dining reservation window to open. Yes, you, the one who took a 2-hour lunch break because you were helping a co-worker plan his first ever Disney vacation. We’ve got an exciting announcement for you and all those who share your incredible Disney vacation planning skills, not to mention your passion!

It’s time to announce Search for the 2019 Disney Parks Moms Panel is almost here! This year’s Search will open at noon ET on September 5, 2018, and will run through noon ET on September 12, 2018!

You have one week to apply and let us know why your friends and colleagues always seek you out for heartfelt advice on planning a Disney vacation. Whether you are a mom or a dad, or a grandparent or just an adult that loves planning Disney vacations for others, we want to hear from you!

Applicants will be selected based on their personal experience with various Disney destinations, and their ability to communicate their Disney knowledge to prospective guests in easy-to understand and friendly ways. Are you bouncing up and down like Tigger because this sounds like you? If so, then pull out that calendar and set your reminder for September 5th! You don’t want to be late for this important date!

Heading into its 12th year, the Disney Parks Moms Panel is the “official” digital forum for Guests to ask detailed personal questions about planning a variety of Disney Vacations. Helpful tips, heartfelt advice and unique insights are provided from real guests who have mastered the art of planning Disney vacations. The panel also offers tips in four languages – English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

To find out more, visit Spread the word and good luck! #DisneyMP


  • Nice

  • Does anyone know when they will send out the first rounds notice? I have tried off and on for a few years, I set my alarm as well as some Moms, grandmothers etc as well. Excited!! Praying!! Good luck to all

  • Is there an estimated time frame of when we will be notified on moving on or not?

  • Any update on those who didn’t get an confirmation of their application? I was having issues last 3 days. I thought it was my desktop but i also tried a different desk top and I no luck.

  • Checking back in about the errors some people were receiving. I’d love the opportunity to apply. Just left Disney Saturday, stayed at the Polynesian. Attempted to apply on the 10th and 11th but kept getting an error. Hoping someone can assist those who have made the comment above, regarding the page not working. Thank You

  • Will I receive an email tell me I wasn’t selected or do I receive one only if I have been.

  • Stitch ate my page 🙁 NOOOOOOOOOOO!

  • I really hope to make it to the next round. My family was once in a Disney blog ‘Grandparents Day’ post and it was so lovely, it’d be a really ‘magical’ experience to be able to join this elite group.

  • Someone ate my page too…then I had to go and couldn’t complete!

  • I tried to post the other day and never received a notice of acceptance. This would be my dream. I love all there is about Walt Disney World. I only found out about this because three of my friends sent me the link because they know how big of a disneyaholic I am. Please let me know if there is something I need to do or can do to re do my application. Thank you. Steve

  • I submitted the application and am crossing my fingers that I at least make it to the next round. Does anyone know when they will let people know if they made it to the next round? They said they may only notify you if you get in, so I will be obsessively checking my email. But wanted to know if there was a set time frame when people will be notified so I know if I didn’t get it.

  • I also received – Stitch ate the page – and was unable to send in my application. Will they be extending the timeframes due to the errors? I’d love the opportunity to apply. Thank You

  • Good evening,

    My name is Simone and I’m more in love with Disney.

    My dream is to be Moms Panel, I tried several times to make my application and I could not.

    I’ve been to Disney with my kids many times. Today I am 45 years old and I go since I am 10 years old with my parents.

    I really want to be able to help every family that has this dream of knowing the land of magic.

    I do this for all my friends in Brazil.
    Help me be a Moms Panel.

    See you!

  • Clicked on the link several times and even though it was during the announced timeframe it would say that it was closed. I am very disappointed. I felt I had several different ways that I could have been of help. I was to Disneyland the second year it was opened and was there two more times, the last being when my own children were little. Flash forward about thirty years and I take my first time to Disney World. Remember Uncle Walt talking about the plans for this new “city” so I finally get there traveling solo and in a scooter. Loved the MNSSHP so much I convinced my adult children to come along and bring the grandkids. We came last year and had a great time. Now I am heading back with plans to see all the Christmas things. I will be there during the orientation session but unfortunately will not be attend. Hope for next year you get the computer glitches worked out.

  • I can not believe someone ate my page earlier, thanks Stitch, I missed the submission. Can I still email my responses and be considered? Thanks 🙁

  • I, too, thought I had applied for the Mom’s Panel last Saturday. Submitted my application, but when I went back to check the status. Found out it was not received. I am very sad because now it is too late to try to re-submit. I am not sure what is happening, but am extremely sad since this Magical opportunity only comes around once a year and I thought I had applied in plenty of time.

  • Oh no! I’m so sad to have missed the deadline. This panel is such a wonderful idea and I wish I could have been a part of it. Good luck to everyone!

  • I submitted my application late last night and when I checked this morning I don’t have a “we’ve received your application” email, or submission verification. Is there a possibility that it is still in the system and if so, how do I find out?
    After years of planning Disney Resort travel for my family and others, and a career in arts and world event production (in fact I was riding the WDW monorail when I learned that I got the job of Olympic Opening and Closing Ceremonies Cast Coordinator!) I believe that my voice would be an asset to the panel. Disney has been a gift to our family, shaping interests and teaching important lessons through story and favorite characters, I would love the chance to give back and help others find their bit of magic. Please let me know who I could contact for help with this. Thank you so much! Ginny

  • I submitted my application last night and it says they don’t have it as being submitted. How long does it take to receive an email and is anyone else having problems?
    I have helped some many of my special families plan their vacations. I would love to help more.

  • Interested in applying for the moms panel

  • This is so cool ! A hope help some people from Brasil like me !! I’ve already help some moms at Facebook and I loved !!

  • Yay I just applied! Faith, trust and pixie dust! This would be the most awesome honor ever!!!

  • Spreading some pixie dust on my application.. lol

  • Ohhh have been waiting months for this.
    Cant wait. Fingers crossed.. will be haunting and stalking this page like crazy 😛

  • Just applied! Last year I missed the deadline by a day but this year I had my alarms set and ready!

  • So excited! Just submitted our application!

  • Hi Lisa, Thank you for the information. How do I apply in for Portuguese panelist? Do I just apply in English or would it have an option for that? Thank you.

  • I am so excited! I noticed that you have to have visited Disney within a certain number of months to be eligible. Are there any acceptions? I generally go at least once a year, but didn’t this year because a had baby, officially making me a Disney MOM. I do have 2 trips planned for next year to make up for the miss this year though!

  • How cool!

  • This sounds so exciting!!

  • Yay! Can’t wait! Hoping the second time is the charm!

  • Lisa, thank you so much for your blog post, what exciting news to share! I am curious: What specialties or categories can people apply for during the Disney Parks Mom Panel Search 2019? I see that runDisney is listed as a category that panelists can specialize in!

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